Saturday, November 30, 2013

So Thankful

Greetings All,
We trust that each and every one of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday and stuffed yourselves full of great food, while hitting the malls later that night for early Black Friday Eve sales.  It is our wish that you and your family had a safe and pleasant holiday!
It shouldn't come as a surprise to some of you that we, too, definitely enjoyed our holiday, which is why we don't have a post for this weekend.  This is the season to be with family and friends and take some much needed time off and you better trust and believe we most certainly took full advantage of that!   It was great having the whole week off.  Ooooh how good that feels!
However don't fret!  You know we will be back next week.  Hopefully, we'll get in some AAMBC guest authors, and many more great books to share with you.   Hey, don't forget, you still got a little time left to get your reading challenge met for the 2013 reading year.  I'm close to my 65 books for this year, which comes as a total shock to me because normally I read 52 books a year, but I think my mother helped push me to read more. 
So, stay focused my readers and make sure you meet your challenge this year.  Remember, an educated mind is an informed mind and no one can ever take that from you!  Keep on reading and flexing one of your most important muscles--the Brain!  
See ya next week!