Saturday, December 29, 2012

Recap of the Year 2012

I hope this blog post finds you well and in good spirits.  It's been a rather interesting year for me creatively, and I'm happy to say I'm out of my one-year writer's block.  I think that's the longest I've ever had it.  But as the saying goes, "good things come to those who wait," and I'm in a good space right now, so it all worked out for the best.
You know I'm amazed at when I stop doing something, thinking as though no one is paying attention, I just go on about my day, and wouldn't you know it--no sooner than I think what the hell am I doing this for someone will ask me what I've been up to and why have I stopped writing.  And trust me I never stop writing.  Seriously, I really didn't think anyone cared or was interested, but I soon found out that's not the case.
So, I don't plan to hold up much of your time, but I thought I'd share this with you going into the new year.  I was listening to Bishop T.D. Jakes, one of my all-time favs., and he said something that truly touched my spirit.  His sermon went something like this, you don't need man to validate your blessings.  You don't need followers to validate your mission.  And I got to thinking about that.  He also said something like just because you have followers that does not mean they are for you.
I thought about all the blog posts I've written through this year and some that touched on the very essence of what the Bishop was talking about.  No matter how many fans or the lack thereof I get, nothing is going to stop me from my goals.  No matter if I have 1,500 fans on Twitter or just one, nothing is going to stop me from my goals.  No matter how many people would love nothing more than to see me fail, nothing is going to stop me from my goals.
Bottom line, God has a plan for me, whether you believe in Him or not.  I know my existence was not an accident.  In fact, my parents made plans to have me, so I know I was meant to be just on that alone, but make no mistake, folks, never let anyone stop you from what you know you are destined to do.  If you have a dream, pursue it--don't just let it become a mere thought that you never put into action.  And although it may seem hard with what you're trying to do, and you want to give up, DON'T!  Giving up is something YOU should never ever do.  Giving up is for cowards and seeing it all the way through makes you a winner!
As we are a few days away from the New Year, I'd like you to go into it with the knowledge of knowing that all things are possible and you can do it with or without a fan base.  Stay focused, stay strong and keep your eyes on the prize. 
Wishing You and Yours a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year!
Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet
If You Put Your Mind To It--YOU Can Do It!