Saturday, August 16, 2014

200 Posts and Counting. . .Celebration!

Wow, can you believe summer is almost over?  Where did the time go?  The years seem to be floating by so quickly, it's mind boggling sometimes. Mello & June, It's a Book Thang! would like to thank our fans for being a part of our crazy journey. I remember when Kim got the idea to start the blog based on our names.  You certainly don't think she came up with that all on her own, do you?  Who do you think gave her the idea?  Me, June, that's who!  I woke her up out of sound sleep for months until she decided to write my life down.  To think, we started this blog with only five followers and we were so happy to have them.  We're celebrating our 200th post since our birth in 2009.  We have since grown to have about 104 followers and hundreds of thousands of page views and visits.  We couldn't be more pleased with our success.

There isn't much we haven't covered here at Mello & June from books, guest authors appearances to world events.  You name it, if it's on our minds or yours, we'll find a way to bring it to you.  It's hard to believe we've actually had 200 posts.  Many blogs come and go, but we're still hanging in there strong and wouldn't change our journey for the world.

So, in celebrating with Mello & June, we decided Kim needed a break from the grueling ordeal of writing, but don't take that the wrong way.  We know she eats, sleeps, breaths writing, but I know everyone needs to get some rest to recharge so she can come back bigger and better than before.

This fall, we plan to bring you new voices to the literary scene and some you've heard from before with new work in progress.  And speaking of which, we're excited Kim is finally working on the much awaited third novel she's been promising to write for the last three years.  It's about damn time!  Well, folks, it's actually happening and she's doing well.  Any time you'd like to know what stage she is at, check right here on her Writertopia widget and see how many words she's accomplished.  

As much as we've been trying to figure out what it is she's writing, it's so hush-hush and we can't seem to get a glimpse into what she's doing, but she tells us her fans will love this book. She's taking some risks on a subject matter that she's avoided for many years and decided now was the time to put out there some things she's been wanting to get off her chest.  We don't know about you, but we're excited to see where her colorful story takes us this time.

As a recap, Mello & June, a Musical Romance Soundtrack Novel followed us through a fifty year relationship.  If you don't remember, we were introduced to you back in 2009 wherein Kim took some of her favorite R&B songs and turned them into chapters which told the story of our love.  And who could forget after delving into the 80s, which is the timeline we were set in, she decided to take us back even further to her favorite decade of the 70s in the suspense thriller, Silent Knight.  It was a dark story told through six children's views with our protagonist, Clarence Knight, the famous film maker went back home to the projects to make a documentary on his growing up.  Unfortunately, for Clarence, he ended up unearthing a deep rooted secret that turned his world upside down.

Now that you're brought up-to-date as to where Kim left off with her two previous novels, she leaves us hanging on this third.  Well doesn't that beat all!  I did get her to admit she had been dealing with personal matters she needed to tend to which caused her to stop writing. You certainly can't create people like us when your mind is elsewhere.  I learned Kim can be very difficult to manage when she's trying to do her writing thing.  We fought lots.  I truly wish there was more we could tell you, but Miss Thang promises this book is really going to hit home for many people, especially the sistas?  Umm, she got this sista wondering? Her novels usually read like movies and she said this one is even more dramatic than her first two.  But, as you know, Mello and I will always be her first love. Speaking of which I wonder why Rene & Angela's My First Love didn't make it into our soundtrack chapter?  No matter, the songs she chose told our story beautifully.

Kim asked me to advise you she's taking some time off and will be back at the end of the month preparing for September's AAMBC selection of novels.  Again, we thank you for your love and support, as always.  Mello and I can't wait to report to you what she has up her sleeve.  If you happen to know, let a sista know!  (LOL)  We hope you're enjoying your final days of summer before school starts back.  If you haven't read our story or Silent Knight, make sure you download them and add to your book shelves.  We thank you.

Until next time, Happy Reading. . . This is your favorite couple,  

Mello June

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet/Reviewer

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Happy 200th Posting to 
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