Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Love Affair. . .

As she walked into the room, a smile formed across her lips—her hips swayed as if listening to music that only she was privy to. He was already there sitting-in-wait, as the glow from his excitement lit up the room. She wondered what he was thinking as she made her way to him.

“What’s your poison tonight,” he asked? She looked off in the distance a moment, and took her rightful seat in front of him. There was something mesmerizing about his glow this evening, that it pulled her in like a magnet. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but he willed her to touch him.

“You always know just what to say,” she said in a whisper. He continued to stare at her as if a question were burning in his mind. That’s when he realized she still had not answered him—totally. Her face felt flush, and almost as a shy gesture she tried to turn away, but he wouldn’t let her.

“Touch me baby, you know you need this just as much as I do!” She lifted her soft manicured hand and stroked the side of his face, pausing every few seconds—feeling the outline that God had made, familiarizing herself with every line time had placed upon him.

She closed her eyes and licked her lips, as if she were dreaming. Possibly she could stop what she knew was about to happen, so she snatched her hand away and placed it in her lap, but there was something about him and this evening that she couldn’t stop thinking about.

“Why do you make me wait,” he snapped? She didn’t know why she was afraid of him. They’d been down this road a time or two before and things turned out okay—she survived. What was so different about this? He was so warm and inviting to the touch.

If she kept her eyes closed, he wouldn’t be able to hypnotize her with his gaze or so she thought. He began to whistle such a sweet melodious sound that it soothed her and put her fears and mind at ease. He repeated over and over “touch me” and finally she gave in. Both hands were placed firmly on his lap as electric pulses shot through her veins with such intensity she tried to remove them once again, but he held her.

“Let yourself go,” he ordered lovingly! Her breathing was much heavier and his whistling became more erotic making her shiver. She lightly drummed her fingers across his lap, making him wiggle with delight. His aura was illuminating and toxic, but she no longer cared. This was her night, and she finally gave in.

She continued to stroke him and all the while he opened up even more inviting her soul to become one with his. At last, she was riding the waves of freedom and oh how sweet it was. They stopped imprisoning their thoughts and just went with the flow of the situation. It felt good to shed her insecurities about making passionate love with the one she loved. She’s no longer a girl, but all woman, and tonight she proved that. She proved herself so much that it shocked her longtime lover.

“Damn girl, slow down, you ‘bout to make me explode!” His words fueled her even more and she rode him harder. “This time it’s about me, and I’ve got to get mine, so hang tight sweetheart!” She sucked her bottom lip in and breathed heavily through her nose for she was about to climax. His whistling was just a mere hum at this point as he concentrated on matching her every move. He certainly didn’t realize when he told her to ‘let go’ that she would go this far. But after second thought, time was all he had and he was more than glad to extend that to his favorite lover.

Once she found her place with him, there was no turning back. She was on fire and he was burning up. It was going to be a rather long night, and he hoped he was up for the challenge. Of course he was up to it—the real question is, was she? She continued to ride and at times, she was even rough with him. It was all good because he knew she liked to be in control and he let her have it.

They made love all through the night as the lovers were losing speed. She looked into his eyes and he returned the gaze in kind. “Any regrets,” he asked? As she began thinking about what they had just done, replaying the entire evening over and over in her mind, she was very satisfied with what they did as one.

“I couldn’t be happier, but then again, you always make me happy. You know the way to my heart and soul.” He smiled at her adoringly as his body glistened from their sweat. Sleep was quickly stepping in and robbing him of his alertness. “I love you,” she whispered in his ear. As she nestled in beside him, sleep claimed her as well shutting her down for the night.

There’s no greater love than fingers stroking the keys of a laptop, as a great novel is writing itself.   What kind of love affair were you thinking about? (smile)

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