Saturday, September 17, 2011

My TRUTH. . .Your Soul's Exposed!


Can you stand the face in the Mirror?
What does it say to the world?  Could it be any Clearer?
Are you happy with what you See?
Or. . .are you busy trying to destroy Me?

How does your soul Speak?
What kind of message does it Send?
Is it all because you are Weak?
And in turn backstabbing a Friend?

Are you capable of showing Fear?
Or. . .are you so hard you don't shed any Tears?

Do you possess a Heart?
No. . .it was all about you from the Start!

Why destroy one's Day?
Are you good in any Way?

And why is it such a Bother?
In taking pride in hurting Another

If your soul isn't what it should be
By all means YOU need to change thee
Cause what it boils down to
It is within that has to change You!

I wrote this poem on November 25, 2001.  The inspiration behind it was taken from a co-worker who had, literally, thrown me under the bus, and out of the anger and pain of what she did, came The Mirror.  Many poets have written about looking at one's soul, and for the longest time, it was hard for me to forgive this person for what she had done to me.  So instead of trying to get even, I wrote about it.  I honestly don't know how many people sleep at night with the evil wrong-doing some commit on others.  I suppose, soundly?

I shared this poem with you today for one reason.  I had so much anger behind the travesty this individual committed, and at the time, I had no other outlet but to use my pen and get to writing.  And, out of that one incident, my world forever changed~~that is, in the Poetry world.  Thanks to that person, I sat down and entered a poetry contest which set me on the path to where I am today.

Sometimes when negative situations embark upon your life, you take it just for what it is~~a negative.  But for everything negative that any human being has ever committed toward me, I've always been one to turn it into a positive, and for that I give thanks.  If she had never done what she did, I would have never written this poem, and this is one classic example of how I know that there are no mistakes.  Everything happens for a reason, and while you're going through whatever it is you're dealing with, trust and know, there is always a reason behind it.  For those of us lucky enough to survive it, there's a higher power who will reveal it.

So the next time you find yourself in a writing rut, or you're unhappy with the way things are going in your life, remember, it's only a test to get you to the next level.  Everything bad that happens to you, happens on purpose and for a reason.  There is something you're supposed to come away with, and only those who truly go around with an open soul, will see and learn the lesson. 

It's all in your perception!  Until next week, write ON! writers.

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/International Poet