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WEEKEND'S BOOK REVIEW: Inkslingers Ball by Sheila Lowe

I was contacted by Author, Sheila Lowe, to give an honest review of her latest novel, due out in bookstores or wherever books are sold and available online, June 10, 2014! Below you will find links to her websites, as well as information regarding all her work.



Hey all you mystery/suspense fans!  Are you looking for something to sink your eyes into that has a little bit of love mixed in with murder? Hmm, if you're looking for that type of read, you're going to absolutely love Author, Sheila Lowe's latest novel, Inkslingers Ball (Book 5) in the Claudia Rose series. And you wanna know what's great about this series? It can be read as a standalone and out of order, if you so choose.  How's that for a major plus!

This is the first novel I've read by Ms. Lowe, and I have to say it was one exhilarating experience.  I found the characters to be believable and quite full of life as they take center stage in this suspense building story.  Just when the reader thinks it's going in one direction, Lowe takes you by complete surprise down another path.  

What I found most interesting about the main character, Claudia Rose, is that she has such an interesting occupation, one you don't find many writers delving into, and I assume the reason for that is, they may not have the knowledge to go about writing such a likable, down-to-earth, handwriting analysis expert.  I found myself so drawn to what Claudia does, almost to the point it was like she was a medium, if you will, knowing so much about a person's character based on what he or she writes.  In fact, Claudia's character was so believable, I found myself wishing to read more on what she did, as the story unfolded, which is why I do intend to read the beginning of this series to learn more about her. 

Ok, so now for the meat and potatoes of what Inkslingers Ball is about.  Lowe takes us on a journey into the inking world of tattoo artists.  I've always found tattoos to be rather interesting, and yet again, Lowe's research of the underworld of tattoo artists was mind-blowing and kept me wanting to learn more.  Which, in fact, I did.  A sugar skull tattoo was all the rave among several teenagers.  Fifteen-year old Annabelle Giordano, a typical teen thinking she know's all, struggling with past demons and trying to make a way in this rather confusing life, ran into an old friend from Juvie, Angel, who had one and quite naturally, Annabelle felt she should have one too.  In fact, this sugar skull tattoo was not only popular among the youths, but there were a few adults who adorned the rather interesting tat.

Going against the wishes of her guardian, Claudia, Annabelle sets out to get herself branded. The ink wasn't quite dry nor scabbed over, when Annabelle learns that her friend, Angel, ended up in a dumpster outside a convenient store.  Claudia's handsome forty-something detective boyfriend, Joel Jovanic, was given the case.  For the reader, it will soon become obvious that this sugar skull tattoo wasn't quite as 'sweet' to brandish, as several people end up dead, also wearing this same identical tat.  Oh, but wait a minute, there's an unwritten rule in the inked world, is it not?  No artist shall copy an exact design from another tattoo artist! Hmm, so one would think, but there's someone out there a little too 'ink' happy for his or her own good, and the story takes off from there.  

The love between Claudia and Joel is pushed to the limits as they are faced with a dilemma so strong, it's going to test their faith, livelihoods and their relationship.  Will they be able to pull through and survive this?  Only one way to find out, YOU must read the story.  Trust and believe, you will not have to wait long.  This great mystery/suspense novel is due out on June 10, 2014!

To learn more about Author, Sheila Lowe's, Inkslingers Ball, please use the links below. Lowe is a great storyteller and commands the reader to notice and continue turning the pages as you join the underworld of getting 'inked!'  

Well done, Sheila Lowe!  Awesome story line. I look forward to reading more books from you. Mello & June gives Inkslingers Ball five stars! Bravo!


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She will also have a launching party of her latest novel, Inkslingers Ball on June 24, 2014 for her Southern California Readers!  Please join her if you can.

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