Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hey--Mr. D.J.

Many of you know my passion for writing, but some of you may or may not know my love of music.  I’ve loved music ever since the first time I can recall hearing it.  For me, I cannot live without it.  I find when I don’t have music in my life—I don’t fair so well.  Music saved me so many times.  It sooths me when I’m down, it makes me sad sometimes, it makes me angry, it makes me sympathize with others; it sometimes is the only thing that makes my day.  Music lives with me always!

Music is. . .the Essence of my Soul. 

Music is. . . Passion.

Music is. . .God’s Poetry to the Universe.

Music is. . . Universal.

Music is. . .a Breathing Instrument.

Music Releases my Tension.

Music puts Dance in my Body.

Music Evokes Strong Emotion.

Music is. . .my life!

I’ve often wondered just how many love songs exist in the world.  There must be billions, and depending upon which artists you like, your amount of songs may vary.  What amazes me is how many lyrics I know to different songs and not even be aware that I do.  I remember one Saturday afternoon, I was out with my mom treating ourselves to pampering our nails, and I’m not sure which radio station was on, but immediately, I was humming each song that came on and singing the words.  It didn’t occur to me that every single song that played, I knew, until the nail tech looked at me in astonishment.  He said, “My goodness, do you realize for the last 45 minutes you’ve sang every last song that came on the radio in their entirety.”  My mom smiled and advised that she’s used to that because she knows how much I adore music.  But actually, I wasn’t aware I was humming and singing.  It just comes naturally to me, no matter where I’m at.  Music makes me pause and have reflection.

Make no mistake, when I say I love music, I mean that sincerely.  Music is colorblind.  There isn’t a nationality on music.  If it feels good to my soul, regardless of the artist or genre, I love it—period!  I’m not the type of sista that just listens to R&B, I listen to everything, and I do mean ev-er-ee-thing!  I’m what some would call a “true” music lover.  Trust me, you can’t pick a genre that I don’t know some type of music in or something I can’t like.  I find the beauty in all music, and it’s a blast learning of its origin.  I used to love reading album covers, back in the day, and finding out who was responsible for writing the lyrics to my favorite song I was listening to.  I loved when the slip covers inside the albums had the lyrics written, but even if they weren’t present, I have a good listening ear and could figure out what the artist was saying (this was before the Google age).  I still have my albums and I will never throw them away.

Sure enough, I’ll hear the first few bars of a song, or hear the artist’s voice and immediately I’m singing the words right along with them.  Tell me the mind isn’t a beautiful vessel.

There are certain songs that immediately upon hearing them, you will lose your damn mind (at least I do) and you start swaying, raising one hand to the sky, eyelids shut tight and the words pour out of your mouth like a gushing waterfall.  The song takes you to a place where you wish you could reside forever, but for those three to four short minutes while it lasts, the excitement is well worth the ride!

I know so many songs, it would take me years to list them all here in this blog post, but for part three of the Love Connection series, Mello & June, It’s a Book Thang! Book Blog has decided to list twenty of Kim’s favorite romantic/haunting/lyrical songs!  Remember, this Top 20 is Kim’s favorite, and you may not agree, but enjoy the songs nonetheless!   You should be able to find most if not all of these songs on or on your favorite websites, like or eBay.

So grab your partner, sit back and listen to some of the greatest lyrics ever written, and enjoy the music.  And if you’re single, so what, you can still enjoy a damn good song!  Get to jammin’,  y’all, that’s an order!












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