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Hot Sizzlin' Books for Summer Reading. . .

It's Summertime and that means you need to kick up your feet, lean back in your favorite chair and crack open or tap your favorite book and get to reading.  These books will quence your reading thirst!  Enjoy these new arrivals coming soon!  Add to your Kindle and Nook!  Happy Reading!

Several good books about Whitney Houston have appeared since her untimely death, but BeBe Winans’ moving memoir, The Whitney I Knew, is the first from someone who really was her dear friend.

Almost from the moment BeBe met Whitney at a church concert 28 years ago, the two thought of each other as family. They toured together, sang together in the studio and, when they weren’t working, hung out together. As a fellow platinum-selling, Grammy® Award-winning recording artist, BeBe lived the life, and he had a unique perspective on Whitney’s career, fame and love life. He even delivered a touching eulogy at her funeral.

Now, BeBe shares his memories with us—inside stories that range from hilarious to heartbreaking. These are stories no one else could tell…the quiet moments and intimate discussions that only close friends share. In addition, the book includes eye-popping photos and Internet links to rare private videos.

Just as Houston’s recordings will continue to comfort and inspire listeners for generations, so Winans continues to draw strength from his memories of the legendary singer’s generosity, persistence, faith and sparkling sense of humor. And now, thanks to BeBe, so will we.

These tales deliver some serious sizzle. No matter what the streets dish out, these women can take it!

In Redd’s “Love on Lockdown,” Candy and Raynail are a husband-and-wife drug ring. Candy, who’s littered the sidewalk with more bodies than she can count, is about to add to her total in her quest to free Raynail from prison.

Vix Dixon is “Dangerous: A Different Kind of Girl from the Hood” in Nikki-Michelle’s steamy story. Shameless and merciless, Vix knows what she wants and how to get it. And she’s just set her sights on her teacher, Mr. Rodriguez.

Erick S. Gray’s “Dirty Girls” are Baby and G.G., teenage cousins who find hustling a lot more rewarding than high school—until Baby decides it’s time for G.G.’s man to bite the dust!

Angela grew up in a wealthy neighborhood with all the advantages, but after she joins the freshman class at Hampton University, her eyes are opened to the way life is lived in the ’hood. Suddenly this sexy suburban good-girl is getting with two men: Damien, a devious Jamaican drug dealer, and Mac, the control-obsessed owner of a real estate company. After the two men clash, with fatal results, Angela is left with Damien’s child and a life in ruins. That’s when she meets Black. He grew up in the projects, just blocks away from the scene of Angela’s privileged upbringing, but now he’s a small-time crack dealer with big ambitions and a body count to match. Of all the people in the world, these two are the least likely to fall in love….

A chiseled face, a hunky bod and a pair of lady-killer eyes have carried Avery Beauregard Montgomery through life. And since he’s got no job, no maturity, and absolutely no clue about being faithful to a woman, the guy’s lucky he has his looks. But Beau’s luck runs out when his long-suffering brother and sister-in-law kick him out of their house, where he’s been living rent-free for years. No money, no prospects, nowhere to go…except to try to mooch off his sister. But when he shows up at her place, the shapely supermodel who answers the door is actually his sister’s business partner, Belle. Suddenly, Beau wants to be Belle’s beau, but the lady sees right through his playa routine. This charmer is going to have to grow up in a hurry!

Three weeks ago, Pastor Hezekiah Cleaveland was assassinated in front of his entire congregation—as well as millions of TV viewers worldwide. Now, his widow, Samantha, is temporarily behind the pulpit of the huge New Testament Cathedral, and she aspires to make the position permanent. But three people have their own individual reasons to take Samantha down: Danny St. John, who was having a scandalous affair with the murdered pastor; Cynthia Pryce, who feels her husband, the assistant pastor, should take Hezekiah’s place; and reporter Gideon Truman, who sees the murder case as his ticket to national stardom. The three join forces in a desperate bid to stop the ambitious and calculating Samantha Cleaveland from consolidating her power.

Josh Winterland thinks he’s witnessing the latest special effects “miracle”: a machine that lets today’s top actors “co-star” with the greats from Hollywood’s heyday. But the machine doesn’t just simulate the past—it brings the past, and the future, into the present. When Josh falls in love with a beautiful woman from the far future, he learns that humanity’s fate is balanced On the Head of a Pin.

In The Gift of Fire, the ancient Greek god Prometheus finds himself in South Central L.A. Assuming the identity of a disabled teenager, he seeks to bring light, healing and self-worth to the ‘hood. But the gods are determined to stop him! These two short novels feature Mosley’s trademark unforgettable characters and knife-edge suspense.

Payton “Sin” Sinclair lives up to his name when it comes to the ladies: this hot-bodied athlete is all about playing the field. But when it comes to love, Sin plays it safe. Sin hides a dangerous secret from everyone, even his sweetly supportive friend, Summer. She’s a breezily efficient restaurant owner with her own secrets, and over the years she’s relied on Sin for emotional support. Everything changes when Sin’s friends start coupling off, leaving him lonely and worried about his heart’s future. Then Summer gets involved with planning her cousin’s wedding, and you know how weddings play on the emotions. Suddenly, Sin finds himself flirting with Summer, and she’s surprisingly receptive. But they both know danger lurks in every kiss.

