Saturday, October 13, 2012

Real Talk: An Open Letter

I am appalled at the tactics I’ve witnessed over the last few weeks and months of the battle of one man trying to get a second term in office versus another man who is stopping at nothing to make sure he gets his first term at bat!

But let me back up a second. Can someone, anyone for that matter, please tell me why it is that some Caucasians feel the need to tell me just how they feel about President Barack Obama. In fact, some of them report to me as if they are giving me a medical diagnosis on my life! Why is it automatically assumed that because I’m African-American, I must be for President Obama? Let me just say for the record, I never discuss my political affiliation with anyone, and I don’t plan to do it today, but there are some things that have been bothering my spirit, and I have to voice it out openly because, simply put, I want some damn answers!

These last four years have been hard for me and millions of other Americans. Some feel the President hasn’t lived up to what he said he would do. Many feel he has done a poor job and has contributed to our ever-declining economy (although to be fair, statistics show the economy is doing better—I suppose that would depend on who you ask?) Again, I’m stating what I’ve heard others say; these comments are not necessarily my opinions. All I keep hearing are complaints about Obamacare, the war, all the Democratic unnecessary spending, and the borrowing of more money so the Democrats may spend more.

I’m constantly reminded, the President is this—the President is that—The President is unqualified to run this country—in fact, hasn’t he proven that with the way things in this country have gone. How much more spending can he do? Oh sure, he’s a rock star and he sings a mean Al Green Let’s Stay Together, and perhaps that’s what he should continue to do, take his act on the road and sing because that’s all he’s really good at. Oh sure, he speaks in a poetic prose and has more swagger than his little body knows what to do with, but this man has got to go! Enough of Obama, the country is in need of change—and not the kind Obama was spouting.

Let’s not leave out all the nasty, rude and insensitive emails I’ve received from Obama-Haters stating how much they really despise the ground the man walks on. Ok, I’ve heard YOU—now explain to me why are YOU telling this to me? What do I have in common with President Obama?

Hmmm, the fact that we are of the same race—is that what we have in common? The fact that he’s married and has children, as do I, is that what makes us common? Are we related in any way? Aah, No! I never knew anything about the man until about five years ago when I heard the name and had no clue as to what a Barack Obama was. My goodness, when I did learn that Barack Obama wasn’t an it, but a person, I was eager to learn more about the man.

It amazes me, downright to the point of hysterical laughter, what lengths many Obama-Haters will go to just to try and guarantee this man never sees a second term, nor any other black man or woman in the Oval Office for that matter! What steps have been taken? Well. . .take for instance the new voting laws making it harder for many to exercise their rights—and it seems a bit one-sided being directed at minorities in general. How about many urban radio stations around the country going belly-up—stealing the minorities’ voices! You name it, something or someone is working hard to ensure that your vote doesn’t get cast. Recently, I heard a news report that absenteeism ballads are pretty much useless wherein if you fill them out, nine times out of ten, it will not get counted! Why—because the Election Boards will find any little excuse to toss your ballad away. There are many states changing the rules for early voting, or doing away with it entirely. My God. . .what is the damn point? Why bother going to the polls? 

Hmmph, that is the point! This is exactly the kind of attitude some would like many of us to have, but we got to stick together and do this thing! They want to discourage you from going to the polls, but you cannot let anyone stop you—PERIOD! I don’t give a damn what your party affiliation is, you must get out there and rock that vote—for real!

To now learn that someone put out a DVD of the President’s mother allegedly in some type of pornographic nature just saddened my entire being and soul. What the hell is wrong with some of you people, huh? Then, if that wasn’t bad enough, you have KitchenAid put out a tweet on Twitter stating something like that’s the reason the President’s grandmother died three days before he took office because she knew how bad he would be as President. That is not an exact quote, but you get the horrible gist of the message. KitchenAid—a huge corporation like that would send out a tweet stating something that vicious in nature about the President’s grandmother—seriously?

So, you Obama-Haters really know how to hit below the damn belt, I tell ya that! Wow, some of you want this man out of office so badly, you’d go to the ends of the earth to make sure he doesn’t make it for a second term, and I’ll say, you’re doing quite a damn good job too. I wasn’t that fond of Ex-President Bush, but I never disrespected the man like that! I wasn’t in love with Ex-President Bill Clinton, despite the sex scandal and all, and I never disrespected the man like that! And more importantly, I never sent emails to friends or those I knew that liked those presidents, stating how I felt about them either, but isn’t it funny when a black man is in office, because we are of the same race, I’ve got to be reminded, time and time again, how much they detest this man. Hmm, I just don’t quite get that?

There are several people up-in-arms about the few African-American celebrities supporting Governor Mitt Romney. Once again, I am a firm believer in allowing anyone to express his or her self in the way they need to, and who the hell am I or you to tell anyone who they should support? So, in essence, I wish my people would stop hating on these black celebrities too. They have a right to support whoever they want without receiving the ridicule they are getting for it. Do I or you have to agree with it—absolutely not, but it’s their right as an American voter to support and express their opinions and views all the same! You don’t like it when someone pisses you off about supporting President Obama, so the same courtesy should be expressed to them! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, Folks! Play nice. . .oh, but wait, there’s nothing nice about this Presidential election.

One thing this whole situation has taught me, since this is the first time a minority ever held office in the history of history’s of these United States, many Americans didn’t like it, never supported him, and will stop at nothing, to make sure this never happens again in this country. When I mentioned that comment to a white acquaintance of mine, they hopped on the defensive band wagon real quick. “Well what exactly are you saying?” Hmm, I thought I was pretty clear on what I stated. But what I didn’t mention in this blog post was the most important thing I said to her. “I’ll be glad when a rich white man who robs this country blind, closes down more of your schools, send women back to the dark ages, cut damn there every federally-funded program possible, make healthcare even less affordable, cut our Senior Citizens fixed incomes, outsource more of our jobs, gets in office so you all can shut the f*ck up and stop telling me how you feel about President Obama!” She later wrote me back and said if I thought she was being racist toward the President. Well, if stating at the top of our conversation, that “It just isn’t right that a black man run this country. We gave him a try and look at what happened!" Ok, readers, you be the judge? What would you deduce from that comment? Dah! Now you understand my response to her!

No matter what happens on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, I’m going to make sure that I handle my business and make the right decision for me! But you Obama-Haters, please do me a favor and get a damn life and show how you feel by doing what YOU need to do come November 6, and stop emailing me or trying to get into political debates with me about how you feel regarding our President. Yes, that’s right, he’s OUR President whether you haters like it or not!

If you have any problems at your polling stations, or if you have any questions regarding where you’re to vote, etc., please call 1-866-MY-VOTE-1 and this Hotline can help you. Pass it On! Rock the VOTE! on Tuesday, November 6, 2012!

Voters Remember: Regardless if President Obama gets a second term or Governor Mitt Romney is given his first, the decisions that one man makes will affect us all! You’ve got to take the Good, the Bad and the Ugly! THINK before you press a button, fill out a voter form or pull a lever! Also, don't forget to answer the Referendum questions posted on the ballad. You ever wonder how laws get passed and you THINK you've never heard about it? Well...don't get upset when something is passed all because you chose to ignore those questions! The cards are out on the table, folks! At the end of the day, we've got to play the hand that's dealt us!
Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet