Saturday, February 5, 2011

Steeler Nation Under a Groove. . .

We're playing on America's Team turf!  We're the underdogs!  It's been said, we're old, washed up, and don't have much left in us.  Who are we?  WE ARE STEELER NATION!  Everybody has his own opinion on who's NFL team is the best in the league, but what I find ironic about that is, the Steelers have proven and have been tested, and for me, there's no contest, WE ARE the  BEST Football Team in the League!

Who am I to say that? I'm a citizen of Steeler Nation, and there's no other nation that I'd rather be apart of.  I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and brought up on the Black and Gold, or if you prefer, Black and Yellow.  Either way, there is no other team for me to love, but the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Our team not only has the most Lombardi's out of any other NFL team, but our winning record boosts America's economy, which not many NFL teams can say they do that!  WE sell the most NFL merchandise in the League, and WE, without a doubt, have the largest fan base in the country, and not only the country, our fan base ranges Worldwide.  How many NFL teams can say that?  Ummm, NONE!

You name any city, town, state, country, nook and cranny, and I guarantee you, YOU will see the Terrible Towel, a Steeler jersey, or any type of watering hole there representing the Steelers!  How many places can you name in the world that has that type of following?  Ummm, NONE!

So when I hear the Haters say we ain't shit and curse the Black and Gold/Yellow, I laugh, because those people are a joke!  The Rooneys have built an enterprise consisting of Love, Family, Honor, Loyalty, Hard work and Giving!  And this is why so many aspiring athletes want to be a part of the Steelers' organization, and who could blame them, with all the perks that comes along with being a Steeler.

Steeler Nation is the largest Nation in the world, and make no mistake there is no other Nation as great, as ours.  So many professional organizations have stolen Myron Cope's Terrible Towel, and use it for their team colors, but we, in Steeler Nation know what it is!  Many of YOU say you hate us, but this is why you copy what WE do!

The reason Hater Nation hates is because secretly YOU wish your teams could do what small town Pittsburgh has done, and maybe one day, your teams will get there, but by that time, WE will be working on rings for our toes.  I'm not sure what more my Steelers have to do to prove to you haters that we're the best?  But after thinking about it, that's the problem isn't it? (chuckle).  Where your teams aspire to be the best, the Steelers already are!

Regardless what happens in the Superbowl, I will always bleed the Black and Gold/Yellow.  There is nothing any of you Haters can say that will EVER make me change my spirit for the Best team in the World.  We are mighty and strong and WE WILL always PREVAIL!  Stairway to Seven is hours away, which will open the Gate to Eight which will be Great, and put us in Line for Nine~~cause make no mistake, WE WILL be going to the Superbowl again, and again, and again!

Hate on Haters, cause STEELER NATION Knows What It Is!  This is the place where Err'thang We Do, WE do it Big!

P.S. I want to give a special shot out to my baby brother, Curtis, who would be turning 40 today!  I know you, dad, and our grandparents are twirling the towels in Heaven.  I miss celebrating this Superbowl with ya, but you're in my spirit.  We're going for the Stairway Leading to You!  Love ya, Boo!