Saturday, October 18, 2014

Gone Boy. . .

DISCLAIMER:  Viewer Discretion is Advised and Strong Language and/or Profanity will be in this Post!

This is a post I would have chosen never to write!  But my spirit is full and when that happens, I must pour my soul out onto paper--well in this case, my blog.  Think of it as a personal diary I allow my readers to view.

Most likely, I am going to be judged by what I'm about to say, but it's a risk I'm willing to take because it needs to be said.  Oh, and another thing, I can speak on this due to the fact my family has fallen victim, to some degree, over this subject, so I have plenty of knowledge about it!

Humans are animals who enjoy pleasure.  I mean why else would you bother to do something if it didn't feel good in some sort of way, right?  I guess the only exception would be those of us who go to a job everyday that we don't necessarily enjoy, but we do it to pay the bills and to survive.  Some pleasures we get out of life are those stolen moments that we weren't supposed to be doing, but we chose to do it because it felt so good.  Again, why else would we bother, right?

Even when we do things we know is wrong, for the most part, we did them because we got something out of it.  There are a multitude of acts humans commit every single day and one of the worst is when we murder another.  Of course, there are various reasons why we choose to kill one another.  It could be out of self-defense.  It could have happened due to a very unfortunate accident, but more often than not, many murder because they can and it felt good while doing it.

Oh yes, there goes that word again--pleasure!  There comes a time when we can no longer hide behind our past.  There comes a time when we can no longer blame our parents for the upbringing we've endured.  There comes a time when we can no longer blame our environment for who we've become.  Bottom line, there comes a time when YOU must own up to what conscious decisions you chose willingly to do.  Meaning, if what you've chosen to do is something wrong, then own it!

What I'm talking about owning is what I'm so very tired of reading and seeing in the news--young black men being murdered senselessly for whatever stupid ass reason!  I've finally figured out, for those of you not so sure, that these young black men get "pleasure" out of murdering another brother.  It's an adrenaline rush!  It's a high unlike any drug manufactured.  This high is so extreme that once it gets into the blood of those who seek it, they can't get rid of it.  Sure, there are those who decide they no longer want to partake in murdering one of their brothers and then their friends decide that individual needs to be taken out because he's no longer down for the fucking cause.  Oh, I'm sorry, and what cause would that be again?  What is the reason so many of my young black brothers are murdering each other for?  I'll wait!  Hmm, did any of you come up with a good reason yet?  No you say! Oh right, there isn't any good reason other than the simple fact they enjoy it!

You see, folks, the excuses no longer wash with me.  I'm tired of the same ole rhetoric being spouted, "Stop the Violence!"  "Stop Shooting, We Love You!"  All the self-help programs and youth counselors and people who stick their necks out each and everyday trying to help our young brothers aspire to be something other than a thugged out murderer!  I'm sure when the mothers of these young men were thinking when they birthed their bundle of joy said, "when my son grows up he's going to be a murderer!"  Oh yeah, this is what all African-American mothers want for their sons.  What the Fuck!  Any reasonable, caring, loving mother wants the best for her son.  I can't think of any mother in her right mind who looks down in the blanket seeing her baby son saying, "I want you to grow up so another black man can murder you!"  

Never mind the families that have to deal with the aftermath of such a heinous senseless act! Never mind what society has to deal with worrying about ways to keep their own sons safe. Why should anyone care about a black on black crime!  It's just one less nigga the hood has to deal with, right!  That is, until your family falls victim to the violence and then the saga continues!

Oh we'll march down the street and hold rallies!  We'll place candles and teddy bears and toys at the spot of yet another fallen young black youth and hold vigils and say prayers. We'll say the usual shit, "stop the violence" and yet it still forges on to seek out another horrible day!  We'll buy ad space for billboards to display another black youth to show the world how one of own has taken out yet another.  Ooooh we go to the funerals and cry our eyes out, pouring liquor on the ground for another dead homey gone!  We talk about how this has got to stop and something needs to be done, yet nothing ever changes and why do YOU suppose that is?  Very simply--those who commit these murders and/or who join these so-called gangs find "pleasure" in what they're doing!

As long as these young black males continue to enjoy the thrill of the kill, nothing in the world you and I may say will ever change the way things go today.  Many of our youth don't give a damn about life.  The taking of one's life is so easy to do and done without any regard for the victim, the victim's families and the like.  I don't give a shit if these youths are in gangs, selling drugs, beefing over territory (they don't own) or just murdering for the hell of it--they are going to do what they do because they get off on doing it.  You have to admit if they didn't get some type of pleasure out of murdering each other, what is the fucking point, right?!  So there you have it, people, the answer to your question.  Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Simply because they enjoy it!  This isn't about survival, this isn't about any gat damn beefs, it's about the selfishness of themselves.  They could give a fuck about my feelings and your feelings because at the end of the day it's not about you and me--it's about them!

The only way change seekers are going to find fulfillment is when they decide to change! Otherwise, you can stop having marches, stop trying intervention and making some of the gangs have truces, stop holding rallies, stop pouring good liquor on the ground for the fallen homey because as long as they find pleasure in the kill, violence will NEVER stop!  More of our young black men will be murdered before they even make it to their damn tween years let alone even make it to their teens.  There are so many young people who have been to more funerals in their short life spans than those who are old watching their loved ones die of natural causes.  This shit ain't never gonna stop until the murderers lose their interest in the thrill kill.  This shit ain't never gonna stop until they are tired of doing it--period!  Now the question becomes when will that happen?  Hmmph, your guess is as good as mine! They don't show any signs of stopping any time soon!

I may be getting old, but the point is I'm getting old!  I'm living my life!  Many of our youth will never get to see the age I am.  They're just another damn statistic.  Blacks killing blacks! It's a win-win for the murderers.  Then the retaliations start, and as I said before, the shittin' ass saga continues!  

So another young man at the tender age of 17 is a gone boy!  Gone over some bullshit! Snuffed out like a smoker puts out a cigarette.  His family left with the memories and scars of a life gone until this is all forgotten in the media and in the minds of many.  That is, until the next youth is murdered at the hands of another youth over stupid shit.  Personally, I'm so tired of reading and seeing this shit on the news.  I'm tired of the first 15 minutes is about how many shootings took place over the night before.  You can't get to the weather report without seeing young black males' mugshots up on the screen either accused of murdering someone or they were the victim of one.  And so it continues. . .

Unfortunately, I don't have any advice to offer because they wouldn't give a damn what I had to say anyway.  They don't care that WE care about their lives.  We can't do that for them. They have to want to care and they have to want to change.  All the talking, marching and sitting down with them in the world will NOT change what is going on!  And, for those of you who do not believe me, take a look around you.  If that isn't proof positive I don't know what is!  We have yet another young black man gone!  And gone for what?  If you don't care, perhaps you will when it's your son, brother, father, uncle, cousin or nephew gone over stupidity and ignorance of the fuckin' streets!

I apologize if I have offended my readers by my harsh words, but it's the way I felt and I needed to say it.  I'm angry, tired and just plain fed up with seeing so many young black men dying at the hands of another black youth!  It's ridiculous and the shit is old!  There's more honor in a young black man getting killed at war than it is for that same brother to die at the hands of another in the hood over absolutely nothing!  For he is just another gone boy!

Do YOU care?

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet/Reviewer

BE the Change YOU Seek!