Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Many people have been asking me where did I get the idea to write the love story of MELLO & JUNE? Well, it all started about three years ago. I was sitting on my couch, drinking a glass of wine, and my husband was about to leave for work that night, and he came over and gave me a kiss on my forehead, as he sometimes does, and he rolled.

After he left, I began thinking back to different men I had been involved with over the years. Some might say, "why would you be thinking of other relationships, right after your husband left?" It's simple really, I was feeling so blessed to have found such a wonderful man. While I began going back in my mind, I realized that God had sent me an Angel. There are many people who think they know me, that think they know my journey, my struggles, my pain and my sorrows, but they don't.

I realized tonight, after speaking with a long-time friend, that there are many people who just aren't happy for your success. And most certainly, not happy that you have someone in your life that is about YOU! Unfortunately, I've dealt with some horrible men, but at the time when I met these men, I had no idea they would turn out to be so wrong for me. It wasn't until I got married, that I realized just how truly blessed I am!

So, I decided to write a book about some situations I found myself in. How I took that pain and built a story out of it! A few people who have had the fortunate pleasure of reading MELLO & JUNE, loved it so much, they want a sequel, but the story ends where it ends, much like the way I ended my relationships!

My reason for writing this story is a simple one, it was time to be told. I wanted to release some negative energy that had been plaguing my soul for many, many years. The funny part about it is, I've always known that this story would be written, I just didn't have a clue as to when! MELLO & JUNE took me twenty years to write, and that was all due in part, I wasn't ready!

So you may find yourself asking, "is this story based on your life?" And the answer would be, in some ways, but not all! After all, I'm a storyteller, and I know exactly what spice to put into a novel to demand a reader to turn the page and keep you wanting more! And MELLO & JUNE definitely pulls you in! Their 50 year history is an incredible journey!

As you go through their lives, you may find yourself thinking about relationships you were in, or, currently in! This story will make you think and reflect on your own behavior! In life, there will always be conflict, ups and downs and highs and lows!

With that, in closing, MELLO & JUNE was a burden I carried for a long time! Once I released my thoughts onto the laptop, I immediately let go and felt better. It's funny, because I thought that I was over some of that drama I had once dealt with, but I guess you always carry around some bitterness, when you really dig deep down and think! To my readers and fans, I certainly hope you enjoy the story, as much as I enjoyed creating chaos for my characters! Those that you meet along the way in the book, you will immediately connect because they are so real!

One thing is for certain, dreams really do come true ~~ with a little hardwork and determination, and with God on your side, all things are possible! MELLO & JUNE is ON SALE NOW, or by calling 1-888-795-4274. Pick up your copy today! Happy Reading!