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I'm RETRO TRiPPin'. . .

Slide me some skin, bloods!  Are you hip to the facts?  What Up. . .You Jive Turkeys!  Betta Dig ya'self!  How yall cool cats feelin' today?  We're taking a walk back down memory lane where afros, tube tops, belle bottom pants and platform shoes were in.  Strobe lights and disco balls were a twirlin'!  Do you feel the trip, yet?  Free Love, peace and right on were the slang and movement of the 70s!
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Do you remember where you were on a Saturday afternoon in the 70s?  I know where I was~~right in front of the boob tube watching Soul Train.  When I'd see that cartoon train and hear the famous theme "It's the Sooooooooul Train!"  I was full of anticipation an excitement.  I couldn't wait for the Soul Train scrambler~~and it would tickle me when some of the couples couldn't make out who the musical guest was.  It was so obvious, usually, or maybe it was just me.  It was so fun when Don Corneilus would announce the musical guest for the week.  Anybody, who was anybody, wanted to be on Soul Train.  This show made a lot of musical careers.  I was dancing right along with the Soul Train dancers.  They wore the hippest clothes and performed the hottest dances in the Soul Train line.  Simply Awesome!

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You couldn't be a part of the 70s, if you didn't know about this show~~Sanford & Son.  I loved when Fred and Aunt Esther would get into it.  One of my favorite lines from Aunt Esther, as she speaks to her husband, Woody, "Woodrow, you came here with teeth. . .do you want to leave here with teeth?"  Or she'd say to Fred, "You betta watch it sucka," or "you ole fished-eyed fool!"  Fred would sometimes respond by saying, "shut up you ole ugly gorilla!"  She began swinging her purse at his head and body, like she was swatting at flies.  I would fall over laughing.  Television just doesn't make comedies like that anymore.

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My brother and I would go crazy each week waiting on this next 70s show that had all the kids anxious~~The Six Million Dollar Man.  I believe my brother had every T-shirt with Lee Majors on it.  Do you remember that mechanical sound his body would make when he would jump into action.  I wish I could duplicate the sound, but if you've never seen the show, check 'em out on DVD, and I guarantee you, you'll know it as soon as you hear it.  My brother and I cheered when he would fight the Sasquatch!  Amazing energy!  Our hearts would be beating fast!  What happened to good quality programming?  Oooh that's right~~they've been replaced with stupid reality shows!  This was all the reality we needed!

How many of you sported an afro back in the day?  Remember the picks with a fist handle?  Or the pick handle that enclosed around the teeth~~ red and green~~that snapped into place?  You couldn't tell us nothing.  I can't tell you how many picks some of my friends used to go through.  What I most remember is guys who would bury their pick in their Afro and pull it out, from time to time, when it needed to be reshaped again.  What a hairdo!  And I have you know, afros have made a comeback, but they still aren't like they were in the 70s.

Whether you were around in the 70s or not, this is still my favorite era.  My favorite shows were The Jeffersons and Chico and The Man~~but my all-time favorite was Good Times.  I loved to sing the theme song.  Here's a little phrase, "Keepin' your head above water. . .makin' a way when you can. . .temporary layoffs, GOOD TIMES. . .easy credit rip offs. . .GOOD TIMES. . .scratchin' and survivin'. . .GOOD TIMES. . .hangin' in a chow line. . .GOOD TIMES. . .ain't we lucky we got 'em. . .GOOD TIMES!"

I tell ya, the 70s were good times, and often times I find myself wishing I was back there because I just don't like the direction our world is in now.  I hope you enjoyed this retro trip, and I'd love to hear from you and your experiences of the 70s.

Clarence Knight and his crew definitely were children of the 70s, and what an incredible story they have to share with you.  So, if you're looking for some great summer reading, and would love to take more retro trips back to the 70s, get your copy of SILENT KNIGHT

Until next time, keep on truckin', yall!

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/International Poet
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