Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Dose of Poetry. . .

It's a New Season and I welcome and embrace Fall.  Since this is my favorite season, and being in a very sentimental mood, I decided to give my followers a Dose of Def Poetry.  I hope you enjoy.  Sit back and open your mind!
It never ceases to amaze me
How horrible humanity can be
To walk, kick and stab thee
All so one can become wealthy!

It’s amazing how you insult my mentality
And assume my mama named me Boo-Boo “The Fool”
Because in actuality
You only know how to play “Dirty Pool”

Did you think because I’m in a position of authority?
That it was the interest of the majority
To overturn my throne
And then brag and say “I hold my own”!

What did you expect me to do?
I don’t think you have a clue
Did you think that I would be dying?
So you can get off seeing me crying?

How does it feel to be in my place?
Knowing you did it because of my race
I should have known from the door
I guess you enjoy being their whore!
How do you sleep at night?
When you know your shit ain’t right
Coming to me with all kinds of excuses
In the final end, you’re the one who loses!

I hope this is a lesson to you
God remembers ALL that you do!
HE writes each and every thing with his pen
And HE will make you responsible for your sin.

No matter how low I go
I want you to also know
That all good things come in time
Because I continue to climb!

Written by Kimberly Ranee Hicks
March 21, 2002

No matter if I have sinned
My God Walks With Me
It doesn’t matter what color my skin
My God Created Me

 When I’m down and feeling out
My God Moves Me

 When I’m confused, not sure what life’s about
My God Directs Me

 When nobody’s there to give me a hug
My God has Sympathy for Me

 It’s His arms outstretched to keep me snug
My God Comforts Me

 When people speak nasty with their tongues
My God Shields Me

 He’s the reason air flows through my lungs
My God Lives Through Me

 In times when people often fail me
My God is There for Me

 It’s because of Him that I can see
My God Believes in Me

 When I feel discouraged and fear
My God Encourages Me

 When life brings me sadness through my tears
My God Talks to Me

 In times when I can’t take life anymore
My God Pushes Me

 In my face, people slam their door
My God Protects Me

 Often times when my friends betray
My God Removes Me

 And places positive friends in my view today
My God Enlightens Me

 When I’m not sure how I’m going to pay the bills
My God Worries for Me

He opens up avenues and gives me will
My God Strengthens Me

 No matter what people may say
My God Listens to Me

He shines a light and makes a way
My God Paves the Road for Me

I may not be able to cite every verse in the Bible
My God Trusts in Me

 He doesn’t judge me and make me liable
My God sees my Faults in Me

 As long as I Honor and Believe in Him
My God Loves Me

 Regardless what His Children do, it’s not about Them
Because My God is about Me!
Written By:  Kimberly Ranee Hicks
May 18, 2002

Just living tells a story
Sometimes heartache and sometimes glory
Depending on what I see
Or how it directly affects me
Life has dealt me many blows
The experience has helped me grow
To write very prolific
 And my stories turn out terrific

 Everywhere I look, there is a poem to tell
If you feel my energy, then I made a good sell
Poetic mood dances through the air
Words come so quick, as I braid my hair

 With a watchful eye, I pay close attention
To every detail, in case I forgot to mention
I try to find things that will captivate
And keep you guessing, while you anticipate

 A good poet grabs his reader with a catchy phrase
To keep you reading and wondering and so amazed
Love to catch you off guard
Did the message of the story hit you hard?

 My thoughts constantly shift
Imagination keeps me adrift
When I can’t think of something to write
I look to the Poetry of Life

Written By:  Kimberly Ranee Hicks
June 18, 2002

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet
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