Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Little Rest for the Weary

Welp, this year is really coming to a close pretty darn soon, and are you as amazed by that fact as I am?  Didn't it seem like we just started 2013?  Here we are in the month of November.   Usually this weekend would mark our annual AAMBC hosting, but everyone has been so busy trying to get novels done and with the holidays around the corner, there just aren't enough hours in our days.   So unfortunately I don't have any new authors to present this weekend, but you know not to fret 'cause we're on the case!
Truth be told, we've been going so hard this year, we're just plain ole tired and in need of a little rest.  With that said, please stop back in the next few weeks as we'll be hosting an array of authors to tantalize your reading buds, and what perfect gifts a great book will add for that special avid reader in your life, or perhaps you're that special avid reader?  No matter what the case is, we will be back stronger and better than ever.  
Don't let this blog post go to waste!  There are several authors you may have missed that have been featured this entire year.  This is a great time to go to the end of our blog and re-read some of your favorite posts and featured authors.  The buy links never expire, so feel free to peruse and find something interesting to read.  In the meantime, we're taking this weekend off to get some rest.  Trust me, it is so needed.   As always, have a pleasant weekend and week, and Happy Reading!  Have you met your reading challenge this year?  Have you surpassed your challenge?  This would be a great time to get your books in order.  You still have a few weeks left before 2014 gets in.  Until next weekend, keep it moving and open your mind to the wonderful world of words! 
Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet
Words are Brain Food!  Get YOUR Nourishment!