Monday, November 22, 2010

A Thin Line Between Freedom of Speech and Personal Attack. . .


I hope this Blog finds you well, and I wish you and yours good health and a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

Now, getting down to some serious thought:   Anyone who knows me personally, and those of you that have gotten to know me, somewhat, from Facebook, should know by now, I try to write uplifting statuses to make people think, to make people discuss, and to encourage one another.

If you are new to my page, there are three types of statuses you will notice I post:  1) My Food For Thought series; 2) My Favorite Quote series; and 3) My Truth series.  I get quite a few hits off of each of those statuses merely because people enjoy them, at least that's what most people tell me, and I can only go by what I'm told.

My Blog today is a simple one.  I want to make absolute sure that people understand where I'm coming from, because recently, I've received some pretty negative comments from various people who didn't agree with something I said, or just didn't like what I said.

First and foremost, no matter what, I always allow anyone to speak his/her mind on whatever status I post for the day.  I will NEVER deny a person to speak freely or comment, whether I agree with that individual's view or not.  Being a writer, I believe FIRMLY in Freedom of Speech because without it, I couldn't write you this very Blog.  Without it, I couldn't write my novels.  Without it, I couldn't be the artist I am, and for those reasons, and those alone, I will ALWAYS welcome all comments, whether they're nice or not.

BUT, and of course you knew that was coming, there is a very, very thin line between your freedom to speak as you wish, and personally attacking an individual.  When you use your freedom to attack a person based on the fact that you believe one way, and feel that others should believe like you, and when they don't, a person becomes downright rude and insensitive toward another, that's where I MUST draw the line.  When a person deliberately seeks you out, based on what you've written on your wall, to use that as their own personal soap box to berate and degrade a person, that I CANNOT condone.

I've read a multitude of books--an array of news magazines on all sorts of topics.  In fact, what I can say and write is absolutely endless for me--which makes me extremely versatile to speak on many subjects.  Because my mother helped me to fall in love with learning, and especially reading, that helped to form my writing talent.  I do not ever want to be stuck in a particular genre because I know I can write on different levels.

So words mean more to me than to the average intellect.  When I say I've learned to respect the power of words, I mean that sincerely and whole heartedly.  I ALWAYS think of what I 'm about to say to a person, before the words ever leave my mouth, and the precious few times that I didn't do that, I was always sorry because I knew my words damaged another's soul, and that's not the type of person I am.  That is not me!  But, sometimes I've got to defend myself, much like I'm doing now.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that I do feel this strongly about words, I'm often the target for others bad behavior.  People mistake my kindness for allowing them to be free with what they say, for being a "softy" or being "Boo-Boo-the Damn Fool," and I want to make absolute sure to let YOU all know, please do not EVER mistake my kindness for weakness, because YOU couldn't be more wrong!

Just because I don't choose to argue with you or to show another side of myself, doesn't mean that it's NOT in me to do!  I can be downright vicious when I want to be and anyone who has ever been on the other side of my ear-beating knows this all too well.  Trust and believe I can cuss you out, without ever so much as using profanity.  I can say things to a person in the highest of intellectual battles, leaving my opponent cut and bruised--and most definitely defeated.  Words are my best friend, and you best believe I know how to use them--cut a soul so deeply that the individual never knew what struck him.  I've done it, and it's not pretty!  I choose not to do this to people, especially on a social network, because it's a moot point.  I pick and choose my battles, and someone calling me out of my name, or in-boxing me nasty video content or threatening me that I tell them my secrets for my writing success, doesn't mean diddly to me! 

So you see, Facebook is an adult playground, and I realize that.  It's a place for everyone to do exactly what I'm doing, using their freedom to express and stay connected with family and friends, and make new ones.  That's all Facebook is.  Don't get it twisted people!  It isn't going to make or break me, because for one, I would NEVER allow anything nor anyone to control me to that extent.  The only thing that will break me, is ME, but never anyone else!  I haven't lasted this long for nothing.  With the strength of my family and my God, I can and will do all that I am meant to do.  I will continue to write whatever statuses I feel will help a person get through the day, or make a person think, whether YOU like it or not, because it isn't about you, or perhaps maybe some of you didn't realize that.

In closing, I always tell my Family, Friends and Fans to be very careful of the words they speak.  I wasn't kidding when I said that!  Everything that comes out of you that you put into the world, I strongly believe will come back to you.  If you choose to speak negatively, choose to be rude, or choose to be obnoxious and this is what you put out, then don't be surprised when that's all you receive in the end.  This, my Fans, is not my opinion, but a well-known fact.  The old adage, "You get out of this Life, what you put in It," is very, very true. 

And, more importantly, folks, when speaking freely on social networks, like your Facebook, Twitter, etc., remember, those networks own what you put on it, whether it's your personal page or not.  If you choose to attack me, others can see that as well.  Are you aware that today when most crimes are committed, guess where the first place is the police go?  Are you aware that when you apply for jobs today, guess where the first place is the employer goes?  So, everyone, THINK, about what you SAY, and especially what you SAY to Others!  Because it may be your freedom of speech, but that very freedom can cause you to be behind bars, miss out on a job opportunity, as hard as jobs are to come by, or get you fired from a current position.  WAKE UP!

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Wishing you well and God Bless!  Happy Reading and be Careful Speaking!  Remember:  The Pen is Mightier than the Sword, ALWAYS~~and that Pen can reap some very serious consequences to the Pen Holder!  Be Mindful!