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Mello & June hopes you are enjoying your summer thus far getting much sun and fun while relaxing—embracing your much needed “me” time! Hopefully, you’ve had time to go on vacation or about to get ready to hit the beach or resort! There’s a lawn chair waiting at poolside with your name on it. Grab that nice tropical drink, soak up the rays, and turn on your Kindle or Nook and exhale—Aaaaah, this is Living! Make sure you add these New Arrivals to your Summer Reading! Enjoy!

While en route to a medical convention, divorced surgeon Henry Steadman is thinking about his daughter, Hallie, a college freshman, when the cop who has stopped him for a minor traffic violation is shot by a stranger in a speeding blue sedan.
Suspected of the killing, Henry becomes the target of an intense manhunt and turns to his one friend in town, Mike, for help. Only Mike is dead, too—and again the evidence points to Henry.

With the exception of Carrie Holmes, a sympathetic cop, Henry is on his own as the real killer crosses a line that makes it even more urgent that he uncover the stunning truths behind this cruel and diabolical plot. Andrew Gross’ 15 Seconds is another nail-biting hit for the bestselling author.

We will always love her. Acclaimed biographer Mark Bego tells the life story of Whitney Houston, from her stellar rise to her shocking fall. Growing up in Newark, NJ, in a family that included mom Cissy Houston and cousin Dionne Warwick, Whitney took the family legacy to even greater heights.

Bego charts Whitney’s triumphs—signing to Clive Davis’s Arista Records, achieving movie stardom in The Bodyguard, scoring a No. 1 hit single and winning a slew of awards. But he doesn’t shy away from her setbacks, including her fraught marriage to Bobby Brown and the drug problems that stalled her career. Ultimately, though, this biography is a tribute to Whitney’s talent. And that roof-raising voice will be remembered as long as ears can hear.

Deborah Harkness mesmerized readers with A Discovery of Witches, Book One in the magical All Souls Trilogy. Now, in Shadow of Night, reluctant witch Diana Bishop and vampire Matthew Clairmont continue their unquenchable passion and partnership in a supernatural battle over an ancient manuscript. The intrigue has plunged the time-traveling pair back to Matthew’s home in Elizabethan London, where Diana is blindsided by the daemons among his old friends at the mysterious School of Night. But more important, Diana must locate a witch to tutor her in magic while Matthew confronts a past he thought he had put to rest. And what of the coveted writings they seek? Danger is everywhere in one of the most hotly anticipated novels of the season.

Of all the people in the New Day Temple of Faith’s Singles Ministry, who would have thought that the next to find love would be…Mother Doreen? The ministry’s founder is pushing 70, but she’s about to tie the knot with the pastor of a new church in her hometown. If anyone is First Lady material, it’s devout Doreen, the perfect Christian—or is she? The wedding day arrives, and after Mother Doreen achieves a fragile peace among her feuding bridesmaids, the blessed moment is nigh. Then the wedding comes to a screeching halt as a complete stranger suddenly spills out Mother Doreen’s long-ago sins to all assembled! It starts bad, gets worse, and ends up threatening to derail Doreen’s future happiness. Can this New Day diva find redemption?

Abandoned by her father and sold into servitude by her mother, Moth, a 12-year-old girl, struggles to stay alive in 1871 Manhattan. Her only chance at survival is working at an “Infant School,” a brothel catering to men who pay dearly for virgin girls.

But when Moth meets the brothel’s female physician, Dr. Sadie, she begins to question the sordid world around her. With Dr. Sadie's guidance, Moth discovers there's hope for a life outside of the brothel and the very real possibility of finding the kind of world she's always longed for.

Ignored by society, unprotected by the law, Moth dreams of a better future. But there’s a high price to pay for freedom, and no one knows that better than a girl from Gotham’s gritty streets.


If you thought the story of Aric and Chyanne in Full Figured 3 was wild, wait’ll you see what they get up to in Tell Me No Secrets, Nikki-Michelle’s outrageous new tale of desire and revenge.

Hot-blooded Atlanta CEO Aric McHale is still married to the possessive, manipulative Stephanie, and he’s still getting it on with his plus-sized personal assistant, Chyanne Johnson. But now Chyanne has his bun in her oven, and Stephanie just found out! Wifey will stop at nothing to expose Aric’s secrets and clear Chyanne out of the way. Now add Chyanne’s ex, Jamie, to the equation: Jamie still carries a torch for Chyanne, but she’s fixated on Aric and sees Jamie strictly as a second-prize. This love triangle has become a lust rectangle!

Hollywood’s Golden Age is immortalized in the film noir gallery at the Black Box Cinema—but that may not be the only thing immortalized there. In a shocking echo of an iconic movie scene, the mannequin of an Egyptian priest walks…and a young starlet dies a terrifying death.

So begins The Unholy, part of Heather Graham’s popular Krewe of Hunters series. Called in to investigate is Sean Cameron, part of an FBI team specializing in the paranormal. But what malevolent force is animating these movie monsters? Aided by special-effects artist Madison Darvil—who has her own otherworldly gifts—Cameron begins a chilling investigation, one that will bring him face to face with the evil that lies in the darkest corners of the silver screen.


Submit to fantasy and place yourself in the custody of three sexy men in uniform. Hot in Handcuffs features three scorching novellas, including:

Arresting Desire by Shayla Black—Lucia DiStefano is looking to take her first lover. FBI Agent Jon Bocelli intends to be that man. And when her past puts her in danger, he’ll do anything to save her and prove this fling is forever.

On Fire by Sylvia Day—When Deputy Marshal Jared Cameron investigates a series of arson attacks, the biggest blast of heat comes from sexy fire inspector Darcy Michaels.

The Unwilling by Shiloh Walker—While investigating a series of murders, Mica Greer and ex-FBI agent Colby Mathis rekindle an electrifying passion that could put them both in jeopardy.

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