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What's the point in reading a great book or a dud, if you don't review it?  For those of you who just give star ratings without any description of how you felt about a book, I don't count those as a real review--just saying!  As you know, we've adopted a Book Review policy right here on our blog, so if you'd like to be considered, please feel free to contact us on the Contact Form to the right side of this blog.  

Here are some recent books we've reviewed and would like to share with our viewing audience.  So sit back, relax and enjoy!  The links for these books will be listed at the end of this blog post.  

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Are you a fan of Memoirs, here's a great one you should add to your reading list!

OMG, it's stories like this that make me absolute abhor a child abuser--hell, any type of abuser for that matter. What Anelisse a/k/a Lissy had to endure with her twin sister and brother, was an absolute downright pitiful damn shame. Her mother definitely doesn't win the "mother of the year" award in my book because it was due to her own neglect that her children were subjected to physical and mental abuse at the hands of their stepfather.

What the hell is a child supposed to do, and where does one go when they are being subjected to this type of inappropriate behavior? You may go to a grandparent or other relatives, and that's exactly what Lissy did, but thanks to her own mother's lies and cover-up just to say she has a man/husband in her life, she would make out as if Lissy were lying about what was happening to her, and her relatives chocked it up as fatherly discipline. Hmmm, someone stomping you on the ground and misshaping your face to appear like some alien out of a horror film, doesn't strike ME as fatherly discipline. Ed, the stepfather, gives parenthood a terrible name. 

As you read, you will feel Lissy's pain and struggles. She had to grow up, literally, overnight to protect her siblings as she felt it was her duty and responsibility to do so. Again, I wanted to kick her mama's ass for real! This is a horrible story, but one I'm so glad Lissy told, and she's finally living a happy life with the help of her very good friends who were and are angels to her.

You will root for Lissy and take great pleasure in the ending! I'm so proud of her for having the courage to speak about such a sensitive subject and not keep it a secret, which is what hurts families in the first place. You can read this book in a few hours, and what you read will leave you jaw-dropping! People like her parents deserve a special place in hell, and I hope they rot there!


Do you love women's literature or contemporary reads, this is one outstanding story of five generation of women.

There are those who want to live forever, and those of us who settle for whatever time we're to be given. Can you possibly imagine living to be 112 years old? I can't fathom it, but Anna Keller certainly proved the test of time in this wonderfully thought-provoking novel.

The Olive Trees roots go deep for the Keller women starting back in the late 1800s spanning to the year 2017. Five generations of women who have loved, lost and gain a new sense of independence and individuality. The Keller women are not unlike other families, except for one difference--longevity. How beautiful it must be to have your great-great-great grandmother still living alongside you, and your offspring. 

They suffered tragedies and still they forged on. This is such a well written novel with all the emotions one reader can handle. The secrets some of the Keller women held were hard for their souls to take, but as they grow and learn from each other, eventually, the truth comes out, as they painfully found out.

This is a great read. If you love living through family generations, you'll definitely enjoy the journey.


Looking for the strange and unusual murder mystery, this one is going to satisfy your "appetite!"  A horrifyingly good read!  Keep the lights on!  


Once again, judging a book by its cover, you have to admit, it makes you want to read to find out just what is Creatures of Appetite! Well I'm here to tell you, this was one hair-raising story and I'm so damn proud of myself that I figured out who the killer was in the very beginning of the book, but it did not deflect from the story.

Jack Thorne is one of the best profilers in the world. Thorne was a serial killer's worst nightmare come true--sort of borderline Columbo-ish wherein once he set his sights on a psychotic killer, he wouldn't cut loose until he was either dead or severely maimed. 

The Iceman struck Nebraska by stealing parents' pride possessions--their children, and how bold was the Iceman, he could just walk right in your house, subdue the parents, and take whatever child he wanted. His child of choice were always little girls ranging in age five to twelve, so imagine what would happen when little children were out playing in the snow near a playground, and body parts stuck up in the snow as if left on display in a museum? 

Needless to say, the town was on edge and Jack Thorne was called in to close this case! Trust me, readers, the ending is not one you are going to see coming, unless you are a true mystery/suspense buff who really knows your way around a story. 

If you'd like to test your skill, try with this novel. I guarantee you, you will not be able to put this book down! A DAMN GOOD READ! I hated that it ended, but the ending gave me a chill! :-)


Are you the type of reader who loves a really good drama to sink your eyes into?  Well, this one is all that!   If you've missed it, definitely add to your reading list!  Great Stuff!

Aaaaw sh*t--this is what I'm talkin' 'bout!!! Wow, what a love triangle. What's weird is I usually don't read these types of books, but I have to say Anna Black got some skills. This was really, really good!

Janiece was your typical side-piece woman--wanting her married lover to leave his wife and kids, so she could have him all to herself. His lies and promises was really getting on her nerves, but she hung in there for many years. But what is a side-piece woman 'sposed to do? 

Never in Janiece's wildest imagination did she ever think she could actually get her "own" man, and God has a way of answering prayers, which he did, but not without complications. Throw in the very sexy Isaiah, and we got a damn good story. The love scenes were awesome and the story has so many twists and turns and keeps the reader guessing as to who will Janiece run too? You have to read to find out! Damn this book was sizzlin'!

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