Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Love Story

Hello Fans,

Who doesn't enjoy a great romance?  Well, if you've never had a great love in your life, that's truly unfortunate, because there's nothing better than to be with the one you love and who loves you back equally.

I've been fortunate to have had a few great loves in my life.  I consider myself lucky for finding my husband, who is the love of my life, but before I met the right man for me, I went through some things~~who hasn't? 

I hope you enjoy this short love story.  I'd be interested to see if you really get its meaning? 


The sharp crisp air shoots straight through my bones
The cold becomes my comforter to claim for my very own
I hold out my tongue to catch a snowflake
Winter is preparing me for Autumn’s mistakes

This is the season to think; my temporary hibernation
Gathering materials for Spring; when it’s time, flowers celebration
Right now I must cling to Winter; my season will come
Got to use Winter’s time wisely and settle for being numb

With the sprinkling little snowflakes that unite like a field of gems
As I imagine Old Man Winter blowing the cold wind, I can almost see him
The only sign of life is knowing that I exist
Place my warm hands in the snow, slowly melts through, I cannot resist



Spring’s alarm clock awakens me; listen to the music of the birds
As my feathered friends take the cue from their conductor, while they sing Spring’s unsung words
The smell of jasmine fills the air along with the daffodils
I am the master of this canvas, with nature’s brush, the paint to spill
Winter’s meditation is not forgotten, I have had much needed rest
With the beauty of Spring’s painted picture, I have lived my best
As I look at the vibrancy of the rich colors of the flowers
It fills my soul with the energy it needs; I’m fueled by its power

Spring’s rain water soaks the soil and makes mother earth rich
Like a seamstress with material, made for Spring’s coat, the needle to stitch
Captivated by this gift, for my body takes notice and begins to rise
A force I’m reckoned to reason with; the flame of my soul I have seen with my eyes


The delicate nature of children’s laughter moves me to thrive
Summer is here and that’s how I know I have arrived
Green grass neatly mowed; it becomes my magic carpet
With the meditation of Winter, the awakening of Spring, Summer is food from market

Hear the sound deep down in my belly; the roar that Summer makes
Waiting on you, I have grown quite weary, no matter how long it takes
No time to waste on arguing, your heart beams of great sunlight
A warm comfortable glow caresses my skin; our love is for the night

With the heat of your sun, Summer casts a spell on me
As the sweat rolls down my body, it lets me know that I am free
To run through the valley and streams drenched with your Summer’s love
Summer is rising, I have arrived to peak, your blue sky from up above



Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall
I have lived through the changes of it all
The things I’ve learned have made me wise
Fall is mimicking another season; do you recognize the disguise?

As I rock steady to hold onto the year
Not only do the leaves fall, but look at my salty watered tears
In the still of the night, I toss and turn, reaching out to you
But my seasons have come and gone, for I am not bitter, my experience grew

My leaves collect outside my door; life is beginning to die
Time forces me to hurry and embrace Winter’s coat, as the Autumn night asks why?
Meditation, awakening, I have arrived and rock steady have given me enough reasons
I have no regret, I’m glad to have known you, even if for a moment, I would not change my four seasons

Written By: Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Poet
Member of International Society of Poets
June 27, 2002

Until next weekend, I wish you Love and Happiness. . .

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/International Poet