Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Spooooky Good Read. . .

These books are so damn hot, they're spooky!  Looking for a nice Halloween read, why not treat yourself to these great reads! 
The action shifts to New York City in this gritty, breakneck follow-up to T.I.’s Power & Beauty. Tanya “Beauty” Long knows she’s losing Paul “Power” Clay to the allure of the Atlanta streets and the control of Slim Simmons, the vicious and paranoid kingpin who killed Power’s mother. So Beauty reluctantly breaks free and runs up north to NYC, where she rises swiftly to the top of the fashion industry. Even as she revels in the money, the glamour, and the torrid nights with exotic men, her heart still belongs to Power. And Power’s mind is working overtime, trying to figure out a way to escape Slim’s clutches and find his way back to Beauty’s side. But Power and Beauty had better stay on their guard…because trouble has a long reach.


Charisse Hawkins has looks, friends, a hard-working and adoring mother, and big dreams of becoming a doctor. But this Brooklyn teenager feels bereft of the one thing she wants most—the love of a man. When Jason, a promising basketball player, confesses his longtime crush on her, that seems to change. But then, an older man named Jamal Butler floors her with his confidence and flash…and Charisse spends her high school graduation day giving birth to his daughter, Mariah. Her dreams shattered, Charisse struggles with raising her daughter, coping with her baby daddy’s betrayals, and managing her family’s disappointment. But one day, Charisse decides that even if she has to cut her dreams down to size, she can still make them come true.

When you see “Zane Presents” at the top of a book cover, you know it’s worth reading. And when Zane calls Silent Cry “one of the most powerful novels that I have ever read,” we know that we must share this gripping, no-holds-barred novel with our members. Dywane D. Birch dramatically depicts the effects of secondhand domestic violence on children.

K’wan Taylor’s mother, Syreeta, thought she was doing what was best for her sons. She stayed with her husband, Randall, even though he beat her, so K’wan and his brothers would grow up with a mom and dad at home. As a result, K’wan had to grow up too soon, feeling like he somehow had to protect his mother, even though he couldn’t even protect himself from his father’s unpredictable, withering tirades.

It all came to a head one night when K’wan found his father with his arms around his mother’s neck—he finally took action, and ended up being acquitted of attempted murder. Now, at fourteen, K’wan lives in the Healing Souls Residential Treatment Center with other young men who have been through similar traumas. Their anger feeds upon itself and intensifies K’wan’s own fury. To heal his own soul, K’wan will have to face up to his mother—and his rage.



In her job as an in-demand celebrity stylist, Farrah is all confidence and flair; but in her rocky relationship with the abusive, alcoholic Khalil, she’s been little more than a doormat. Now, after four years of torment, that’s all over. She’s kicked him to the curb. But when she turns to Khalil’s best friend, Mills, for comfort, she has to confront the long-simmering attraction she’s had for him. Not that he doesn’t feel the same way—oh, he does—but he’s already deep in a relationship with Jade. Jade’s got a million-dollar body but about five cents worth of morals; and unbeknownst to Mills, she’s been carrying on with an NBA hottie all the time Mills has held Farrah at arm’s length. Can he continue to resist temptation? And should he?

This second book in the gritty, hard-hitting Murderville trilogy continues the story of Liberty, whose childhood in Sierra Leone scarred her for life but gave her the street-smarts to survive.

“I’mma always come back for you, Liberty,” was A’shai’s promise, but now he’s dead and Liberty is alone. She’s a hunted woman, and Cali drug kingpin Samad will stop at nothing to take her down. But Liberty is not without allies—she’s forged an unexpected friendship with Po, whose own true love, Scarlett, has been murdered.

Po’s had his riches stolen out from under him, and he knows he can recoup his losses by selling Liberty out to Samad; but grief has cemented a soul connection that neither of them can deny. Po’s got the ambition and the brains to build his own drug empire. But the supply line starts back in Sierra Leone, and Po’s got to be where the goods are, so Liberty will have to come face to face with her traumatic past if she is to have any hope for a future. She’s determined to keep going…for the sake of A’shai’s memory.

Ashley and JaQuavis triumph again in Murderville 2, blending danger and desire, love and murder, loyalty and betrayal, tragedy and redemption.

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet