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We MARCH. . .

Welp, it seems like Old Man Winter refuses to release his hold on most of the country--although the east coast is catching holy particular hell, so. . .what better way to deal with your cabin fever than with a good AAMBC novel.  That's right, it's the first of the month and YOU know what time it is!  Grab your coffee mug, fill it with your favorite warm drink, sit back and relax.  Let's Go. . .

Confessions of a Side Piece Baby follows a young man named Lashaun Johnson as he confesses the sins of his life in this crazy sexy romantic crime thriller. Lashaun is funny, charming, attractive and cute but he is also a killer. The book is written in an action packed Quentin Tarantino style with some parts so shocking it becomes hard to put down.

Dexter Shaw has authored academic books on subjects surrounding children, marriage and family.  This is his first venture into fictional story telling.  He holds a Ph.D. in Religious Studies and works as an advocate for victims of domestic violence.  Mr. Shaw also teaches seminars promoting the prevention and awareness of domestic violence.

Get to Know the Author:

Tell us briefly what Confessions of a Side-Piece Baby is about?
The book follows a young man named Lashaun Johnson as he confesses the sins of his life in this crazy sexy romantic crime thriller. Lashaun is funny, charming, attractive and cute but he is also a killer. The book is written in an action packed style with some parts so shocking it becomes hard to put down.

The title suggests that it may contain some reality show type of drama. Who would you say might enjoy reading it?
The book is in the Urban Fiction category and chronicles the life of a young man who lives in an urban setting along with the many women who try to love him.

So, I gave it a hook that would appeal to anybody who is Black or Hispanic from age 16 to 60 because it is written just like a movie. Everyone who reads it says it feels like a movie.

The second hook I put in this book is I wrote a romantic novel in a way that also appeals men. Every Black and Hispanic man that has read it absolutely loves it. First, it’s a crazy story and second it is an action packed Quentin Tarantino style crime thriller woven within a romantic tale. This kid Lashaun is very sexy and romantic with the ladies but he’s also a deadly criminal. So it appeals to both men and women.   I really enjoy seeing how men react to it.

The story does seem very real, is it based on a real person or real situations?
People always ask me that I guess because they see situations in the story that are familiar to them, but no. The main character, Lashaun, is really a combination of many Black and Hispanic young men that I have watched grow up. Having observed a many of their activities and incidents that got them into trouble, I simply mashed them all together and changed some of the incidents to make them all apply to one person.

This character seems to be rather violent with a few of the women in the story. What is going on with him?
Well, like most domestic abusers Lashaun has two faces: one that is very loving, sweet, charming and cute and another that is a monster.

The third hook that I wrote into the story was an effort to try to paint a picture of what the average domestic abuser looks like so that women can recognize an abusive man when they first meet him and hopefully avoid getting involved with him.

I’ve learned from working as a domestic violence advocate that abusive people share pretty much the same qualities and characteristics; they ALL seem to do and say pretty much the same things. So I wanted to work the abuser’s common qualities and characteristics into the story so that women will slow down or go on pause when they meet a guy with boy-like qualities that are funny, charming and cute because they could also be deadly.

Tell me a little more about your work as a domestic violence advocate?
I work with an organization, The Family Justice Center, that provides assistance to women trying to break free of a violent domestic relationship throughout Western NY and Erie County.
I am a Master Trainer so I work in the prevention and awareness arena hosting seminars and teaching workshops helping to make people more aware of the affect of domestic violence as well as provide knowledge and information that will hopefully prevent some people from becoming victims of domestic violence.

I understand that you have a project you are working on to raise funds aimed toward the prevention and awareness of domestic violence. What is that project?
It is the “Be the Difference Project” where we don’t try to just make a difference but where we try to “be” the difference in a person’s live that helps them to break free of the bondage of domestic violence.

Sometimes people feel trapped in abusive relationships because they have no money, no means to get away, and no other place to stay. Be the Difference is a “micro” donation project. The objective is to raise funds while creating broader awareness of the affects of domestic violence. What we do in that regard is to try to get hundreds of thousands of people across the country to make small, $5, donations and to encourage their friends to do the same. This way, we raise money to help victims escape while creating active interest and awareness at the same time.

How can my listeners get involved or where can they make a donation?
They can go to my website where they can easily buy and download the book as well as make a micro donation to the “Be the Difference Project”.

What is your website again and how much does the book cost?
The paperback book is $8 and can be found on The ebook ONLY $5 which you can download to anything: iPod, iPad, iPhone, smart phone, tablet, computer, Kindle or any other kind of reader from MY website.

My website is, please also go to Facebook and LIKE my page at and I’m on Twitter as well @sidepiecebaby. Please follow any comments that you make with hash tag #sidepiece so that we can have a Twitter discussion.

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Growing up on the west side of Chicago to a dope fiend, Rashad Miller –aka- Goldie never knew his father. Tired of the neighborhood kids laughing and staring at him, he missed many days of school, and saw drugs as the only way to make money and have things he wanted in life. Goldie was made to believe that this would be the only life he would ever know.

Jasmine moved after high school graduation to start a promising writing career in New York City. The thought of Goldie never left her mind. The love they shared as kids was sweet and innocent; now both grown-up, a loving relationship with Goldie is what Jasmine dreams of. Jasmine comes back to Chicago to live, where she and Goldie try to rekindle a lost love. Goldie’s inability to stop his menacing ways was tearing him and her apart. Hustling helped him live, and the love he craved from Jasmine helped feed his soul.

Jasmine was the one he really wanted but couldn’t seem to get it. He thought if he had money and nice clothes that he would surely win her over, knowing that none of that impressed her had him floored. That’s why he fell in love with Jasmine, knowing he needed more to get her was something he had never experienced with the other girls. Jasmine made him work. He took her to parties on the weekends, bought her jewelry pretty much whatever else he thought she wanted. Jasmine never asked for anything, he always offered, sometimes she would accept and others she wouldn’t.
Occasionally Jas and her best friends would walk the blocks looking to be seen but she never fell prey to any of the trouble her friends got into. At twelve and thirteen most of them were already having sex with boys older than they were. Goldie had even slept with a few of them. Some of the girls were into drinking and smoking weed and the ones who thought that they were good girls opted to suck dick instead of having sex.
Jasmine and Goldie had a few stolen moments of passion, a kiss here or a kiss there, she almost went all the way with him a few times but Goldie always stopped her. In his eyes, she would always be a good girl, and as he loved her, he knew he wasn’t the kind of young man she needed in her life. He couldn’t hurt or treat her he way he treated other females. Jasmine was his one true love, when he got his life together, he knew he was going to be hers.

Get to Know Jamie:

Jamie Dossie is the oldest daughter of Deborah and James Pearson. Jamie was born and raised in Chicago Illinois. She fell in love with urban novels, after her mom gave her a book by Terry McMillian called-Mama. After reading that book she began to read another and at that very moment she knew that these were the kind of books she wanted to write someday.
After the passing of her mom she began to write notebooks full of poems and short stories. She knew it was a way to cope with her pain of losing her mom, but at the same time she was building her writing skills. Growing up where people didn’t express their dreams she shied away from telling people that she wanted to be a well-known published author someday.
Jamie is always looking to improve her writing craft. She is also a licensed esthetician and licensed Food Server. She is well known in her community for these crafts as well. She has written two books with one being published called “Double Back”. She is currently working hard on part two of Double Back.  She would like to tell everyone to always follow their dreams, always step out on faith it’s the best thing anyone could do. She is currently living in Chicago with her children and is brain storming on her future projects.
Q- What is this book about?

A- It’s about two old friends, Goldie and Jasmine who had a innocent love when they were younger. Find themselves back in love again, and want to see if they can make it work. Being that the two are on different paths in life, makes it hard for the relationship to flourish. Jasmine wanted desperately to have a loving relationship with Goldie, which is what he seemed to want as well, until Jasmine questioned if Double Back was really worth it.

Q- Why did you choose to write this book?

A- I wanted a book that would tell a story of love at the beginning of the relationship before it became tainted,and wanted to see if two people could find themselves in love and happy again. How do you cope with the bad things that happen in a relationship, that you say you want so badly and is a person willing to take out all stops and do whatever it takes to make it work.

Q-Tell us why your writing is unique?

A- It’s unique because I am going to give you a sizzling, heartfelt story that’s yearning to fix a broken love. And to see the characters go through a transformation that can be beneficial or detrimental to themselves or any relationship.

Q-What can we look forward to seeing from you?

A-I have a few books that I am currently working on. But my most recent would be “Double Back 2″ coming July 8, 2014

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TWITTER- @jamie_dossie


“I am hurting. Fractured in places stitches can’t heal.” Autumn’s Child tells the desperate story of Layla, as a young and naive twelve year-old girl. Over ten critical years, her life quickly changes like the colors of the trees in autumn. The accidental death of her parents forces her to abandon her religious, middle-class lifestyle. She moves to the inner city of Chicago with her grandmother and aunt, her only living relatives. Layla tries to approach her new life with optimism, but the perfections of her past life haunt her tormented journey. 

After coming to grips with the reality over the years that her only aunt despises her, Layla soon discovers that she may secretly hold the keys to helping her aunt’s diminishing health in her hands. Layla’s faith and sanity are continuously tested as she matures throughout each season of her life. She stumbles through her newfound reality while learning how to play the distinct set of cards she’s been dealt. Layla’s neighbor and best friend, Shay, helps guide her from adolescence into adulthood. Autumn’s Child chronicles a life on the opposite side of the coin; where friendships grow out of tragedy, and the pressure of a marginalized life weighs heavily on pure souls. Layla must make many compromising decisions, all while perpetually asking the reader, What would you do?

She came to me under a streetlight, with her right eye purple and a staggered step and said, “I wish it didn’t have to be this way.” I was relieved that Sadie could still talk and walk to the degree she did. Shay was a beast: I had seen her in action. When she struck, you saw your life flash in front of your eyes like blacked out memories.
Sadie carried a lavender caboodle that held all of her prized possessions, her makeup. The contents she would cling to, to make her beautiful again. She formed her mouth to speak but only tears and a throbbing gasp of air escaped. The streetlight above buzzed, flickered, and died, like everything else in the inner city. In the darkness, I ran away from her and her smeared makeup, busted lip, rainbow colored jaw and eye and only looked back once to see her still standing there under the silent light. Sadie was alone in the streets. She did not chase me but I continued to run. I wanted to curse her but my mouth couldn’t move even in the distance. I ran through the alley, down a side street, up the stairs and into my apartment. I locked the door, pushed the couch in front of it with the remnants of what remaining strength I had, and clasped onto it. My mind was spinning. I wanted to feel whole again.
With my eyes closed I heard Shay’s voice, dark and confirming and my heart dangled on the ledge of things falling apart. Shay asked me was I okay and I asked her why did she have to do it? I knew she had been waiting for that day, probably pacing her room counting down the seconds until she saw the red flag to pound on Sadie. I opened my eyes to see her soaking her hand in a bowl of ice as if she had done this before. I believe in reincarnation solely from following her around for the last eight years. She always knew what to do. They say that cats have nine lives and I believed that mankind does as well. With Shay’s experience she was probably on her last round. She had to have been here, to have lived this life more than once.
I summoned the courage to speak again and turned towards Shay, heartbroken. She frightened me when she was mad. She needed an owner to tame her sometimes like a pit bull needs a mussel. Her little baby dreadlocks stood up as fist ready to fight again and I lowered my head and said, “We should go somewhere safe. What if she tells her brother and they come back? He’s going to find out.”
Her sole reply was, “I can’t wait.”  She paused to shuffle the ice around her hand.

Nicole Murray is a creative writer by passion, training, and profession. She is a Columbia College graduate with a degree in Fiction Writing and Marketing. Nicole’s dual Gemini personality helps her pursue creative writing as a personal profession.
Nicole explores the creative landscape of the mind to craft fiction out of real emotion. She currently writes short stories, novels, poems, and screen plays.
Nicole Murray also has extensive experience in digital content strategy, content development, and social media marketing. She has developed, lead, and contributed to a number of custom campaigns for leading brands such as Comcast’s African American digital and social initiatives, The Toyota Green Initiative, General Mills’ Feedings Dreams campaign, and P&G.

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