Saturday, October 31, 2009

MELLO & JUNE, Musical Romance Soundtrack Novel goes on sale today, Saturday, October 31, 2009!

My lifelong dream is no longer a dream, but a reality that has taken many, many years in the making. I'm a new voice to the writing scene and one that I hope will be heard for several years to come! My writing style reads like a movie or a well-written play. I've often been asked who I would compare myself to, now that I'm a published author, and my answer would have to be, not anyone. I personally don't like to compare myself to others -- I've always been about doing 'me' and not anyone else! I'm very confident in the skin I'm in!

I'm positive you will find my writing style to be unique in that I enjoy incorporating all my passions into any novel I write, that is, music, poetry, drama and storytelling. Yes, I've written several novels through the years, but lacked the dedication to see it through. Well, I'm another year older now, and much wiser than I used to be, and I decided instead of waiting on someone else to recognize my talent, why should I wait? God has truly blessed me with the gift of words, and it is those words that I take careful consideration in how I use them.

Often times, I tell people you really need to be careful what you say to others because your words are truly mightier than the sword. Words can uplift you, they can cut you, they can harm you, they can mold and shape you, but most of all, words are lasting! Once you plant the seeds of words out into the open space, those words grow into something much bigger than you and me. Through writing, I've learned to respect the power of words and I definitely enjoy using and playing with them to set up whatever chaos my heart so desires.

It is that passion which drives me to see a story through. Once I make up in my head what I want to write about, the words just filter through me like water flows from a faucet. There are times I'm so in the zone whereas I don't even realize I'm the one controlling the vessel of my own ship, and that gives me an added high that no pharmaceutical company could ever reproduce. This is what words mean to me, this is what writing does for my soul, and it is with that passion and dedication which brings my stories to life!

For those of you who knew me from waaay back in the day, I'm talking grade school age, many of you remember the short stories and plays I wrote. Even at that tender age, I was always writing something. So in closing, I would like to say, I'm striving, not only to make it as a writer, but I want to be read. What is the point of me taking the time to express what I feel inside with the care and precision of my artistry, if no one cared what my stories had to say? I not only write drama, but there is always a lesson to be learned, and this is what you will most definitely, without a doubt, come away with when you read the love story of Mello & June!

June was a struggling writer herself, but she lacked the true passion to get herself together, due to some horrific event that happened in her life. She needed to live and experience more so she could be that great writer she aspired to be. However, on the other hand, Mello, too, experienced trauma in his world, and chose a different path and lease on life. When opposites attract, it can be explosive, which is what you will find out!

Mello & June is available for purchase at,, Barnes & Noble (order desk), Borders (order desk), and Hint, to get the best price, you'll save by ordering through my website, however, you have a choice of the hard cover or soft, hell, buy them both! With the Holidays just weeks away, Mello & June will make a great gift for your avid reader! I hope you enjoy the story, as much as I enjoyed writing it. Pick up your copies today, you'll be glad you did! I thank you and God Bless!