Monday, May 10, 2010


Hi Fans,

I was trying to figure out what I was going to blog about this week, and I really had no ideas, until I had a recent conversation with a friend of mine.  We hadn't spoken in quite some time, and although we don't talk each and every day, when we do contact each other, it's like we pick up right where we left off.  She keeps up with my writing, and I keep up with her career and family, and it's always a pleasure to speak with her.

She asked me if I had spoken to a mutual acquaintance of ours, and I told her I hadn't spoken with her in almost two years, and she was rather surprised.  The reason she was a bit taken aback by that is because knowing me, I always keep in contact with people I consider friends.  So when I mentioned I hadn't spoken to her, she couldn't believe it.

I explained that I believed our season had come to an end.  Anytime you email, call, text and leave voicemail messages for someone, and that person never contacts you back, that tells me this person doesn't want to be bothered, so therefore I delete that person from my life.  The first time I had to do this, it really bothered me because I'm like did I do or say something to this individual to make them upset with me, and when I think back and go over in my mind every aspect of that friendship and I don't find anything wrong that I may have done, then I do not bother with that person again. 

It struck me when I deleted this woman from my cell phone. I began going down the list of people that I used to converse with and decided if I hadn't spoken to these people within the last 3 months, I deleted their numbers from my phone and freed up quite a bit of space.  It was a bit uncomfortable for me at first, but after I deleted the first person, my finger got "delete" happy, and before I knew it, I had about 20 people left on my contact list, and these are people that are very important to me. 

This is when I realized that it is very true that there are some people meant to be in your life for just a short period, and we're not supposed to try and hold onto them.  They come for their season and move on.  And you know what, as I explained to my girlfriend, I'm not mad with the woman that chose to remove me from her life, cause that's what she needed to do. 

Now granted, there are some I deleted because they didn't mean me well and stopped speaking to me for one reason or another, but more so because I became an author~~yet another harsh reality I had to accept.  Isn't that something?  Some people got the audacity to hate me because I had a dream, I followed it, and made it a reality, as if this was their own doing?  What nerve, but as I've learned, such as life~~whatever!  I guess some hate because they don't dream, and I dared to do it and succeeded.

Of course, you had to know there was another reason why I'm writing about friendships.  My latest novel, SILENT KNIGHT, deals with harsh realities about friendships.  The adult Clarence you meet was very much in the dark about what he thought his friends were about.  As his friends learn they didn't know all of Clarence's background either.  Some of his childhood friends will be there until the end, but he's going to experience seasonal friendships as well, and it's how Clarence handles it that makes this story so compelling.

Everyone has skeletons in their closet, but it's those bones that resonate loudly and threatens to destroy everything Clarence stands for.  By the time you get to the end, you're going to find out who Clarence's friends are and why.  As I think of what Clarence has to face, my deleting people from my cell phone pales in comparison to what he's going to be faced with.  I'm sure he would love to trade places with me. (chuckle)

Get ready for the startling stories told by Clarence, Reggie, Jr., Jeremy, Carla, Vicki and Connie, as they recount their childhood back in the 70s, and think about their long lost friend, Marcus.  Who was Marcus and where is he~~this is what Clarence and his crew would like to know?  Learn more about them in SILENT KNIGHT, coming to a bookstore near you!!!!

Happy Reading, and God Bless!