Noted biblical scholar Dr. Jonathan Lyons is convinced a parchment in his possession is a letter written by Jesus Christ. But the colleague he most trusts is adamant that it not be returned to the Vatican from which it was purportedly stolen hundreds of years ago. When Jonathan is murdered, his 27-year-old daughter, Mariah, is shocked the police suspect her mother, a woman suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s.

Mariah found her father sprawled across his study desk, a bullet wound in the back of his neck while her mother hovered in a closet, the murder weapon clutched in her shaking hands. And she can’t deny that her mother has some lucid moments during which she rails against Jonathan’s long-time paramour. But, as Mariah desperately points out to detectives, the parchment is missing! Who wouldn’t kill to possess such a treasure?
What Mariah doesn’t know is that an eyewitness to the crime has triggered a new string of deaths by foolishly trying to blackmail the already desperate killer. And Mariah will soon feel that desperation, since she is the ultimate target….
The Lost Years reaffirms Mary Higgins Clark as the undisputed Queen of Suspense.

Andrea Kane continues her thrilling Forensic Instincts series with The Line Between Here and Gone. Each day for Amanda Gleason is a challenge as she watches her newborn son battle a rare disorder. The best chance of a cure was with the boy’s missing father, considered by the cops to be a murder victim. Or was he? A photo of a man who looks exactly like Paul sends Amanda into a frenzy of hope as she contacts Forensic Instincts. But soon Amanda wonders whether the man she loved ever really existed, as former SEAL Marc Devereaux and his FI team of experts uncover dark secrets that ruthless people will do whatever it takes to keep buried. Then again, when FI takes a case nothing, ever, stops them from getting at the truth….

In Bombshell, perennially young health pioneer Suzanne Somers picks up where Breakthrough left off to reveal how the future of medicine will impact the aging process. Through interviews with top doctors and health revolutionaries, Suzanne crafts a plan that will reshape the way we treat, approach and think about the aging body. For years she has strongly advocated for patient awareness of cutting-edge breakthroughs. We’ve seen her public and successful treatment of breast cancer, and now she shares an inside look at the process behind becoming the first woman in this country to have a breast reconstructed using stem-cell therapy. In this important book, she will point you to other medical bombshells that will change your life, too!

 On the eve of her retirement, Georgia attorney Mikala Aulani is as vivacious and vibrant as ever, eagerly anticipating a happy future with her partner, Ben. But if Kala has learned anything in 35 years of practicing law, it's that the truth can always surprise you. And when Adam Star turns up at her office, confessing to the long-ago murder of his wife, Kala must return to a notorious case that has never stopped haunting her.

Ten years have passed since Kala defended young nurse Sophie Lee, who was accused of murdering her wealthy patient, Audrey Star. Though Kala never doubted Sophie’s innocence—or Adam Star's guilt—the prosecution convinced a jury otherwise. Sophie was convicted on a Tuesday—the day on which every significant event in her life, good or bad, seems to happen. Now on the verge of death, Adam exonerates Sophie and leaves her a huge fortune as atonement.

Tuesday’s Child is beloved author Fern Michaels at her riveting best as Kala helps Sophie dodge the media frenzy while adjusting to her new wealth and freedom. Yet, for both, there are still revelations in store—about fate, forgiveness and the secrets that hide in every heart….

Open your heart to Midnight Promises and new possibilities as New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods traces the emotional journey of a marriage worth saving.

When Elliott Cruz first courted struggling single mom Karen Ames, it was a romance worthy of any Sweet Magnolia fantasy. The sexy personal trainer made it his mission to restore Karen’s strength—physical and emotional—and to charm her children; and when they married, it seemed like a match made in heaven.

Now, a few years into the marriage, colliding dreams are threatening to tear them apart. Elliott has stumbled across the business opportunity of a lifetime; but to finance it, he would need to dip into their hard-earned “baby money,” a move that doesn’t sit well with Karen, who knows all too well the dangers of being financially insecure. Faced with such irreconcilable differences, they’re at an impasse that could destroy everything they’ve worked for. But what happens when they discover that their brother-in-law is cheating on Elliott’s sister? Will that only serve to drive them further apart…or will it help them put their problems into perspective and begin the journey to forgiveness and understanding?

In Heather Gudenkauf’s gripping novel, One Breath Away, a Code Red Lockdown is issued in the town of Broken Branch after an unknown gunman walks into an elementary school classroom…

Officer Meg Barrett feels the weight of responsibility as much as Will Thwaite, a tormented man caring for his two grandkids since his estranged daughter’s hospitalization. Trapped in her classroom, Evelyn Oliver watches for an opportunity to rescue her young charges. But 13-year-old Augie Baker, already struggling with the aftermath of her mother’s terrible accident, will risk her life to protect her little brother as mounting tensions bring out the hidden fears and grudges of a small town desperate to know who is holding their children hostage.

Lawyer David Sloane’s son Jake is on a bad path. Still reeling from the devastating loss of his mother, Jake has spiraled out of control. When his old friend, detective Tom Molia, suggests that Sloane and Jake join him and his son TJ on a camping trip, Sloane gratefully accepts. But when Jake and TJ get caught vandalizing a general store, a corrupt local judge sentences them to a wilderness detention camp called Fresh Start.

As Sloane fights the conviction against the boys, he discovers that Fresh Start has a sinister purpose very different than rehabilitation. With their legal options exhausted and their boys' lives on the line, Sloane and Molia hatch an unlikely rescue operation to save their sons before it's too late.

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet
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