Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like~~Oops, Shut Your Mouth. . .

With Christmas just six days away, it's very important, and I cannot stress this enough, that you do NOT forget what this Holiday is all about! It's NOT just about giving gifts or receiving them, it's about celebrating Jesus Christ's birthday. And to me, there is no better gift to give, than giving of oneself, and we should NOT just give because of December 25, we should be giving ALL YEAR ROUND! As I mentioned in previous blogs.  Try as hard as you might to begin living Christmas!

Which brings me to a topic that has been bothering me for quite some time, and I thought it might be on the minds of some of you, so here it goes, and I'd love to hear your opinions!

As of the last 15 years or so, there have been two words that really drive me absolutely nuts~~so much so these words infuriate me, and burns my soul to the very core, and those two words are 'politically correct!" First of all, anything dealing with the word "politics" begins to make my eyebrow pulsate, so when people say to me, politically correct, my vein in my neck begins to pop!

For years during this time of the year, I enjoyed telling my family, friends and co-workers, "Merry Christmas!" And people, in kind would say the words back. It was a much happier time in my life, and a kind gesture to state to fellow human beings. And then all of a sudden, some wise ass decided that they were "offended" by the use of the words "Merry Christmas" and so it has become a thing of the past to even dare think the words, much less say them. And the retailers and businesses wonder why their sales are down? Hmmm, it couldn't be just because people have less money to spend, maybe it has a little something to do with being politically correct.  Follow and take a little journey with me, if you will!

Okay, humor me fans, for just a moment. I mean come on, am I the only one that doesn't feel in the Christmas mood as of recent years? And it's not just because the world is one big ball of mess, but people have really made me hate this holiday season, and I didn't always feel that way. How about you?

First, the government tells us that in order to respect everyone's religions and holiday beliefs, we shouldn't say "Merry Christmas," but instead say 'Happy Holidays!' And if that wasn't bad enough, most of our jobs have adopted the same attitude. We're told you can't put up anything that signifies "Christmas," but rather put up festive decorations that any holiday could respect. Hmmm, really?

A friend shared with me that at her job, she put up some snowflakes and candy cane cardboard decorations and she was called into the office because the HR Dept. stated that the candy canes could be viewed as a symbol of "Christmas," so she was ordered, please note, not asked, to take the candy canes down, but the snowflakes could stay up! Wow, really? I didn't know candy canes were considered "Christmas?" Did you?

Another friend of mine had a beautiful one line sentence that read, 'Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, God Bless" which tagged on her email underneath her name, and she was called into the office by HR and told that she had to immediately, and they didn't mean when she felt like it, remove the words "Merry Christmas" and "God Bless" from under her name, and if she refused to do it, she would be fired! Amazing, fans, don't you think?

So, pardon, me if I appear to be a little Buh Humbug-ish, but with places of employment removing Merry Christmas and the government removing "Merry Christmas" what the hell is the point in celebrating the damn holiday anymore?  I mean, come on, for most of my life I was able to celebrate my Holiday of Christmas, and now I'm forced to whisper to my co-workers, "Merry Christmas" and be extremely mindful of how loud I'm saying it and who the hell is lurking around so I don't get in trouble because I said it!  Here's what I want someone to tell me, where the hell did my rights go for ME celebrating my holiday?  Can someone answer that question for me~~any takers on that?  Since when does everyone else get the right to celebrate what they enjoy, and now Christmas is offensive, since when?

And people have the audacity to wonder what is wrong with this world anymore?  Just look around you, folks, and it's not too hard to figure out~~it's not an exact science here!  This used to be the time of year I looked forward too~~sending out my Christmas cards, and going to family functions and spending time with good friends and reflecting back on the year we had, and now when this time of the year rolls around, I don't even care about it!  The only thing that keeps me somewhat focused is Jesus, himself.  I remember Christ and that lessens my anger some!  I try to think that Christ wouldn't want me to feel this way, so I try to be respectful and mindful of that, but who the heck is mindful of how I feel about being a Christian?

I'm so sick and tired of these do-gooder, so called doosh-bags telling me what I'm supposed to think, feel and say!  Separation of Church and State, take God off of our currency, take God off of anything where He resides, which is everywhere, folks, in case you didn't know, but yet, I'm supposed to forget about my holiday~~I don't get to rejoice in Christ's birthday or utter the words all because some idiot says it offends them!

Well, I tell you what, it offends ME that I can't celebrate and say my holiday aloud as I used to do for so many years.  It offends ME that people are so caught up in their own little worlds, that they don't take the time to consider how others feel!  I'm offended that businesses have systematically turned Christmas into a billion-dollar a year industry and tossed out the true meaning of why we celebrate His birthday!  I'm offended, I'm offended, I'm offended!  But guess what, no one gives a damn that I am.  My words are just that on a blog, but what laws did I break for you, because you may not believe like I believe? 

These are the same individuals who cannot do anything about the real problems that plague our communities, like health care, loss of jobs, homelessness, people without food, kids who cannot afford to get a good quality education, higher taxes, property taxes, etc., but YOU can make damn sure I can't use the words "Merry Christmas!"  I tell ya, you've got to love this Country!  (HA!!!)  You can take the words "politically correct" and shove it up 'politically WRONG'S' ass~~how about that!

So, fans, I say this, I wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year, and may God Bless You All!  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A New Leaf. . .

There are those of us who are go getters, the movers and shakers, and the 'get-'er-done type folks, and then there are those who prey on your hard work, tag along on your coat-tails, and sit back and enjoy the ride.  Also known as your "freeloaders!" 

This has been the craziest, most wildest year, I've experienced in many, many years, and I'm so thankful for it.  I have been reconnected with some old friends, and have made quite a few new ones, and again, I'm thankful because of it.

I've decided to start practicing my New Year's Resolutions, early, because there is no time like the present!  Now that I'm reflecting a lot, because I do that every December, the lessons I've learned in this year is going to jumpstart the coming year. 

First, my biggest hurdle to get over is trying to forgive those who do not wish me well.  Forgiving is one of the hardest things for an individual to do, especially me, because I'm one that once you cross me, that was once too many times, so you don't get a second chance to screw me over again.  So, fans, I'm practicing this, but it's extremely difficult for me.  (Pray for me ~~ chuckle)!

Second, my next hurdle to get over is to stop worrying over every single damn thing in my life!  Worry, worry, worry is all I do, so I've decided that instead of worrying, I will replace worry with prayer.  Every time I feel myself about to worry, I pray to God and ask Him to help me stay strong.  I've been doing this now for the last 6 weeks and I'm finding it's working out great!  I noticed that when I stopped worrying over everything, a lot of the stress I once felt has dissipated and I feel so much better and lighter!  Worry weighs you down, so I'm not going to do it anymore.  I've also learned that everything usually turns out okay anyway, so why did I give myself an ulcer over worry?  Hmmm?

Third, I've began my spring cleaning early, and no, fans, I'm not talking about cleaning my physical home, I'm talking about cleansing my spirit by getting rid of negative thoughts and removing negative people from my life.  My mind works very much like a computer, and I've been thinking over this year and every single person I've come in contact with, stored in memory, and those that mean me well, will stay apart of my file, but those who mean me harm, I've deleted those files, to never be restored from my recycle bin.  I've wiped the hard drive clean, and this feels absolutely great!

Lastly, I will continue to stay focused and keep my eyes on the prize because yes, there is a prize waiting for me!  Anything that does not fit into my new way of thinking will be forever cast from my files.  I will continue to record all that happens around me, but the minute a virus tries to intercept, my spam filter will be doing the trick destroying the virus before it even has a chance to break through.

So fans, these are my new leaves I'm turning over and have already put into place.  My only hurdle for 2010 will be to continue to execute my programs and stick with them.  I am much wiser, I've learned a great many things from 2009, and I plan to keep those things in my notes for future reference~~so that, if any viruses try to plague my existence, I will recognize the signs, because hackers are very good at what they do.  They can immitate just about anything to make it appear real, but when you click and open, you've spread poison all through your files, and destroyed your PC in the process. 

In closing, beware of the hackers out here, and if you haven't figured by now, hackers are not the only ones that sit by and write programs to destroy your computers.  There are ALL types of hackers, and you might want to check your PCs to see what you need to get rid of, because every file you download isn't what it appears to be!

This is my truth, Plain and Simple!  Happy Reading!