Saturday, June 14, 2014

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. . .OH MY!

Social media is a beast of the worst kind! There are those of us so enslaved to the Internet Bitch, we check our statuses and pages more than we watch our own children; more than we watch the road we're driving on; more than we pay attention to our realities because this is what we're programmed to do, and quite naturally, if they make it, we will buy it and literally buy into it!

People then wonder why the world is the way it is today? There is so much many of us wouldn't know, if it weren't for that damn Internet. However, having said that, I know there is a lot of good the world wide web provides for us and many use it for its intended purposes.   So, can anyone explain to me why it is when some individuals seeking their 15-minutes of fame get highly upset when something they've uploaded to one of these sites goes viral?

If you post a picture that is so damn shocking, knowing that firsthand before YOU posted it, then you get the bright idea to go ahead and throw it out there for the world to see; the world comments on it, and then you go on the defensive stating society and the world should mind its own business.  Hmm, that's interesting?  I should mind my business, really?  Let's see, the last time I checked, the Internet is shared by the world, right?  You put something out there, and it's the world that is looking and judging you, but yet and still, you don't want anyone to comment on things you post!  Am I missing something here? 

When you put shocking and/or damaging photos out on the web, it is OUR business to comment, judge and review the content.  After all, old wise one, isn't that the reason you put your sh*t out there in the first place?  To get all the Follows and Likes as you can to make yourself feel like a star.  Oh, but wait, your post backfired on you, and now you want the world of judges to stop judging you and now you take the defensive.  Welp, I'm sorry to inform you, wise one, that's not quite how this here thing works.  You see, the best way to ensure that not many people are judging you, except for those that are in your immediate world and line of vision, is to NOT put your stuff on the web.  Perhaps if you kept some things private like back in the olden days when the Internet Bitch didn't exist, err'body and his mama wouldn't know what the hell you were doing?  Did that ever occur to you, old wise one?

You got mothers out here getting married carrying her baby on the train of her wedding gown.  You got a college graduate who just gave birth to her baby with her breast exposed breastfeeding in public.  You got drug dealers selling dope, taking pictures of their illegal drug transactions posting the pics on Instagram and Facebook for the world to see. I mean, my God, what's not to judge?!   Are you seriously kidding me right now?!

Ok, so here's the deal wise ones out there who must let the entire world know his/her every move, you have NO right to get an attitude with the rest of the world when you put your business out on front street (that would be the "Internet").  You don't want me and everyone else talking negatively about you, stop uploading pics that you know damn well is going to get people talking.  Come on, people, you're not that damn dumb.  You all know how the Internet works, and to simply pretend or suggest you're ignorant of that fact (and let's be clear, there's plenty of ignorance out here), but not when it comes to knowing about social media, you knew damn well what you were posting would invoke serious reactions from around the world. So please, wise ones, do me and everyone else a huge ass favor, and keep your content to your damn self and then YOU don't have to worry about what I think or anyone else. People are going to talk no matter what you do, but you could keep some of that down to a minimum if you weren't so "follow/like" crazed or trying to get on another mindless, idiotic un-Reality Show!

It's one thing to be judged by those who are within the confines of your own little world, but when you post to www, you are asking for it in more ways than one.  Stop acting shocked or outraged by the human outcry of the world when most will not agree with whatever it is you've posted.  Please stop making dumb ass statements about the reasons in which you went about posting these pics.  Quite frankly, I've had enough of the ignorance!  None of those pics were cute nor fascinating, other than they were extremely entertaining and provided great conversation for talk radio and the media around the world to discuss.  

Personally, I'd like to get back to real issues like the lack of good paying jobs, the cost of college tuition; the price of gas and food going up faster than I can blink; why so many people have been diagnosed with Diabetes; the healthcare crises (yes, Obamacare hasn't helped everyone!), etc.  I'm sick of discussing pics that people deliberately post to get a reaction!  Don't get mad by the comments. Embrace them. After all, you were the wise one who posted this stuff to the web! This, clearly, was of your own doing!  Take your lumps and wear 'em well.  This is the fame you asked for and now you got it!  Bet your Likes and Follows blew up on your pages! What. . .is VH1, Bravo, WeTV or OWN ready with contracts waiting in the wings for your reality show so more of you wise ones can make even bigger asses of yourselves?  Was that your goal?  God, help me!

Remember these lines, old wise ones, when in doubt, don't put it out!  Say it with me now: When in doubt, don't put it out!  

Got it. . .good, now may we please move on to important world issues that affect my life!

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet/Reviewer

Don't 'Tweet' Your Meat, if YOU Don't want the World Talking!