Saturday, March 12, 2011

What You Don't Know~~Can Hurt You. . .


I'm finally receiving many comments on my newest novel, SILENT KNIGHT, and I'm happy to hear from YOU always.  It's great to know that many of you learned the mysteries behind Woodland Heights, the Projects.  But what I find more amazing is how many people are relating to the children's stories. 

Think back to when you were a child, and for some of us, that might be a hike back (chuckle), but think of the things you used to do, how children interact with each other.  One thing you'll find is that children are natural comedians and many were surprised to learn of the comedy inside this mystery. 

If you make children too serious, the story wouldn't be believable, and many of you have said how real the story is and how amazing it was to read their stories!  It's really nice to hear from many parents and grandparents who have read and said that there needs to be more stories out here like this one.

Another great thing I've been hearing is how many like the fact that this book was totally different and handled well.  And, many were surprised to learn that what they don't know, really does hurt them.  I pride myself on being as different from other writers as I most possibly can be.  I don't want to do what others have done, and I believe this is why I'm getting more readers because with me, every book I write, will be different than my last.  There are only 250 plots to choose from, and it's up to the writer to spin a tale to set yourself apart from the pack. 

Let's face it, I'm up against tough competition because there are millions of writers, and it's nice to know that I've been fighting to earn my spot in this very unique and talented organization.  So, if you haven't discovered SILENT KNIGHT yet, you should pick up your copy today!
Thanks for Your Support~~HAPPY READING. . .