Saturday, November 22, 2014

Down for the Cos. . .

Hello Glorious Readers,

May this post find you well and in great spirits.  With Thanksgiving literally around the next corner, that should put most in a relatively good mood.

Last weekend I mentioned my soul was empty and I was feeling creatively dysfunctional, which I'm that way most of the time, but, once again, some things have been going on in the news to cause me to get full and a bit angry.

So, let's get right down to it.  Anybody who is anybody should have by now heard about the recent rape allegations made about Bill Cosby.  It seems like everyday I wake up, there's a new woman coming forward telling her horrific story.  Please do NOT get me wrong.  I believe totally what these women have stated and I feel sorry for their subjective victimization, however, having said that, I'm a little disturbed by recent talk radio show hosts who have made the claim that we, meaning the listening audience, do not have a right to question these women with "why now?"

The "why now" set my Spidy senses to tingling a lot.  First off, that was the first thing I wondered is why now are these women telling their stories?  Many comedians have stated that these allegations were made public several years ago, and apparently, I must have been living under a rock because I do not recall hearing anything remotely like the things I've been hearing now.  But no matter, I was one of many who did not know these allegations were made, nor did I know Mr. Cosby had settled his lawsuits with a couple of them back then.  

Recently, one of the complainants he settled with then has now come out and told her story and although I'm not privy to the court documents, I do believe if he settled with this particular woman, I'm pretty sure Cosby's legal team had sense enough to make this woman sign some type of confidentiality agreement wherein she was never to talk about the details of the settlement agreement.  So once again, I was a bit shocked when I heard this woman is now joining the other women about what she claimed she endured with Mr. Cosby. Obviously, these women do not know each other and what on earth would they expect to gain by coming forward now?  Book deals?  Movies, sympathy, popularity perhaps?  Umm, I don't know.  There's strength in numbers, I suppose.

I heard some hosts say there's no expiration date on feelings and emotional trauma.  Who are WE to question someone else's pain?  And I do agree with that notion.  I've also heard that TVLand and Netflix have pulled reruns of Mr. Cosby's shows and I assume many other endorsements he was to receive have now pulled out.  And this is when I got angry and I'm going to tell you why.

When Michael Jackson was alive, he, too, was accused of sexually molesting little boys. Several of the boys, who are now men, came out years later, just like these women in the present Cosby matter, and stated that Michael had molested them when they were children. To the best of my recollection, Michael settled with several of these young men too. Everybody was talking about how horrible this was and what a terrible thing for Michael to do, and yet, the radio talk show hosts said it's a shame what he did to those kids, but he's the greatest entertainer in the world.  In fact, you can't turn on a radio station anywhere in the world and not hear a Michael Jackson song at least 100 times a day.  You can't turn on a video channel without finding a Michael Jackson video, and yet, there are people who believed what those men said about Michael, but he was still loved.  And still holds true today!

So what I'd like to know is, why is it WE give Michael Jackson a pass, and continue to listen to his music and talk about what a great entertainer he was and forgive him for his heinous acts against children, but WE want to ridicule Mr. Cosby for allegedly raping women? Why should his past TV shows, which were positive and showed African-Americans in a decent light be stopped because of what he allegedly did outside of his work?  Why is it that the good he did to pave the way for several African-American comedians today be swept under the rug because these women claimed he was a rapist?  All I'm saying is, why is it Mr. Cosby should end his career on such a negative note, yet we continue to hail Michael Jackson as the greatest entertainer of all times?  Why do the radio stations continue to play Michael everyday?  Even in death, Michael has music out and selling well.  People whisper it was awful what he did and give excuses as to why Michael was the way he was, but we're supposed to forget the good that Mr. Cosby has done as an entertainer.

The bottom line, folks, is this.  We're human beings and humans make mistakes.  Humans can be sick and twisted and carry on with their normal everyday lives.  We put entertainers in the "God" status and praise them on high pedestals and when they fall short, WE decide to eat them up and spit them out.  I don't condone either of the alleged practices of Mr. Cosby or Michael Jackson, if what their victims claim are true.  If what they say is true, both deserve anything and everything they get and got.  But, don't be a hypocrite by berating Mr. Cosby and deny what he's done as a comedian in the entertainment industry, and give kudos to Michael Jackson for what he did musically as an entertainer.  If you're going to get pissed with what has happened to Mr. Cosby, you should have that same passion about Michael Jackson.  Even though their alleged crimes are different, the end result is the same--people were hurt and traumatized by someone who had the money, means and power to take advantage of the innocent.

I'm just sick and tired of so many people making jokes out of a rather horrible situation. There's nothing funny about rape and there damn sure isn't anything funny about child molestation.  Stop giving passes and making allowances for Michael Jackson! No one sees fit to stop playing or making his music, but now the networks want to punish Bill Cosby by removing his TV programs.  Why?  Not only do you hurt him, but those who worked with Mr. Cosby are just as hurt by it.  Those actors receive royalties every time his show airs.  By removing it, those actors will not receive their residuals.  Is that fair to them?  Sure, it's a terrible thing Mr. Cosby is being accused of, but if you can still listen to Michael Jackson's music and hear his songs in commercials, why should Mr. Cosby's shows not air?  

All I'm saying, readers, is be fair!  You can't praise one alleged monster and then degrade the other.  Why is it you don't find any problems jamming to Michael's songs, but it will somehow hurt your eyes to see an old The Cosby Show rerun.  What's different?  Do YOU see my point.  That's why I'm pissed.  The same ones hollering about how horrible Mr. Cosby is, and yet, YOU are the same ones who still listen to Michael's music.  Should the credit and legacy both of those entertainers have lent to the world be cast aside because of things they've done in their personal lives?  As you can see, that's the problem.  Again I ask YOU, what's different?  Wrong is still wrong at the end of the day!  If you can easily discredit the many years of entertainment Mr. Cosby has given, then why doesn't the same hold true for Michael?

In other words, I wish those of you running at the mouth about Mr. Cosby would shut the hell up, especially if you STILL love Michael Jackson and his music.  To me, you're just a hypocrite.  You can forgive one's bad act, and yet the other not so much?  What's up with that?  I asked "why now" when the group of young men came forward telling their stories about Michael and I am still questioning "why now" with the women who have come out about Mr. Cosby.  Sure, there's no expiration on another person's pain, but YOU should remember that when it comes to anyone who has been accused of doing something bad. Don't be sanctimonious and righteous with one and then get all bent out of shape on another.  If Mr. Cosby's shows cannot be aired, then Michael's music should be banned. Right is right and fair is fair!  Now, chew on that!

Until next time, try to love one another!  Happy Reading. . .

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet/Reviewer

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