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Get Your Book On!

After reading books that are mandatory for your education, why not grab a book for pure enjoyment.  Add these to your reading lists!   Let's Heat Up Fall with These Great Reads!
Kiki Swinson and De’nesha Diamond, who’ve built red-hot reps for their gritty, sexy tales that crackle with raw, dangerous energy, present a pair of stories about men who are both gangsters and gentlemen…men you know you should stay away from, but you can’t resist a closer look!

In Swinson’s “I Need a Gangsta,” Melody Goldman is a wealthy woman—but not for long, if her divorce goes through. She knows she’s responsible for her attorney husband’s success, and now he intends to leave her with nothing. Soon after she meets, and gets it on, with gangsta Scotty “Lil Man” Harris, hubby and his floozy are dead, and Melody’s rolling in a cool three million. But now Scotty wants his cut, and sorry, he’s not that good in the sack. These two are both playing each other, and the endgame will be chilling.

Then, Diamond shines with “Gentlemen Prefer Bullets.” Elijah Hardwick is a ripped enforcer for a mob kingpin. The Don’s daughter, Blake Scott, has left Baltimore behind to become a top showbiz publicist. But as much as she wants to disassociate from her daddy’s devilish doings, the Don knows that his enemies will target her anyway. So he sends Eli to protect her…but is there a safe place in the world?

Sleepwalker, Wendy Corsi Staub’s chilling sequel to Nightwatcher, finds Allison and Mack married with three children. But neither can forget 9/11, the death in the towers of Mack’s first wife…or the killer who took advantage of the ensuing chaos to murder several women. Now it is the ten-year anniversary of that terrible time and Mack’s insomnia has driven him to sleepwalk. Adding to the couple’s stress is the news of a new spate of murders too similar to the others to be coincidental. Yet how can that be? The psycho convicted for the crimes died in prison. Allison is stunned when Mack becomes a suspect. And though she wants to prove his innocence, she can’t help fearing for her life…and wondering whether she trusted the wrong man.

The early life of author Karen E. Quinones Miller was as tough, hard-edged and dramatic as her phenomenal novels. In this recollection of her life story, we find “Ke-Ke” waking up from a coma. As she gazes into the faces of her kin, she recalls pivotal events from her childhood in Harlem. She tells stories about her lovably crazy (and sometimes just crazy) family and neighbors, her transformation from high school dropout to college grad, her struggles with racism, and struggling to survive in poverty (such as the time she plotted to rob the landlord—and use the money to pay the rent!). Sometimes funny, sometimes frightening, this memoir of a young girl growing into a successful—and still angry—woman will shock, delight and inspire.

Journalist Melissa “Mels” Carmichael can take care of herself. She’s a black belt, is licensed to carry a concealed hand weapon, and never goes anywhere without a good knife. But can she win in a fight against the devil herself?

A white-hot installment in bestselling author J.R. Ward’s Fallen Angels series, Rapture takes us back to a world of sin and salvation as badass angel Jim Heron fights for some troubled souls tempted by the allure of the seven deadly sins. At the center of this battle is Mels, who gets the shock of her life when a man stumbles in front of her car outside the local cemetery. After the accident, the man she hit—Matthias—seeks her out with a strange request: find out who he is. Not only does he have amnesia, but he’s convinced that he’s not the man his own driver’s license (which has his picture) claims.

He’s right. That man died weeks ago. So who is Matthias? And what is he? Their search for the truth brings them unexpected passion—and unimaginable rapture—but it also puts them in the middle of a no-holds-barred battle between heaven and hell. Now, with their hearts—and souls—on the line, can they defeat the devil herself and save the world from eternal damnation?

If you thought Notorious was off the chain, wait ‘til you join Yoshi Lomax on her next thrilling case! The criminal lawyer has the brain of a genius and the body of a supermodel, and she uses both of them to get into and out of trouble. But since her last case, Yoshi has traded her Miami penthouse for a Virginia prison cell—wrongly accused of murdering a DEA agent. The good news is she’s got a new man in her life, the kind and dashing Mario, who’s hired the best to defend her. The bad news is that on the way to trial, Yoshi’s unwittingly got herself mixed up in a fellow prisoner’s escape plot. Now, fleeing the law—against her will—with a crew of cold-hearted cop-killers, Yoshi must fight to the death or her life will be “case closed.”
R. Kelly is renowned far and wide as the king of R&B. And with three Grammy® Awards; more than 35 million copies sold; collaborations with the likes of Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and the Notorious B.I.G.; the legendary audiovisual phenomenon Trapped in the Closet; and unforgettable songs like “I Believe I Can Fly;” it’s hard to argue. But the wins have never come easy for the Chicago icon—he’s had more ups and downs than the thermometer. Kelly lays down the lowdown about both the highs and the lows in this startlingly frank memoir. Jam-packed with photographs, the book details Kelly’s childhood with a loving, supportive single mom, his wild ride to fame, his legal and personal struggles, and his stunning return to the spotlight.
Discover the surprising, sometimes shocking story of the woman the Los Angeles Times called “one of the wittiest, most creative rappers working today.” Born Onika Tanya Maraj in Trinidad, Nicki grew up in Queens, NYC, where she sang in the church choir. But her early life was anything but heavenly: She has recounted how her drug-addicted father tried to murder their mother by burning down their house. She turned to performing as a distraction from her chaotic home life; and before she finished high school, she had rechristened herself Nicki Minaj. Bursting with photos, this richly detailed account follows the acclaimed MC through her discovery by Lil Wayne, her exploits at the Grammy® Awards, her blossoming as a fashion icon and more.


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