Saturday, November 19, 2011

Role Play

Hello Fans:

With the Holidays here and many in a festive, good-spirited mood, this is a time for celebration with our family and friends and giving thanks for all our blessings bestowed upon us.  One thing families do around Thanksgiving, is not only eat, but watch movies for everyone to enjoy.  There is one movie, however, that will not be out this holiday season, but is in current production, which is Tyler Perry's The Marriage Counselor.
I'm not sure how many of you are Tyler Perry fans, but he is one of the most prolific writers out here, and one of the top-grossing movie makers of our time.  He was put on the map by his famous character, Madea!  She's one old-school mama who doesn't take any crap from anybody, and she is exactly what this world needs more of~~to put some of these kids and adults back in their proper place.

I saw the play The Marriage Counselor and enjoyed it, so imagine my surprise when Mr. Perry told the media he is in current production of making the movie.  I was all too psyched for this, that is, until I learned of who he decided to cast as one of the roles in the current film.  Kim Kardashian is well-known worldwide, and it's not from singing, dancing, writing or acting, but by simply portraying her whorish ways around, which is what brought her her fame.  Why if it weren't for the sex tape that she and Ray J. made, I'm not sure how much appeal Ms. Kardashian would actually have right now?  Not to mention last summer's media-hyped circus of a wedding, with a marriage that lasted only 72 days.  In fact, from what I can see, Kim's talent, simply put, is making money.  She's outstanding when it comes to that.

Are you wondering why I'm being so harsh toward Ms. Kardashian, or how I could make such judgments and insensitive remarks about this young woman?  Well, she made it easy for me because it's the image in which she has projected is what I am basing my opinions on.  I don't know this woman personally, nor do I care to ever meet her.  I don't harbor ill-will toward her, nor do I hate her for becoming famous in the way in which she has.  The problem I have with her being in Tyler's movie is that I don't believe she is the right type of role model to display to our youth, or to anyone for that matter.

Recently, Tyler emailed all of his fans and said he's read our messages and wished to be heard.  He advised that Kim isn't playing the lead in the movie, but her character is essential.  He went on to state how Kim has many young followers and one of his producers showed him a picture his daughter took, while visiting the Kardashian store with several hundred kids lined up to get in.  Tyler mentioned that Kim has millions of young people following her and he felt and still feels, his decision is responsible enough to put her in the film. 

Tyler summed up his email by stating who better to put in his movie about faith, people changing their ways and making the wrong choices about marriage, than Kim Kardashian?  Well, I was listening to Tyler's points and understanding where he was coming from, until I finished his post.  Unfortunately, this is where he lost me.

I'm a huge fan of Tyler Perry.  I own all of his productions, i.e., movies and plays, and I watch them literally every weekend, especially my favorite movie, Why Did I Get Married.  I backed Tyler when the nay-sayers said he wasn't going to amount to anything because he was another brother parading around as a woman and making a buffoon of himself.  I backed Tyler when he received bad press for not being linked to any particular female, and was called gay.  I backed Tyler when he did the excellent production of For Colored Girls, which many African-American men were angry as hell because they said everything Tyler does puts them in a bad light.  I defended Tyler on all those levels, but this is where I've got to draw the damn line.

What I believe is going on here is a classic case of Mr. Perry feeling a little too much of himself, due to all his success.  I get the feeling that my intelligence is being insulted.  Why, you ask?  I could care less what Kim Kardashian does, but to say that Kim is loved by so many of our youth and that this is the perfect role for her to play in his film is the very thing that Madea, oddly enough, would be dead set against.  Kim is not the type of person anyone should look up too.  Because do you realize what exactly you're idolizing? 

Of course,  Kim is a hot commodity and gets attention, so of course, why would Tyler pass up on this opportunity?  She's about making her paper and doesn't give a damn if you or I like how she goes about getting it.  Because Kim K. is all about Kim K!  Let's not get it twisted, folks.  Tyler, too, is about making his money.  I believe he made this decision based on who would draw the movie-goers in and cause the most controversy.  After all, that's more cha-ching for him and his production company.  Plus, the more media-hype, the more people will be inclined to go and see what all the hoopla is about, and yet again, cha-ching is chiming loudly in the background!  Who the hell do you think you're foolin' here?

Anytime your own parents pimp you out to sell a sex tape for the world to see, these are people you decide to be your role models?  You want your children to go flocking to a movie to see this woman who is nothing more than an overpaid, overrated media whore?  You think this woman deserves our forgiveness for her ways, and we're being made to believe that she's changed, all because of a movie role she's casted in?  Really?  I think the irony of this whole mess is the very thing that Tyler Perry projected as his role as Madea, who, by the way, would have never liked Kim Kardashian, nor would ever have sang her praises, is now changing his tune to say, who better to be in his movie!  And I suppose we're to believe Kim's wedding was real too, huh?  She made millions off of the whole sideshow circus she put on for the world to see, and most people couldn't eat enough of the excrement that fell from her big ass!  But she's good for our youth?  I suppose so, which is why she's so very wealthy!

What happened to parents being their youth's role models?  Why do our youth look up to anyone outside of who are bringing them up?  There isn't a human alive that I look up to other than my mother.  There are countless people in the world that I admire, but as far as patenting my life after, looking up to, anyone I strive to be like, would be the strong women I grew up around~~my mother and grandmother, not one TV/Reality personality!  I feel sorry for our children today because these entertainers and so-called wanna be entertainers do not project the type of images I would want my young ones to be like.  I don't even like to judge people, but when you put yourself out there, the way many of these young celebrities have today, you leave me no choice but to judge you based on what you give me, and what I'm given is a whole lot of bullshit, and I'm tired of people pissing in my face and telling me it's rain.
In summary, I have always been a Tyler Perry supporter and usually I stand by him no matter what, but this time I feel he's gone a little too far.  I feel he is doing a grave disservice to his fans and literally throwing in our faces his decision to keep her in the movie, while making excuses to support his decision, which are a bit suspect to begin with.  To keep her casted in this movie is solely Tyler's right to do so, but don't be surprised if many of your die hard fans take a leave of absence on this movie.  Perhaps Tyler needs to take a good hard look at the character he created in which I came to love, Madea, and think about what she would say regarding Kim.  Maybe had he consulted with Madea, that might have persuaded his opinion a little differently, or could it possibly be now that he's succeeded in what we call "made it," he thinks no matter what he puts out here, we will run and come out and support?  I think someone's mask is beginning to peel away, and I don't like what is being revealed!

Until next weekend, stay up on current events!

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet