Saturday, October 15, 2011

iRobot. . .

Compliments of Felixco, Inc.
She was created solely to obey her orders.   There wasn't any room for hope, dreams, happiness or faith~~just do what everyone else wants her to do, and the world would revolve just fine.  She had no direction, except for what was created for her by others.   It was decided in her early stages that she must go to school and learn, regardless if this was what she wanted or not.  The rules she followed were made up by some unforeseen force, but one that everyone lived by, so she was told by her creator, so should she.

She wasn't permitted to ask questions, just follow what was designed for her to do, and so she did.  Come graduation day, she was given the highest honors, and she had the audacity to think that this was now her time to do with whatever her heart desired, but no, that wasn't the case!  She had more education to receive that was tougher than the first twelve years she just completed.  The rules state that the more education you have, the better career or job you may get, and so she hesitated and questioned this to herself, but she did as she was required~~dare not ask aloud!

Compliments of Anankkml
Finally, she completed her four years of additional schooling, so now was the time that she could do what she really wanted to do, but, yet again, her creator said, "no, you must work to earn your keep."  Why hadn't she done enough by educating herself?  What was the point to all of this, if she could not live out her true passion?  When she grew tired and angry that she couldn't live out her dreams, she asked her creator why? 

Only to be told you don't ask these questions, you just get a job to help support yourself because your passions won't pay the bills, only a real 9 to 5 job will do that.  These are the rules and this is what everyone must do in order to survive, and why should you be any different.  Never ask why, just do!  Reluctantly, she found a job she didn't like, but because this is what everyone must do, she went along unhappily, I might add.

Compliments of Salvatore Vuono
For thirty years, she worked in an electronics factory creating more people like herself.  They were all zombies working the assembly line creating the latest technology.  Luckily, all that education afforded her the honors of being the boss, so she could oversee the workers, and despite how happy this made her creator, she lacked the drive and passion to do what she did for a living because it wasn't really what she wanted to do.

Time was passing her by quickly.  She wondered just when would she be able to do all the things she wanted to do instead of doing what everyone expected her to do?  When does that day ever come?  She must have asked that question out loud and one of her employees answered her.  "I used to dream of being a singer, but that dream quickly diminished when I had my first child.  After that, I figured, ok, maybe I can get back into singing, but my husband wouldn't afford me the courtesy.  He told me I have a family to see about, and the life we lived wasn't so bad.  So, here I am, almost ready to retire, and I sing to myself sometimes, and I moonlight at a bar and sometimes I'll sing there, but that's as close as I came to living out my dreams.  It wasn't in the cards for me I suppose."

That response didn't help her, it just made her sad.  Just knowing that she may not ever get to do what she wanted to do in this life frightened her more than she imagined.  How can that be?  This time around, she decided to make some drastic changes in her life and start doing what she wanted to do and to hell with what everyone else wanted.

Compliments of Luigi Diamanti
Well those set of balls she grew became shortlived when she discovered she had responsibility to the company she worked for and to her employees.  How could she just walk away, when so many people depended upon her?  Perhaps if she killed herself maybe then she'd get to do what she wanted to do?  But then she thought that would be dreadfully selfish of her.  She placed her face in her hands and balled like a baby.  Here she grew old never having lived out her dreams, but punching that clock day after day still.  There were places she wanted to go, people she wanted to meet, and now it was too late.

She was tired and her body began to rebel against her because she was old.  Her nuts and bolts had damn there run out of oil, and time had all but run out.  It was at this very moment she realized she wasn't human, she was nothing more than a robot.  She did exactly what she was programmed for, but she never did what she wanted to do.  The questions she was left with now haunted her like a bad nightmare.  All she ever wanted to do was be free to be herself and follow her passions, which was to travel.  She'd been around the globe through books, as her imagination took her places she was eager to see, but when you're a programmed robot, the only thing you can do is what you were made to do.

How much of a Robot have you become?  Until next weekend. . .

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet