Saturday, October 11, 2014

Say It Ain't So. . .

Well fall sure is living up to all its wonder! What an amazing changing of color of leaves, for those trees that still have leaves. The wind has been pretty brutal at times here so many of the leaves have turned into a slippery carpet on our lawns.  But hey, that's what fall does, right?  There's no wonder how the season got its name!  (LOL)

I didn't think I'd have anything to report to my fans this weekend, but given this week's recent news events, I believe this post is literally going to write itself, much like the novel I'm currently working on.  Speaking of which, it's coming along for those of you inquiring, and I appreciate the love and support as always.

Now, getting to what is on my mind and obviously yours, Twitter and most of social media has been all abuzz about comments made by Raven Simone regarding her "labeling" issue or the lack thereof.  As I read the posts and tweets regarding this woman's comments, I sat thinking to myself, "what is the problem?"

What Raven said is something I've said forever.  I hate to be labeled and someone is always putting me into their personal categories they feel I fit into while totally disregarding how I may feel about that or not!  I suppose what gets me is I don't understand how anyone can get upset over comments in which she made regarding herself.  Who are WE to tell her she doesn't have a right to feel as she does?

There are so many facets of social media I absolutely abhor and this being one of them. As of late, it seems to me social media dictates the movement of the world and I have a huge problem with that.  For one thing, since when do others get to tell you what your opinion should be?  Since when do others get to tell you how you must feel about yourself?  Since when do others get to make decisions regarding your personal being?  When did we as individuals lose our control over our own thoughts and personal issues?   Someone please tell me?  

These days you can't make a comment without social media blowing your words completely out of proportion or distorting your comments so terribly that the one making the comment finds himself having to back-pedal to clean up what their intent was. Who are WE to do this to anyone?  God forbid someone says they don't want to be labeled as a "black" person for now they are not embracing who they are!  Heaven help you if you're a homosexual who decides you don't want to be labeled "gay" for you're not being who you say you are!  What the hell?

Do you hear yourselves?  Personally, I don't like being referred to as a black woman.  First off, I'm a tan woman.  Black doesn't even begin to describe what I look like in color.  Now to be called a colored woman would be more appropriately so, but many of my people fought to have that "label" removed, so now we're called African-American.  Well, there are those of us who don't like that label either and choose to not be referred as such.  And they have every right to say that!  Where do you get off, social media, telling this woman she's wrong for how she feels?  If you want to take your nasty posts and tweets out on someone, well I go on record right now saying, how dare you criticize this woman for her own beliefs? How the hell would YOU feel if someone beat you down with words for how you feel?  Would you take kindly to it?  Would you be ok with that?

I think Raven was way too kind to many of you. There's no way in hell I'd dignify a response to any of you about how I feel about ME!  When it comes to who I am and how I see myself, there isn't a damn thing another individual can do or say that will change my mind.  And I'll be damned if I ever find myself having to give someone an explanation on how I feel.  I don't owe you sh*t and neither does Raven.

Some of you need to get a real grip on life! Many of you have taken this Reality TV and social media stuff too damn far!  You think because you see many of the buffoons displaying all their personal business on these stupid ass shows, you have some special right to their lives. You think because someone makes a comment, that's your cue to pick their words apart and beat them senseless with your irresponsible posts all for the sake of because you can!  If it weren't for social media, half of you cowards wouldn't dare say the things you say -- for you wouldn't have a forum in which to do so!

I'm so sick and tired of reading these very vulgar ignorant posts about various celebrity lives and/or comments they make regarding themselves.  As if what you say is going to dictate how those people plan to live out their lives.  What big size balls many of you have!  What nerve!

If Raven wants to label herself the scum under her shoe or a cloud in the sky, what the hell do YOU have to do with that?  If she so chooses, which she does, not to be labeled at all, again I ask, what's it to YOU?  How is her decision to not be labeled affected your lifestyle? What has her comments done to your life?  Why does YOUR opinion get to factor in? Who are you that she needs your approval on how she feels about herself? Obviously, this woman has done pretty well for herself without any of you and now because she doesn't want to be labeled, social media literally blew the hell up!  Now she's going back trying to explain herself and to me she need not do that on my account.  She doesn't have to explain one damn thing to me nor anyone else for that matter!  She feels how she feels and that's good enough for me!  'Cause you better trust and believe, ain't no way in hell I would explain a damn thing to any of you!  Some people could kiss where the sun don't shine before I ever explain why I feel a certain type of way.  I never liked being labeled either.  I know exactly how she feels and even if I didn't share the same opinion as her, I'd still feel the same way.

Get over yourselves for real!  I just can't believe the gumption some of you have to tell this woman she's wrong for not claiming her 'blackness!' or the fact that it's reported she likes women.  OMG, seriously?  If you want to allow others to label you, then by all means, label away, but if someone chooses not to be labeled, their wishes should be respected--period! And it's ok if you don't agree, but don't tell her she's wrong for feeling the way she does!  Get my point!  You wouldn't want someone telling you you're wrong on how you feel about yourself, then give this woman the same damn respect you'd want for yourself!  But obviously, the way I see things happening today, not many of you have much respect for yourselves which is the reason so many behave in the manner in which they do.  So I guess it is easy to label others and talk trash about another when you don't think much of yourself!

Until next weekend, try and be civil to one another and respect other's opinions, even if they differ from your own!

P.S.  Before I let you go, I would like to extend a very Happy Birthday to a good friend of mine and who is also a huge fan of Mello & June, It's a Book Thang! -- The lovely Mrs. Tammy Stevens.  I know you're going to be reading this post Tam-Tam, so enjoy girlfriend! I wish you many, many more!  Stay strong!  Love ya!

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet/Reviewer

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