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This is the last, but certainly not least, Part 4 of the Love Connection celebrating the month of February.  And February wouldn't be complete unless we showed some love for Black History Month.  In honor of it, Mello and June, It's a Book Thang! Book Blog partnering with AAMBC (African-Americans on the Move Book Club), would like you to show your love of Independent African-American Authors by supporting their books.

We would like to thank you, in advance, for taking the time to stop by and reviewing some highly-skilled talented authors.   Reading is exercise for the mind--it broadens the horizon and takes you to places you have never been.  So join us in making new discoveries as we celebrate African-American writers.  There are links you may click to take you directly to these authors' websites and to learn how to purchase.  We're changing the literary world one word at a time.  WriteOn! Writers.  Again, thank you, and enjoy!

Qwantu Amaru
One Blood By Qwantu Amaru
1804. Luc Lafitte, pirate turned founding father, lynches a slave – Isaac, who impregnated his daughter, Melinda. Isaac is Luc’s illegitimate son. Before hanging to his death, Isaac curses his father and all future generations of Lafitte’s who live on their forbearer’s land. Three days after Isaac’s death, Luc Lafitte kills himself at the base of the same tree where Isaac was hung. 1963. Randy Lafitte seeks out a fortune teller on his eighteenth birthday in an effort to resurrect the family curse. Seventy-two hours later Randy’s father is dead. 1973. Randy is serendipitously elected Mayor, after the state’s first black Mayor is apparently assassinated by his wife, Juanita, who escapes and is never apprehended. 1992. Randy’s only son, Kristopher, is gunned down in the middle of gang crossfire, three days after his eighteenth birthday killed at the hands of his only black friend – Lincoln Baker. 2002. Randy, now Governor of Louisiana in his second term, learns his daughter, Karen, has been kidnapped on her eighteenth birthday. The ransom calls for the full pardon of Lincoln Baker. Three days after Karen’s kidnapping, an explosive cocktail of vengeance, manipulation, serendipity, fate, truth, and redemption detonates throughout Louisiana. Randy will stop at nothing to save his daughter and himself, even if it means admitting the curse is real. Even if it means committing greater atrocities. But looks are deceiving. There is something deeper at work here. When the dust settles, the ending is as unexpected as it is illuminating. ONE BLOOD is a story about the power of suggestion and the beliefs that shape our lives. There are secrets sealed in our blood, you see. The best answers, as always, lie within.

Kire Senoj
My Mind’s Eye By Kire Senoj
My Mind’s Eye is a collection of poetic works inspired by what I see, hear, and feel throughout everyday life.

I use words to express the passion and pain of love; the struggles of race; the self-conflicts between sexual orientation and religious freedom; and the ever consistent delirium of genocide within the African American community.

In order to bridge the gap between people of diverse backgrounds, my words have been penned to provoke thought, provide insight, inspire change, and prove that struggles have no respect of person.

Authoress Rae
Abnormal Lives: A Novel By Rae
Simone and Stefan are cousins, who are more like brother and sister, having been raised by their now deceased maternal grandmother. Both of their mothers abandoned them at various ages, leaving them to fend for themselves. Years after their grandmother’s death, the two of them are still residing in her home; sliding under the government’s radar by keeping up the property taxes and hoping that no one will ever notice that she is deceased. In order to make ends meet, they are both prostitutes. Stefan is openly gay and in love with a man named Eugene who is really using him for his money. Simone is living life on the edge and picking up random men who are willing to foot the bill for her special skills. Stefan tries to get Simone to straighten up and fly right, suggesting that they both seek employment at a local bank. While Stefan sees their new positions as a chance for redemption, Simone only views the bank as a way to pick up wealthy men to sleep with for money. After attending a festival in New Orleans, Stefan decides to rip off some drugs from a man he hooked up with; pulling Simone into something that she certainly had not bargained for. Will the two cousins abandon their reckless lifestyle or will their lifestyle lead them both to a tragic end?

Patricia Duncan

A Defining Moment
By Patricia Duncan
Defining Moment is a 9×10 coffee table book that contains a collection of never before seen color photographs and historic speeches that provides an introspective look at the first African American President of the United States. Take another look at the events that led to a time in American History that will come to be known as A Defining Moment.

