Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All About the BENjamins. . .

Okay, so I lied.  I thought my last blog would be my last on the subject of the Steelers, but I feel I have to say something since the latest developments.  So, Commissioner Goodell handed down his "sentence" for what Big Ben's punishment will be~~a 6 game suspension.  While that punishment speaks volumes, I still don't feel it was enough!  It is lacking the message I want all professional athletes to understand!

If it were up to me, Ben wouldn't play for the entire season~~that's right, I said it, the entire season!  And, I might add, if I hear one more person say, "that's a harsh punishment for a man that wasn't charged with a crime," I think I will just upchuck the contents of my stomach!  But if you really want to know how I feel, I think the punishment should be that he never plays in the NFL ever again!  Now that has some substance and sends a very powerful, yet equally gratifying, message!  Trust me, professional athletes would definitely feel that message and it would discourage stupidity off the field!

The media is now spinning the whole "will Ben be traded," thing, and I say good riddens, couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!  It was reported tonight that if Ben completes his "counseling" successfully, he may be able to get on the field within 4 games.  Really?  Which brings me to why I am writing this blog tonight, because last week I was just outraged by what happened to Santonio Holmes, but now I'm just downright sickened this week with the way things are unfolding.

I listened to reporters talk with fans on the street today, and I must say, it was mind blowing to me.  For the most part, the majority of fans interviewed think he should be traded, aka, fired, while there are those fans that think he should stay right here to live to throw the "old pig skin" again!  Say What?  There are other NFL teams saying they'd be more than happy to take Ben off our hands, and some of the fans from other teams said they could overlook Ben's personal drama!  Are YOU Serious?

I am deeply disturbed by some of the men, and even more so, some of the women, who said they can cast aside Ben's personal issues, for the sake of the game.  These fans said they are "concerned" that we will have a rough season because he's one of the best quarterbacks in the League.  Well I don't know about you, but personally, I don't think Ben is all that hot of a quarterback, and I think even less of him as a human being for his treatment of women.  So he loses $2 million dollars from his punishment, which doesn't mean didley to him~~hell, that's mere peanuts to him!  In my opinion, he's not the best quarterback, but he's the highest paid quarterback in the League~~that's not opinion, but actual fact! 

Anytime we as human beings put the game of Football, or any sport for that matter, above sexual assault of any kind, the entire human race is doomed.  To those male fans that are so worried that we won't make it to the Superbowl without Ben, I would like YOU to think about this!  Suppose the young woman he allegedly sexually assaulted was your mother, sister, aunt, niece, daughter or girlfriend, would YOU still feel he is honorable enough to stay in the League, let alone play for the Steelers?  Would you be willing to cast aside your personal feelings for him if it was a woman that you cared about that it happened to?  Would the game of football be worth it, if it was a woman closely related to you!  

And you women fans out there who think Ben was punished too harshly, would you feel that way if he had sexually assaulted you?  Would YOU be able to cast aside your personal feelings, if he had inappropriately done something to you?  Would the game of football be worth it, if it were YOU or perhaps your mother, sister, aunt, niece, daughter or one of YOUR girlfriends?  Could you overlook this situation then?

Once again, I've heard Michael Vick's name come up and see that someone has made T-shirts with Tiger Woods and Ben's face on it that says, "Dumb and Dumber!"  I want to point out to the people who think this was genius, to equate Tiger Woods and Ben in the same breath, is a total injustice to Tiger.  Tiger NEVER sexually assaulted any of the women he slept with.  What HE did with those women was consentual, however, what Ben was accussed of was sexually assaulting two women that we know of!  Where the hell is the comparison?  Tiger's only fault was that he committed adultery against HIS wife!  However, the two women that made allegations toward Ben, DIDN'T WANT HIS ADVANCEMENTS!  These women said NO, but somewhere along the line Ben lost the translation, and I guess so, when you get one of the alleged victims highly intoxicated!

So Michael Vick did 2 years in prison for illegal dog fighting, and yet, somehow now, that is worse than sexually assaulting a woman?  I have to say, I look at any of you fans out there who think it's okay to forgive Ben for his personal indiscretions, just so that we can win a damn football game!  I love football too, and I love the Steelers, and I want a seventh Superbowl ring, but to have a quarterback who has clearly put a huge ass blemish on our City and our team, I cannot condone nor support any team that would support this man!  When you get a multi-million dollar contract with one of the best teams in the NFL, YOU are held to a higher standard than most ordinary citizens.  It is a PRIVILEGE to be affiliated with the NFL, and you must live and conduct your life accordingly, while you're employed through that organization.  If you want to commit crime and do horrible things when you're retired, hey, I don't agree with that, but you know what, your time is your own to do with it as YOU see fit, but while you're playing for the Steelers and in the NFL, YOU are NOT above the damn law!  Ben should be cast, PERIOD, from professional football.

I don't think all the damn counseling in the world is going to help him, and you know why, because as soon as this shit clears and he tries to restore his image and good graces in front of the fans, something else will happen.  For these types of allegations to have resurfaced yet again, tells me a whole lot!  I don't know about yall, but I know what I think!  I'm deeply saddened and concerned with the thought process of those of you who feel you can "overlook" what has happened just so we can get a seventh ring!

Anytime a person can say, well Mike Vick was dog fighting and Tiger Woods was sleeping with several women, and they went back to their professional sports, so why shouldn't Ben, especially since he has never been charged?  If you have to ask that question, maybe YOU need to get some damn counseling.  I think Stevie Wonder could see the stank on this whole drama!

My final thoughts:  Without a doubt, Ben should be removed completely from professional football.  And remember fans, put yourself in those alleged victims' shoes, think about the women you're related to, and then think if Ben had allegedly done these things to them, would YOU still feel the same?  It's very easy, as fans, to say what we would overlook and what we want to see happen, but if it were YOU, how would you feel?  It's a sad day when we as adults send these types of messages to our impressionable children~~win, win, win at all cost, make that paper, be the best athlete you can be, and if you should happen to make huge mistakes, all will be forgiven and overlooked, all for the sake of the WIN!  And we have the audacity to wonder why our children turn out the way they do?  Look no further than to the "messages" we send!

These are my opinions ~~plain and simple!  Happy Reading!