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This Is How WE Do It. . .

We've been talking about reading and reviews and below you're going to see how a great solid review works.  I've listed a few books I've read and reviewed over the last few weeks.  They're made simple and straight to the point.  See if this helps to make up your mind on what you'd like to read next?  I'm sharing a few different genres for you to decide.  As always, keep it moving and Happy Reading!  Have a great Labor day Weekend!
This is a story that truly is near and dear to my heart, because I too grew up in the projects and managed to get out and make a pretty good life for myself, much like Paul LaRosa.

It was such a joy to relive his moments in the 70s, my favorite era, and to follow his journey into the world of journalism, something I always wanted to do. It was absolutely great to read of all the things he went through to get where he is today!

There were so many funny stories he shares with his readers and I could not stop laughing at some of them. This novel is certainly not a comedy, but the things he and his friends did as kids, I can so relate to. Paul is a very gifted writer, which you will experience through his words on the pages. Outstanding read and downright wholesome. It makes me want to pursue journalism again, but at this point, there really isn't a point, but hey, you never know. You will most definitely enjoy this book! 
This was an outstanding story! This novel just proves what I've always said about people's lives. The bottom line is, WE all have choices! Regardless as to your environment, nationality, sex, circumstances, etc. you have a choice as to the course your life will go. It's up to each and every individual to decide for himself what that path will be, as was clearly demonstrated in The Other Wes Moore.

Both Wes Moores were from Baltimore--close enough to have lived in the same neighborhoods, but one Wes Moore aspired to make something of his life, while the other Wes Moore aspired to do something with his life, but got caught up in the negative influences around him. He had more than ample opportunity to make something of his life, but chose the path of being a drug dealer because it was quick and fast money to be made. Could that Wes Moore have gotten all the things he wanted in life without choosing to be a drug dealer, you bet he most certainly could have, but he chose not too! Choices is what it's about.

This story was so gripping and to see how two men with the same name led totally and completely different lives is incredible. Truly a wonderful story--sad and triumphant all the same. If you haven't read this, it's well worth it. Wonderfully told story and you get the sense of both the Wes Moores, and it's nice that the two of them have become friends and share a very special bond.
Two snaps up for this comedic book and great advice from one of America's top female comedians, Loni Love. This woman is a complete fool, and I mean that in the most kindest regards. Loni is absolutely brilliant in her book and what she advises women is definitely golden.

I laughed so hard at the questions women asked her that I couldn't just read without stopping--I had to bookmark my Kindle page, while engaging in bust-your-gut-type of laughter. OMG, I was in tears this book was so damn funny, and so true. Loni should have been a psychiatrist for real! Girlfriend has it going on in the advice area, and what I love about her is that we are definitely on the same damn page. She's truly awesome!

But I have to say, my all-time favorite part of the book, which there are so many sections I absolutely loved, but the story she told about "embarrassing moments" and what happened at her "romantic dinner" date, I think I laughed for a good twenty minutes and I still couldn't read the next paragraph because the visual she gave of what happened that night I am still laughing about it. OMG that was so f*cking hilarious, I cried. In fact, thinking back on it, I'm still laughing.

I don't want to give anything away here. Definitely READ THIS BOOK, especially if you are a woman, looking for great advice with comedy mixed in, you've got to give Loni a try. Downright hilarious! I may read this again just for the hell of it. What a Great Read!!!!

I stumbled upon this book by complete accident, but it was an accident I'm glad happened. Contrary to what most think of Erica on Love & Hip Hop New York, I always found myself rooting for her because she's the underdog. I must admit when she first came on the show and immediately got into it with Kimbella, I was thinking this chick has some major issues. And after having read her book, I realize just how many serious issues she lives with.

This woman has been through it all, and I do mean it all. My goodness, she's only 25 years old having lived a lifetime in such a short span of time. This book is a short read, but what her words say impact you with such a punch. Wow, is all I can say. Which is why I always say you never truly know a person. Erica is human like the rest of us, but many place entertainers in that "God" status who truly don't deserve to sit on that throne but doesn't stop most from doing it anyway.

Erica has done a lot of growing up and I applaud her for her honesty. There were some things I don't know if I would have had the balls to tell, but this isn't the type of book that tells all the sleaze about the music industry. This book is strictly about Erica and how what happens in her life impacted her and those around her. I like her, and I really enjoyed this book and I pray that she keeps on going and does well in her life.    If you like memoirs, this is a pretty decent read for ya! Enjoy!
What a compelling story! I love Carleen Brice for her colorful way of writing makes me feel. She knows how to tell a great story and make you become one with her characters.

Billie Cousins knew there was something missing from her life. For as long as she could remember, there was always something "different" from her that stood out from the rest of her family.

It wasn't until her mother received an unknown visitor who turns the Cousin family upside down. But what this "visitor" held was the key to Billie's whole existence, as they learned about differences, loss, love and family.

This is a well told story with strong characters that are believable and you'll come to love and root for. Outstanding story. Carleen is definitely one of my favorite authors. Very enriching!
With neighbors like the Newtons, who the hell needs enemies? OMG, this was such of mind-blowing novel, I hated to put it down. What poor Jamie and Kirsty had to endure dealing with their neighbors in the Garden Flat, is just so hard to believe, but as you read, you'll find yourself going through everything they are thinking and feeling. You can't help but to root for Jamie and Kirsty.

I just couldn't believe the lengths at which two people could impose upon other human beings. What they do is just downright unthinkable, and yet, the Newtons carried on with life and didn't miss any sleep, that is, unless they had a reason to be up!

I had to give this novel 5 stars because it was well written and the storyline grips you from the prologue through the epilogue, BUT having said that, I did not like the ending. Usually I would knock off stars for an ending not favorable to, what I feel, should have ended correctly, but I loved the story so much, this is the reason for my 5 stars. The ending was bittersweet and NOT what I wanted to happen or expected. But overall, this was really a great story!
I tell ya, talk about a dysfunctional family? The Ruckers had some major issues going on. This was such a sad story and really takes a lot to get through the family dynamics.

Cat Ruckers started out like any normal child, until she reached the age of seven, where her life would never ever be the same. Having to deal with a drunken father, a passive mother, a weak older brother and a sister who cared only for herself. Cat left Wilton, Ohio for the Big Apple, only to be summoned home by a family friend that told her her mother had died.

Going back home came with a heavy price and one that Cat had to figure out if losing her soul was worth the cost? This novel was carefully written and takes the reader through the past and present and the story that eventually becomes weaved is a horrendous one. Very well written and outstanding read, but I do warn future readers it's a deep subject matter and if you're not ready to deal with the realism that comes with it, this may not be the read for you. The ending was really great.

Once I shook off the sadness that Cat brings to you, you begin to rejoice in her healing. Really great read!
Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet
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