Jae Henderson
 By Jae Henderson
As a child Tina “Tee” Long dreamed of having it all and as one of Memphis’ most sought after event planners everyone believes she’s achieved it. Even though creating breathtaking events and rubbing elbows with the social elite seems fulfilling, there’s one thing missing from her fairy tale life—her prince charming. After a string of failed, faith-challenging relationships this woman of God refuses to give up on meeting the man of her dreams. Tee knows in her heart that God will answer her prayers–SOMEDAY. Until then, she tries to remain prayerful and content by occupying her time with work, her sister’s drama-filled marriage and counseling wayward youth. When Tee is introduced to an incredibly handsome, retired NFL player named Michael Stokes, it seems that someday has finally arrived. There’s one problem. He’s been marked for death.

Michael Stokes thought life was over after a knee injury claimed his career as a NFL superstar. He realized just how wrong he was after dedicating his life to Christ and beginning on a wonderful new path as a motivational speaker and book author. He even meets Tee, a woman that makes all the other women he’s dated seem like a waste of time. But when his past comes back to haunt him Michael’s greatest fear is not the loss of his lucrative contract but losing the woman who must be heaven sent. Will Tee accept a man who has a killer on his trail and a surprising new addition to his family? Someday is full of adventure, excitement, thrills, laughter and love as Tee and Michael fight to stay alive in order to stay together.

J. Elliott Howard
Rewritten Lives
By J. Elliot Howard
From a poet-author who is deep in thoughts, sentiments, and experiences comes an emotive and endearing collection of poems that speaks of a myriad of themes and topics.  J. Elliot Howard has Rewritten Lives to share the lessons, dreams, hopes, and longings to others who are willing to listen.

In this poetry anthology, Howard unleashes his profound emotions through poetic verses.  With the ebb and flow of his words, readers will feel the depths of his psyche and the nadir of his heart.  Penning down these pieces, he conveys the unfathomable zenith of his feelings that range from memories, yearnings, conversations, saying goodbye, moving on, life sessions, new beginnings, reminiscences, dark moments, and more.

These poems are Howard’s expressions of what he observes, feels, understands, and accepts of life and love.  They are reminders of years gone by, the people that were, and the sentiments once felt.  This potpourri of lines varies from subject to subject and from one theme to the next, but they all speak of the beautiful colors of life.

In “My Turn Now,” he says, “With each turn of the page of life, through graduation and having a wife tears of joy burn down my cheeks as you have held my hand.” In “Lessons,” he writes, “Our moments are like the sand on the beach. Crystals of memories within reach that in my time of need have formed the rock to meet my every care.”  In “The Final Moment,” he ponders, “Life has its seasons, each season has its moments, and with these moments there are perfect times.”  In “A New Beginning,” he shares, “A newness of life, the coming of a fresh start.  Maybe a needed difference a need for change.”  These and more poignant words are sure to welcome readers as they leaf through the pages of Rewritten Lives.

Armond E. Mosley
By Armond E. Mosley
Rededication takes us on that all too familiar journey that many of us have traveled.  Beginning with the “first time”, Armond Mosley shares with the reader some his most intimate moments while providing insight into the vexing reality that faith and sexuality create for a man.  As he wrestles with stereotypes, stigmas and misplaced expectations, Armond eventually comes to a point of decision as a result of God’s divine intervention.  With somewhat of an ultimatum in hand, he chooses to yield to the Lord and commit to a life of celibacy until marriage.  While it would appear that things would get easier from there, in actuality his journey had really just begun.  For the remainder of the book, Armond invites us into his personal journey as a celibate man in his 20’s, the sexual prime of his life.  Though many discouraging moments along the way, Armond continues to faithfully press through until one day, he’s just about had enough.  And in that moment, in a most hopeless and vulnerable state, God shines a light on him and reveals to him “a woman of noble character, whose worth is far greater than rubies."

Rededication is passionate, humorous and most of all honest about the realities of the battle between faith and sexuality.  Armond reveals himself in a most authentic manner in an effort to really connect with the reader.  In each chapter, while the story is about Armond’s journey, the reader will be remiss if they aren’t convicted to recall their own relevant personal testimony.  If you are a Christian, fighting against sexual sin yourself, this book will take you on a journey of restoration that you can apply in your own life.

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet
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