Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back to Basics 101. . .

Hello Fans:

Being on the grind all the time is a good thing to keep you conditioned and sharp, but I also realize that a little rest and relaxation is a great thing too.

I've been struggling with my latest novel and I felt a little panic strickened and a bit disturbed that my latest storyline wasn't coming together the way I had liked.

This strange chick began plaguing my mind and I didn't have a clue what she wanted or what I was supposed to do with her.  While sleeping, this character kept nudging me and she was just so weird and I kept dismissing her.  So, for the first time in my creativity, she didn't reveal much about herself, but I learned something interesting.  This woman had other plans, and as I sat outside enjoying the beautiful clear sky with huge fluffly clouds~~the storyline literally fell from the Heaven's above.  Thank God because I was beginning to wonder if I would ever have something to write?

I realize now that I was so caught up in my everyday life and trying to keep my flow going, that it was time away from everything and everyone that I truly needed, and this is what my "strange" character was trying to convey to me.  Once I took a couple weeks off to truly clear my head and not worry about my life, she began to talk more and reveal a story to me.

I'm a believer in the afterlife and I trust that Heaven is more beautiful than the planet God has created, but while occupying my space and time here, I also know that God has given us a great many beautiful things to partake in that doesn't cost a cent.  While I enjoyed my vacation with my husband, all of these things began to take its rightful place in my mind, and those things most important to me took over.

I was in a tranquil peaceful place and it's a place I wish I could reside forever, but reality always creeps in, so I must make the best use of what I have here, before my spirit can move on.  Which is why I am doing all I can to keep myself happy and to write as much as I can, while I can, because I'm making my footprints in the sand, along with a higher power guiding me.  Today, everything is so crystal clear, and even though I know life throws us curve balls every now and again, it is important to remember what really matters in this life.  It's not how much money I make, or the house I live in, the car I drive, the clothes I wear or the negative energy that sometimes engulfs me, it's just living my life and doing the best I can, as a person, to make it through and to share that with everyone.  Life is so short, and death lurks around us day and night, so why waste the time you have, when you could be spending quality time with those you love?  Right?

Fact is, once the vacation dust clears and you settle back into your daily routine, you lose sight of those great feelings.  Evil lurks around us 24/7 too, so it's easy to let it consume you.  You've heard the saying, "misery loves company," and it's true.  The trick is to never befriend misery in the first place, and you'll have an easier way to go.  In fact, bitch slap the hell outta her when she first says, "hello!"

So, what does all that have to do with writing?  Everything!  You cannot write when your mind is in a dark place, unless of course, that's the type of material you are writing about, then that helps tremendously, but for the average writer, being of sound mind and in good spirits commands great writing, and that will be conveyed to your reading audience.  Have you ever watched an author or any artist you like, do an interview, only to be left with a bitter taste in your mouth after having watched it?  Some people just rub you the wrong way, and it changes the way you view that person, and worst case scenario, you end up not liking their craft anymore because of their negative way of speaking and/or views?  For me, the more at peace I am with myself and life, the better I can create, and the majority of writers I know are the same way.  Trust me, having a healthy mind makes the world of difference in your writing.  And when you don't, it shows.

It's now time for me to celebrate because I can see the light at the end of my tunnel.  My "strange" character who has been messing with my mind for the last several weeks finally has a voice and an outlet, and I'm going to let her take me for a ride, and see where our destination leads. 

I realize now that all she was trying to do was tell me to get some rest and take a step back from all of what I do, so that I can see the whole picture and begin to take flight and soar high.  Now that I know what I'm doing, I will, as I always do, take her advice and begin the rest of my journey with her and everyone else she introduces me too. 

I shared this information with you, my fans, especially those who write or are beginners because these things will happen to you, from time and time, and when you begin to become so consumed by your life and all that happens in it, use that time wisely to take a step back, and enjoy yourself, because you're entitled, smell the roses, stop by a lake or pond, sit back, and take in all the wonders the world has and it will revitalize you and give you the boost you were so desparately looking for. 

Like I mentioned above, your life can take you in a billion different directions, and sometimes you get so caught up that you forget to let the most important thing of all have a vacation, and that's your mind.  It deserves a break too!  So, take a few weeks off, if you're struggling like I was?  Leave Facebook, Twitter, your blogs, and any other social media alone for a while, and give your mind the vacation it needs, and I guarantee you, it will not let you down.  You'll come back better than ever with a multitude of things to write about. 

Until next weekend. . .Rest UP! Writers

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/International Poet
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