Saturday, January 12, 2013

A New Year and New Arrivals

Do you want to keep your mind sharp?  Would you like to visit places you've never been?  Are you feeling adventurous--interested in meeting new people?  If you answered yes to all three questions, you are a (reader)!  So, keeping in that spirit, try adding these great new arrivals to your eReaders and Get your Read On!

Outcast By Ericson Lewis
All his life, Tirrell Ellis has felt like it was him against the world. Estranged from most of his family, he had only his grandmother, Noonie, to take him in and show him love. Tirrell grew up burning with rage that was bound to come out—first, in his fight with a fellow private that got him drummed out of the army; then, in a destructive blowup with his first love, Tasha. Everything changes when Tirrell meets glamorous event planner Alexandra Solomon. Noonie has a bad feeling about her, but Tirrell is head-over-heels with this woman who seems to love him just the way he is. When Alex turns out to be a drug dealer, and Tirrell finds himself addicted to crack, his life spirals rapidly out of control. Can this outcast find his way home?


 Linda Howard, New York Times bestselling author and undisputed “Queen of Romantic Suspense” has written a thrilling and sensual new novel fans will find impossible to resist!

A lightening bolt of fear spikes through Lizette Henry in Shadow Woman the morning she wakes up and fails to recognize the face she sees in the mirror. True panic sets in moments later when she cannot recall any aspect of the last two years of her life. But the past always finds a way to return....

Xavier, a mysterious and powerfully seductive stranger claims he is the only one who can help Lizette work through this unimaginably real nightmare, even though his presence triggers disturbing images of an unspeakable crime in which she may—or may not—be the perpetrator.

While Lizette’s overwrought mind continues to dispel snippets of memories she soon has something more threatening with which to contend: anonymous assassins. Nor does she trust Xavier, despite his ability to make her weak with desire. But what choice does she have? As murky waters begin to clear Lizette will confront a treacherous conspiracy and a far-reaching truth that, once revealed, could send her back to the dark shadows of her past...forever.

Sleep No More By Iris JohansenForensic sculptor Eve Duncan knows what it’s like to be haunted by the past. But now she can’t shake the feeling that someone close to her needs her more than ever. When her mother, Sandra, asks for help in finding a missing woman, Eve senses she’s hiding something about Beth Avery, who disappeared from the mental hospital where she’s been incarcerated for years. Then Eve learns the shocking truth: Beth is Sandra’s daughter…Eve’s half-sister. And all of them could be in grave danger.

It’s a race against time in Iris Johansen’s Sleep No More as Eve enlists a rogue FBI profiler to help find Beth, whose memory slowly returns after years spent locked up and drugged. And what she recalls is a sinister plot with deep family roots….

Shiver By Karen RobardsThe suspense kicks in—and never lets up—in bestselling author Karen Robards’ sizzling page-turner, Shiver, from the moment Samantha Jones hooks her tow truck to the bumper of a BMW and finds a badly beaten man in the trunk. Single mother Sam knew she was taking a few risks in repossessing cars, a business she began as a means to support her little boy, but this is over the top. And things only get worse when the battered victim, suffering from a gunshot wound, takes her hostage.

Snatched from protective custody by a vicious gang of drug runners, Danny Panterro explains he’s a dead man without Sam’s help. He doesn’t tell her that she could become a target too, a point she learns too late when her home is invaded and her son’s life threatened. Sam accepts the harsh reality that there’s no going back as she and 5-year-old Tyler go on the run with Danny. Their goal, to reach the authorities who have promised him protection, leads to a road fraught with danger. But Sam faces a threat of another kind: losing her heart to the once-menacing stranger who has shown her a depth of passion she never imagined. What will Sam do when she learns Danny has a secret that could destroy them all?

The Other Side Of Dare By Vanessa Davis GriggsGabrielle Mercedes used to be a stripper, but she’s come back to Christ and now she leads her church’s dance ministry. Gabrielle has custody of Jasmine Noble, a nine-year-old girl who she loves with all her heart. But Paris Simmons-Holyfield, daughter of Alabama state representative Lawrence Simmons, desperately wants a child—and she feels Gabrielle’s past disqualifies her from caring for Jasmine. She’s set her sights on adopting the girl, and she’s ready to pull out all the stops to get her way, even bringing in the conniving Darius Connors to help her. Why, though, does Paris’ politician dad oppose her plans? If Gabrielle reveals her secret—and to protect Jasmine, she may have to—it will send shock waves through the Simmons family.


Rise Of An American Gangstress By Kim K.Growing up in luxurious Great Neck, Long Island, Fancy Lane had a lifestyle befitting her name. That is, until the FBI raided their home, and stuck-up, spoiled-rotten little Fancy found out her well-to-do daddy was really a drug kingpin…and momma’s no better. Plunging from princess to pauper in a New York minute, the sheltered Fancy is rejected by everyone she knows and ends up in the Brooklyn ghetto. But a Lane doesn’t break, and Fancy’s got the me-first attitude to come out on top. If her folks, who she thought were pillars of the community, turned out to be hustlers, then she can take after their example and become queen of the ‘hood. No matter what it takes. No matter what she has to learn. No matter who she has to kill.




 Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet
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