Saturday, November 16, 2013

DO Play Us Cheap!

Mello & June is always searching for the unknown Indie Author or one who has had much success and continuing to bring forth great reading material. And we’re happy to report that all our guest authors have successfully done that. Are you one of those readers that download books often? Have you noticed when you check your bank account you find many Amazon and Barnes & Noble charges for Kindle and Nook eBooks? Is it a few days before payday and you don’t have enough money to get that book you’ve been eyeing or had on your Goodreads shelf for a while?

For us avid readers, we’ve all been there and done that, and sometimes you wish there was a way to find free books or books so cheap to help us get over that hurdle until we can get the books we’ve been wanting. Well, look no further, my avid reader fans, because if you haven’t heard of these two great eBook websites I’m about to mention, today is definitely your lucky day! So listen up!


I’m sure most Kindle owners know that through their Prime membership on Amazon, you are entitled to borrow one free book a month, and there are thousands of books they offer on the Kindle Daily for free, .99¢ or up to $3.99, but even sometimes that’s too much. Don’t laugh ‘cause some of us don’t have $3.99 and that can seem like a lot of money when you want to read something, and your bank account says something entirely different. Whatever pennies you have, some of us need to hold on to them for other more important reasons—A-hem, the sign ‘o the times we are living in. (wink!)

So, if you find yourself in a bind, you need to sign up for BookBub and ReadCheaply. Say what? You’ve never heard of these two websites, well neither had I, but through my many Internet searches for great books and authors to interview and host, I stumbled across BookBub, and my mom discovered ReadCheaply and turned me on to that. Oh, and by the way, if you are wise to these two sites, don’t suck your teeth or giggle at us less-than-quick-to-catch-on. Just enjoy reading the post and don’t poke fun! (Chuckle)  

Ok, so for those of us not in-the-know, you’re asking yourself, how the hell does this work? Go to or,
plug in your email address, select your genre preferences, and voila, like magic, you will begin to receive daily eBooks sent directly to your email—it’s like receiving a gift each and every day, and when you’re an avid reader, this is a gift that definitely keeps on giving. Actually, after you sign up, they will forward you a link that you’ll need to click or paste in your web browser to prove you’re a human and not some spammy, techy, thingy-ma-jig.

What these wonderful sites do is take the guess work out of what you may want to read next, which is one thing I really detest about reading—that’s shopping for the next book. You may find that hard to believe, but I really hate trying to find books, reading synopses, checking reader reviews, etc. It just takes up so much time and that’s something, as busy as I am, never have. So anything that’s going to assist me in making great book selections, I’m all for it.

I’d like to point out that both of these sites offer you great deals for eBooks for a limited time. So each day you get your selections, make sure you check them out because you may slip up and miss a great deal. They also allow you to download your eBook in any format available, which is AAAAWESOME! It doesn’t matter what eReader you’re using, you can download away. And they offer so many free books, which are doubly awesome, especially for those times when your bank account is begging to have some substance, and you don’t want to remove anything from it. Also what I love is if the eBook isn’t free, you can get most of them for as low as .99¢ up to $1.99, but again, the majority that I’ve received have been free, which I love. Oh, and did I forget to mention that not only are you saving money, but you get to enjoy a multitude of authors you might not otherwise have known about, and most of the books I’ve read thus far, have been pretty damn amazing and impressive.


When I joined BookBub, immediately I got my first eBook selections. There were about seven in total based on the genre preferences I set. When I joined ReadCheaply, it took a full 24-hours before my books began to pour in, and I was so fine with that! Like I mentioned before, just because an eBook is “free” or “.99¢” doesn’t mean it’s not a good book, and just because you pay $9.99 or higher for an eBook, doesn’t mean it’s great. I find great books in all price ranges, so don’t turn your nose up at authors that you may not be familiar with or turn away a potential great book because the cover isn’t all fancy like what you’d expect from large publishing houses. In other words, do not turn a blind eye on the independent author. Most of the authors I’ve read through these sites are top-100 Amazon earners or have received many awards or received great reviews from major news sources. And what I found really impressive were a few of these authors were featured right here on Mello & June, so that made us feel so proud of their achievements. Which brings me to something else great about these two sites?  

AUTHORS, pay attention! You may submit your books to BookBub and ReadCheaply. Please make sure to read their guidelines for submitting because from the way I understand it, not everyone’s book(s) will be chosen, so keep that in mind. But isn’t that awesome that you can submit your books and if you’re chosen, look at the millions of readers that email will reach which can potentially turn into dollars and cents! Talk about a win-win for everybody!

So fans, for those of us who didn’t know that these great sites existed, now we have some great news to smile about and share; keep our bank accounts somewhat intact; and the best part of all, we have books galore and more to read, and isn’t that our bottom line at the end of the day! Reading is what we do, and oh how we love it! I certainly hope you give BookBub and ReadCheaply some play because sometimes being cheap has its privileges! Whooo knew? Hmmm, BookBub and ReadCheaply, that’s who!


Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet
The Price of a Book Doesn't Determine if it's Good or Not -- The Writing Does!