Saturday, May 11, 2013

Oooh Mama. . .

Greetings Fans:
Sunday, May 12, 2013 marks Mother's Day!  This may seem a bit corny or old-fashioned, but I have to give a big props and shout out to my Mom.  What child who truly loves his mother doesn't want to give praise to the best mother in the world? Most of us feel our mothers are the best, but where I differ is, I know my mom is the best Mom there is!  Oh yeah, make no mistake, I love my mom more than life itself!  Oh yes indeedy!
Not only did this woman carry me for nine months, nurture me, care for me, feed and clothe me, but she shaped me into the well-rounded, well-grounded woman I am today.  If it weren't for her and God, I wouldn't be writing this post to you today.  My mother still nurtures me, cares for me, feeds me and clothes me and continues to mold and shape my existence from an adult perspective--and I'm ok with that.  No shame in my damn game!  Uh-ah, no way, I'm proud to be a mama's girl.  
There are so many things I love about my mother, but one of the greatest things I love about her is her honesty.  Ooooh there have been many a day when I would have rather her not tell me what she exactly thinks, but make no mistake, she never sugar-coated a damn thing when it comes to my actions and well-being as a whole.  But if I had to pick one great attribute I love about her--that would be she knows she isn't perfect, and when she makes a mistake, she has no problem admitting it and apologizing.  I know many mothers who say and do things and feel because they are a high authority figure, they don't have to admit when they're wrong--well I'm here to tell ya, my mother isn't anything like that.   If you tell her something and she disagrees and finds out later she was wrong, she will say, "You were right, and I was wrong, I apologize."  The first time my mother ever did that, my brother and I were dumbfounded.  We thought wow this woman is saying sorry to us and we're her kids.  We thought that her word was always bond and golden, which usually it is, but if she gives us incorrect information, she made sure to correct it and apologize if she wasn't right.  How many moms do that?  Needless to say, that was something that always stuck out in my mind about her, and I will always appreciate her for doing that.

You know, where my mom really shines, not only in her inner and outer beauty, which lights up any dull room with her full Leo personality, but her ability to call things the way she sees it, and being strong enough in her own right as a woman to allow you to be who you are.  I love that about her.  She always allowed me to have an opinion, even if she didn't agree with it.  Although I knew growing up her word was the final say, in actuality, she always allowed us to share in family decisions and voice how we felt about things.  That was another groundbreaking "awe" moment my brother and I shared.  We never knew our opinions factored in one way or the other, but she gave us that much room to do so.  It made us closer to her and easy to talk to her about the things that mattered most in our lives.  This woman allowed us the freedom to discuss whatever was on our minds.  There was never a subject taboo in our home.  If we could think it, we could voice it, and she'd be there every step of the way to help us through whatever we were going through.  I absolutely could kiss the ground my mom walks on because she truly is a queen in every sense of the word.  If I bow down to anyone, it most certainly, outside of my God, is my mom.  She deserves every bit of respect.  She's earned that right!
There are many outsiders, through the years, who have observed my mom and I, who do not fully understand the relationship we share.  Of course, we're mother and daughter, but she's truly my best friend and confidante, and there is no other woman in this world whom I trust more than her (other than her mother, my grandmother, who is living in Heaven).  She never steers me wrong, and if she did, it was with the best intentions.  She's never done anything to hurt me, but she pushed just enough to get me to go in the direction in which I needed to be.   Everything she does is always with lots and lots of love. 

My mom and I have been through so much together.  Our journey hasn't always been the easiest and we've had some of the roughest, traumatic experiences in our lives, and I can't think of any other person I would have rather gone through those things, than her.   She's taught me so much and continues to give of herself each and every day as a parent, and I know she gets tired, but she never complains.  My mom truly is a beautiful spirit and she's true to her sign being the Queen Lioness protecting her pride--and I mean that in more ways than one.  Some people who have come in contact with her think she's mean and can be rude at times, but what they fail to understand, that's a defense mechanism against people she's not too sure about.  One thing I know for sure, she can read people better than any psychic or medium you know.   She's one of the best observers you ever want to me.  It's tough to try and pull the wool over her cat-ly eyes.  Good luck with that, cause it ain't happenin'!  Imagine growing up with a woman like that.  I didn't get away with anything, let's be totally clear and honest about that.  Just when you think you had her fooled, ooooh mom let your ass know with the quickness that she knows exactly what you're up too!  I have to respect a woman like that. 

You see folks when it comes to my mom, I could write a novel about her. (of which I did, loosely, Silent Knight)  There are so many wonderful qualities about this woman I could go on about forever, but that's how much love I have for her.  My mom is a great woman and beautiful too!  Like I started out telling you, she's one of the best people I know.  I suppose that's why she and I have had many envy our relationship because of how close we are.  There have been people who have mistaken us for sisters due to the fact we don't always act like your typical mother and daughter.  Mom and I have a great time when we're together and even when we're apart.  We're like twins wherein we have our own special language and we often finish each other's sentences and thoughts.  She's so cool it's unbelievable.  Many of my friends have often said to me and to her as well that they wish their mothers were as down-to-earth and cool like she is.  God blessed me tremendously by giving me to her.  I've never met a woman that I wanted to be my mom.  The one I have is more than enough and I wouldn't trade her in for any woman on this planet.  Real talk!  

Mom, I'm sure you're going to read this post and start crying, but you know how I feel about you because I make sure to tell you and show you each and every day we've spent in this lifetime.  You are my rock, my best friend, and an awesome mother!  I know you've doubted yourself about your motherhood and questioned if you've always done the right things by your children, and although your son is gone, I know if he were here, he'd tell you the exact same thing.  We love you mom--you're truly the best mother in the world.  Thank you for putting up with us and going through all the changes we've no doubt put you through. 
Happy Mother's Day to You, today, tomorrow and always!  MUAH!  xoxoxoxoxoox
And a special Happy Mother's Day to all You Mothers out there that hold it down for your children!  Without YOU, there is no Us!

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet