Saturday, August 11, 2012

Uhh-Uhhhh, My Authors, You’ve Got to Get Your Own!

Once again I find myself having to state what should be obvious to some of you, but I am learning more and more my warnings have gone ignored. You’re sitting there asking yourself, what the heck is Kim talking about?

Well. . .it’s quite simple really!   Recently, I’ve been searching through Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookblogs for that next great book I want to read. If you haven’t already guessed, I read a book a week, because that’s all the time I have with work and that whole ball of wax, so I must say I found some very disturbing book titles out there and I feel it’s my duty as an author to address it!

There are many things that can get me heated, but nothing angers me more than a damn thief! You all know this thief well because he lives, breathes and walk alongside us each and every day.   The thief that mirrors everything you do—used to be referred to as a ‘copycat!’ Ok, let me just say, if you haven’t heard of the infamous book, Fifty Shades of Gray trilogy by now, either you’re not human, or you’re living under a rock, but err’body and his son’s son, has either heard of it, read it, or is blogging and talking about it.   In fact, there’s a movie in the works.

I read the first book in the series and absolutely abhorred it.   To me, to have almost an entire book written based on sex and Lord knows, sex alone, bored the hell out of me, but that’s me. If you were to remove all of the sex, the story would have been about fifty shades of nothing—as well as considered a novella and not a novel, but I’m just one reader out of millions who loved this book.   And why did so many people love this book—simply put, the SEX!   OMG, you would have thought no one on this earth ever made love or had steamy sex in their lives, and one would also think that this is the first book of its kind to be written—sorry to disappoint, but it isn’t!

Hmm, would it surprise you that there are millions of books out there that has steamy, hot, breaking-the-headboard, tie ‘em up and down type of sex, but those books seem to be a distant memory.   Hey, whatever turns you on I say!   For me, I love a story that has great sex, but I want a story!   I repeat, I love a great story folks, not just sex. That’s not going to cut it for this reader, but again, that’s me and only my opinion.   In fact, I reviewed this book and gave it two stars, and now that I’m thinking of how much I loathed it, I should amend my review to give it one star—but fans, I realize many of you loved, loved, loved this book! One thing this tells me is that many of you aren’t avid readers like myself, because trust me when I tell you, Fifty Shades is not the first book I’ve read with its content being about S&M sex and lots of it!   This is not the first of its kind—trust me!  But, as we know, sex sells and I suppose it always will!

Ok, now that I’ve told you how I feel about the book, I’m now going to tell you what has pissed me off.   Even though I wasn’t feeling this book, E. L. James wrote her trilogy and she became an overnight sensation. God love her and I wish her the best and am proud that she was able to make a mint off her writing. So here’s the problem. Can someone pa-lease tell me why it is that every time I go looking for a book to read, some of you less known authors are out here copying what Mrs. James wrote?

I swear if I see one more Fifty Shades of This and Fifty Shades of That, I’m going to scream— literally.  I cannot believe my eyes. I’m like, are you serious authors?   ReallyYou can’t come up with your own ideas? You have to steal the woman’s title and also her storyline, what little there was, too?

On Amazon, there are several Kindle Singles that you may download for .99 cents and most of them are short stories. My mom, who is also an avid reader, was telling me about one of the singles she was reading and when she mentioned the characters’ names and the plot, I immediately became agitated.  I said to her I didn’t think she wanted to read Fifty Shades of Gray because of the bad reviews she heard about, and the fact that I couldn’t stand it, and she advised me she wasn’t reading it.   I then responded what she just described is the same book with a few little differences, but not so much that you could tell.   We both began to laugh, but then my laughter turned to pure anger!   I was outraged!!   I’m like you cannot be serious?   What the hell is going on here?

So, I went on Amazon and a few other book websites and sure enough there are authors out here using the Fifty Shades title and adding a different name at the end to get readers’ attention.   Well guess what authors, you’ve got my attention, but I don’t think you want the type of attention you were seeking.

Do me a favor, will you?   Get your own damn ideas and write your own plots and be as original as YOU can be and stop STEALING other authors’ creativity.   I do not and will not have any respect for you as an author if YOU knowingly and willingly steal another author’s work.   In fact, if your book was the last book on earth to read, I wouldn't purchase it!  I absolutely detest a thief of this magnitude, and I’ve blogged about this before.  How dare you grit off of another author?!  What the hell gives you the right and the audacity to do such a thing?   Are you that bad of an author that you must ride on the coattails of another author who is more successful than yourself?!  Thinking you've fooled the reading audience!!  Hmmph, not this reader!  There's only one E. L. James, and trust me writer thieves, you ain't her!!!!!!!

I don’t hate E. L. James nor do I harbor any ill will toward the woman, but I most certainly would NEVER try to duplicate what she has done in her series.   I respect her work, although it wasn’t for me per se, but I still respect her as an author, and I should only HOPE that she sees all these damn thieving ass authors out here trying to duplicate what she’s done and sues the HELL out of them!   Shame on some of you Authors!   It’s writers like you that give my profession a bad rap, and I don’t appreciate what you’re doing at all!   You will never amount to anything!   That’s obvious if you have to steal what someone else has done!  Get out of the writing game because you don’t belong in my prestigious group!   You’re just a common damn thief—nothing more and nothing less!

Authors who steal other authors' work are despicable, talentless creatures!   The first rule you must learn in the writing game is originality and creativity--without those things, don't ever bother putting pen to paper or your thieving ass fingers to a keyboard!  YOU are a disgrace to my profession, and may you and your book(s) burn Fifty Shades of Fire!  Hmmph, someone will probably steal that one!

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet
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