Saturday, December 6, 2014

Dear Santa. . .

All I want for Christmas. . .

May I sit upon your lap?
‘Cause I’ve got lots to say, may we rap?
I’m not asking for gifts or material things
It’s peace that I want and I need you to bring

Please fill your sleigh with loads of love for one another
I want white police officers to stop murdering my unarmed brothers
My people are hurting and there’s so much pain
It’s enough to drive the most reasonable insane

Is what I’m requesting too much to ask?
Do you think you’re up to it, can you handle the task?
There’s been enough bloodshed to spread throughout
I’m at a loss for words, not sure what this is really about?

How many more parents have to lose their sons?
Why are they killing us one by one?
Is the fear of an unarmed black man that threatening?
So that’s the excuse of why this shit keeps happening!

We need rulings and justice that we can live with
But how can we when there’s no indictments?
I know life isn’t always fair,
My God, this is just too much to bear

Love’s in need of love today
Isn’t that what Stevie so eloquently relayed?
Santa, I want peace in lieu of gifts
Trust me we’re tired and in need of a lift

Do you really think we want to act reckless and cause riots?
If some could see past our color, there would be quiet
I have to hold onto hope and have something to believe
So my people do not have to grieve

That’s why I’m asking you to share gifts of love
To spread wide, far and from up above
I sit on your lap for this important favor
My request may be weird, but please do not waiver

We are in desperate need of healing
To help keep in check our feelings
I don’t think I’m asking for a lot
But right now, you’re all I’ve got

Santa, for Christmas this is my plea
For all of us to heal and just be free

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet/Reviewer

We Should Live "The Dream"
Not Nightmares!