Saturday, November 8, 2014

Out in the Cold. . .

Hello Glorious Readers!

It's always a pleasure to sit at my laptop wondering where my mind will take my fingertips across the keyboard!  I never know from one minute to the next what I will say.  Many times I've sat in my dining room thinking and thinking about the world and all its problems, and then BAM! something will come to me.

Well it just so happens that one of my favorite people is Wendy Williams.  I watch her on my laptop every weekend to catch up.  She's like the friend you grew up with next door who happens to know all the hood secrets.  If you're familiar with her, you know she has a segment on her show entitled Hot Topics.  That's my favorite part of the show.  What cracks me up about it is that my mother and I have had hot topics all of my life, and it's just amazing to see someone on the TV who does the same thing.

What I mean by that is my mom and I talk about everything.  If you've ever heard us talking together, most would think we were two girlfriends sharing funny stories and in a lot of ways I suppose we are.  Our major topic this week was the election.

Uh oh, you already know where this post is going, now don't you?  Hmm, maybe or maybe not, but it's something that has always bothered me, and I thought I'd share this with my readers to see if you feel the same way.

When it comes to politics, it's always a touchy subject.  Not to mention a very risky one. You can lose friendships over it--hell some have even lost their lives.  It's a crazy game, but one many players have to tread lightly or stomp over, depending on your views.  This past Tuesday's election was a critical one.  It was more critical than the upcoming Presidential in 2016.  Why, you ask?  Because this election determines how much the country will accomplish, and based on how the U.S. voted, I quickly came to the conclusion America isn't in any rush to get much done.  Now, having said that, I'm not one to talk about which side of the fence I'm on.  My thing is regardless of color, sex, nationality, etc., if the person who speaks most to my soul and my views is the person that will get my vote.  I'm not hard to get along with.  So I'm not in any way saying I'm for or against Obama.  I'm for whoever is down for me--period!

Which brings me to this weekend's post.  People are very funny.  You never quite know what a person will do at any given time, but I also know that people are drawn to certain things.  I also know that people have their own agendas and ideas.  But the main thing I know about people is what their priorities are.

It's not too hard to figure out what any individual wants out of life.  You can easily figure that out just by observing the behavior of others.  Sure, there are those of us that mimic what they see, and you may not know where they are going, but for the most part, just observe individuals and you can usually figure them out.

For instance, if Michael Jordan comes out with a new tennis shoe line, most people will flock to the malls to get it, especially my people.  They will come from all over to get the latest pair and spare no expense.  Some of my people will even get there days in advance and camp out in all types of inclement weather just so they can get their hands on a pair.  These are also the same people who will camp outside days in advance to get the newest electronics, i.e., the iPhone or Sony PlayStation or possibly a new flat screen TV.   You catch my drift.

These group of people who do these things will stampede a mall--fight and become extremely violent over the basic materialistic thing.  These are the same people who holler they have no money or jobs, but yet they always manage to find money for the things they want.  Hmm?

So imagine my surprise when election day came and I learned the voter turnout was horrible.  Not many people came out at all--especially my people.  You've heard the excuses--"It was too cold."  "It's raining."  "My vote doesn't count and the government is gonna do what it wants to do anyway."  Yada, yada, yada!  We've all heard those statements.  Hell, many of us have probably said the same exact thing from one time or another.  So, folks, I guess what I'm wondering is, why is it we'll spend cold days and nights camped outside a mall to get the latest pair of Air Jordans?  I'm wondering why we'll deal with rain, cold, heat, sleet, hail, snow for an iPhone or the latest electronic gadget?  Why is it we'll stand the test of time for materialistic things, but when it comes to the well being of your life in general, we won't venture out to the polls to vote?  All we do is give damn excuses!

We're the first to holler when the government starts cutting funding and programs that WE don't have anything!  We're the first to holler when the school districts start closing down your local schools! We're the first to holler when there are no good jobs to be had!  We're the first to holler the kids have nothing constructive to do after school!  We're the first to holler when our kids can't get summer jobs!  We're the first to holler we don't have good health care and can't afford health insurance!  We're the first to holler there isn't any good housing for us to live! We're the first to holler our neighborhoods are falling apart!  We're the first to holler there's nowhere decent to shop in our local hood!  And when I say "we're" I'm referring to people in general--but especially my people!

We are the same people who camp outside for the latest pair of Air Jordans in whatever weather is occurring, but you wouldn't take the time to go to the polls to vote so that you could ensure someone in government would look out for YOUR best interests!  We are the same people who say we have no money, but can find hundreds of dollars to purchase the latest iPhone 6, but couldn't take a few dollars to put some gas in the tank or take the bus to your poll to go vote.  We are the same people who cry the government ain't shit, but take the government's welfare each and every month.  You'll get up at an ungodly hour to get a good spot for the latest flat screen TV at the mall, but complain about getting up to go find a job.

Oh yeah, make no mistake, WE complain all the damn time about what's going on in our world.  WE complain all day long about what's wrong with our government, and yet, on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 when YOU could have done something about it, you got quiet and invisible all of a sudden.  Now WE sit back and see that the Republicans have taken control over the House and Senate and we're right back to where we started when President Obama took office the first time in 2008.  The Republicans don't respect the President and now we're right back to square one.  If you thought the government doesn't do anything, watch how much gets done now!  Umm hmm, mark my words YOU ain't seen nothing yet! Oh my friends you gonna see something now!

I bet your child's feet look great in his new Jordans.  I bet everyone can hear you now on your new iPhone.  I bet you can see clearly on your new flat screen HDTV.  Remember all that when you receive a letter in the mail from the school board telling you your child's activity has been cut. Remember all that when you find minimum wage may be even lower than what it currently is now or not go up by much!  Remember to hug and value all your material things, when programs you use are no longer funded. Remember all that when your welfare check is cut down, if you continue to have it at all!  Take those material things and kiss them and hold dearly to your bosom.  Remember all that the next time you sleep outside in horrific weather to get the latest fad being thrown your way.  Remember all that when you see your neighborhood continues to be run down and there isn't any funding to help fix it up.  Remember!  It took one person to complain about prayer in schools, and we no longer are permitted to do so.  So for those of you who felt your voice meant nothing you'll find that silence is very loud!  Once again, you were brainwashed into thinking your voice has no sound.  And the sad thing is, YOU believed it!  But your kid's outfit is fly.  You have the biggest HDTV plastered upon the wall and can see all the football games as if you were really in the stadium.  You can do so much with that new iPhone 6!  Remember! Remember!  Remember!

I hope you enjoyed me and Mom's Hot Topic!  Oh, my bad, you're probably out at the mall right now fighting someone for parking space so you can spend the money you don't have to buy something for Christmas.  Too bad WE don't take that same passion for voting.  Maybe if the polls offered iPhones, Air Jordans and HDTVs, perhaps they would have to have police man the crowds.  Hmm, there's a thought!

Until next time, Remember!  Happy Reading!

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet/Reviewer

One Person can do Many Things!