Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bow Down, Bloggers!

Recently there's been much heated discussion on the airwaves, television, Internet and TV about the bootylicious goddess, Beyoncé's, latest track single entitled Bow Down, wherein she simply tells her haters to bow down.  I don't think I've heard so many angry listeners in all my days.  Everywhere I turn, someone is commenting about this track and its message.
First, let me ask, have any of you heard it?  If not, you can go directly to her site to listen.  I suppose my question is, why do any of you care what she sang about?  Actually, to me, the song sounds much like a prank of some sort--allowing Bey to express herself freely while blowing off some steam.  The rap part of the song I believe is her voice masked over, and if it isn't, does it really matter?
I've heard people saying I don't bow down to Beyoncé, I bow down to the Lord, and who the hell does she think she is to tell anyone to bow down to her?  Just who was this message for, and why in the hell would she say something like that in the first place?  Ok, I suppose those are all legitimate questions, but while many of you ask those, I have a few for you.  But before I go there, assuming loosely, I figure Bey is only acting out her role that the general public put her in.  You know, the pedestal that so many place entertainers upon.  We made her what she is and put her in the status she's become accustomed to, and now that she decides to act like the God that most of the public worshipped, all of a sudden this is an issue?  Why?  You gave her the power, and now she's claiming her rightful place!
How many female artists can you name, in the game right now, who is as relevant as Beyoncé?  How many female artists can switch it up and still be viable?  How many female artists can you name who has it going on, doesn't need a reality show to help pay her bills, have a baby, be away from the spotlight, got her own money, more than her famous rapper husband, still take command of all the music Billboard charts, come back, body slamming and banging like--WHOA! and can get a $50 million dollar contract from the world's leading pop conglomerate, Pepsi, and still be number one?  Please name one female artist today who is doing that?   So, who's responsible for all of this happening for Beyoncé?  If you're scratching your head, you still don't get it!
Now that you've racked your brain trying to come up with someone, let me just tell you, this is Beyoncé's point--let's not forget, the place you gave her.  So many people hate this woman it's unreal.  For as many fans as she has, there are that many that equally despise her, and my question is why?  First off, it's obvious to me that there are a lot of you out there that aren't very comfortable in your own skin, for if you were, you'd have no reason to harbor hate toward the superstar.  You cannot deny Beyoncé's beauty and talent, and yet, there are many that try to emulate what she does, but fall way short, and you know why, cause there's only one Beyoncé.  Sure, I like to think she's this generation's Tina Turner, and holding her own quite well, but why she's receiving all the hate, I don't get it?  I read Wendy Williams made a comment about her not having much of an education and speaking like a fifth grader, or something along those lines.  Beyoncé's a very smart woman--so smart in fact she's outsmarted most of you.  She's not the one upset over her Bow Down track!  I'm positive she laughs all the way to the bank not giving a damn what the little people think of her!  She has you right where she wants you, and as usual, you give her more power, and now you think she's abused the power you've given.  Really?  Hmm, who's the one that doesn't have much education and perhaps thinks like a fifth grader?  It damn sure isn't Bey!  I think some of you better rethink that and take a good hard look in the mirror!  Who relinquished their power?
Does it really matter what the track says?  It shouldn't.  She's an artist expressing how she feels and why does everyone have to beat up on her because she said it?  I see and hear much worse than that from these buffoons on Reality TV, and yet, most of you are giving Bey all this slack because she told her haters to bow down.  (Do you feel the same way about Kanye's new album title "I Am God!"  Again, who made Kanye what he is in the public eye?)  Someone asked who exactly is she talking too--well I'll answer that for you plain and simple--you, if you're one of the ones that hate on her because she's got it like that!  There are so many wannabe female artists out here, eyes green with envy, wishing like hell they had one iota of what Bey has, and they don't hesitate to take to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the airwaves and talk about her or her sistas in Destiny's Child. 
First many said her pregnancy was fake, then they talked about her lip syncing at the Inauguration, which, if you didn't know, is a requirement that the selected singer do a pre-recorded song in case something should happen during the live broadcast, just thought I'd throw that out there since so many made a big to do over absolutely nothing.  Then people talked about her buying her mother a brand new house and that she doesn't help her father out, and why doesn't she help pay support for her father's new baby because after all that's her half sibling, or jokes were made about her performance at the Superbowl, especially talking much trash about Michelle and how she looked--waa, wah waah, waaaaah waa--blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!  I'm like shut the f*ck up already people and give it a damn rest!
When did Beyoncé ever ask any of YOU to do a damn thing for her?  You already did it--she's a Boss and she knows it!  Many ask why she made this Bow Down track, and I ask you, why are you mad about it?  If you want to show your displeasure, then don't buy the album when it comes out or don't purchase the single!  Obviously, she's doing what she feels she needs to do and since when does she need the approval of any of her haters to put their two cents in?  She has enough cents to add to yours, mine and the entire world over, if she so chooses to, and this is why she's letting some of you know to bow down cause she's here and doesn't show any signs of stopping any time soon.
The bottom line is she has a right to express herself, whether you like the way she expressed it or not!  She certainly appears like a woman who has business savvy and handles it quite well.  Case in point, many of us are blogging about it--we're keeping Bey relevant, and that's more cha-ching in her bank roll.  Rappers have said way worse than that in many a lyric, but yet, Beyoncé shouldn't have said 'bow down!'  You better trust and believe I'd love to say quite a few things and take this whole bow down thing to a whole other level, but I'm going to keep it as clean as I can.  I just wish that these same individuals who always got something to say would put that much passion into getting rid of these horrible Reality shows on TV, and get angry at some of the gangsta rappers whose lyrics can make me blush, which is something I rarely ever do.  So before you go and start getting all hot under the collar about a bow down track, why don't you think about that?  The public placed her in the "God" status, and now she's claiming the highest throne and for some reason it's not being received well.  Whose fault is that?  But this is the woman who isn't very educated?  Really?
There are so many people misguided by the wrong things.  Their passions go toward things that really shouldn't be concerning them.  How many schools are closing down in your neighborhoods?  How much job loss is happening in your communities?  How many of your neighbors' homes have foreclosed this month?  How many young people were murdered due to gun violence in your neck of the woods?  You see folks there are countless circumstances afflicting where you live, but do you put that much thought and passion into trying to fix that?  No, some of you are out here worrying over who was Bey referring to in her Bow Down track.  Your priorities are in the wrong order and perhaps you need to start bowing down to those more pressing important issues, instead of worrying over a multi-millionaire's creative expression!  A pedestal you placed her on!  Do you see the irony?  If not, you need to bow down and read this post again and perhaps you'll get it!
Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet
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