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Happy New Year my Glorious Readers!  We here at Mello & June, It's a Book Thang! certainly hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday season.  Again, I still wasn't ready for it due to the fact 2014 flew by so quickly.  Let us hope it will be a little slower for the 2015 year!

Did you finish your reading challenge for 2014?  Perhaps you didn't read all the books you wanted, but did you get any of them read?  If you read a few out of your challenge, that's better than not having tried at all.  For me, I read less in 2014 than in 2013.  Part of that is due to taking the month of October off trying to get some other things done.  But I still managed to read 58 books, and I would love to add at least 10 additional books to this reading year.  Make sure you head on over to Goodreads and set your 2015 challenges.  

And while I'm on the subject.  There are many of you who make totally unrealistic goals for your reading challenges, and then you get bummed out when you don't make it.  If you're a person who has a job, a family to take care of and a multitude of other things going on in your life, why would set your challenge for 500 books to read in 2015?  First off, I can tell you right now, you'll never make that, not with other areas of your life needing important attention.  If you're a busy person like myself, you need to set challenges that are much more reachable.  You can always go back and amend as year-end approaches.  For instance, I set my challenge to 52 books a year.  That's a book a week, which I can do easily and fits within my busy schedule--like writing my own novel, working, working out, managing the Blog, etc.!  You get my meaning.  There's no way in hell I'm going to set my challenge to 500 books knowing I wouldn't even come close to doing that?

Now, if you're one of those people who like to challenge yourself by setting your reading goal higher to push you more, then that's ok, but still, 500 books is a very hard challenge to meet within a year, unless you're like my mother who is retired, has nothing but time on her hands and spends just about every waking moment of that reading.  And she's a speed reader so she can read several books in a day and retain everything she read.  I'm trying to get to her level (wink, wink).  Trust me, that won't happen until I retire, and I've got a while to go before that time comes.   So, bottom line readers, set realistic goals and challenges you will be likely to complete.

Speaking of reading, this is not only a new month and new year, but it's that time for AAMBC to be in the house.  Of course, AAMBC took some time off too due to the holidays, but they are BACK and better than ever!   So kick back, prop your feet up and let's start the New Year off right. . .Here we Go!

Skyla Richards is a planner. But, all the forethought and organization on the planet can’t prepare her for the events that are about to alter her world. After her six year marriage ends bitterly, her job becomes her refuge until Jonathan Bass enters her life. He’s a young, handsome co-worker whose future includes an Ivy League opportunity and his upcoming nuptials to an unstable fiancĂ©e, Mia. But that doesn’t stop him from recruiting Skyla to help him sew a few wild oats before the clock winds down on his bachelorhood.

His relentless pursuit has her tossing her to-do lists into the fiery flames of passion and reacquaints her with feelings she’d long since forgotten. And her feminine wiles has him rethinking his engagement and ultimately, taking a ring off of it. But while their hearts continue to align, their careers split into opposite paths when she gets promoted and his Princeton plans are jeopardized when his manager accuses him of dark and menacing acts. With Skyla’s assistance, he rebounds and the two resume their future plans. But while they’ve been ring shopping and deciding wedding dates, Mia has been sulking and contemplating the fastest way to bring their relationship to a shattering demise. And what she comes up with permanently transforms all their lives.


I was engaged to be married in six months, eleven days and five and a half hours. Yet, here she was in my arms with those haunting black opals looking up at me. Truthfully, I’d fantasized about this moment, but this wasn’t exactly how I envisioned it. Still, I didn’t care. This was an experience I’d longed to have with her, even if I’d gotten it by default during an emotional meltdown.

We’d shot the morning breeze at the coffee machine and at different office functions, but I honestly struggled to ignore her beauty every time I saw her. But now, in this moment, I could allow my eyes to travel the smoothness of her honey colored skin against the back drop of her shoulder length hair and explore the curvature of her breast and hips until our chemistry naturally united and formed an undeniable bond. Then, the door swung open.

“What the hell is going on in here?”


I have been a freelance writer for over a decade and have written and published various online relationship articles as well as material for the print publication Being Single magazine. This experience along with my occasional after hour stumble upon hiked up skirts and dangling belted trousers in my many years as an Office Manager has given me a unique and humorous insight into the widely seductive world of romance, particularly in the office. My other literary works range from political commentary to poetry. I’m also the owner of an online Zazzle store,, (, which sells everyday items bearing inspirational messages.

My debut fictional novel in a series entitled, Altered, is told from both Skyla Richard’s and Jonathan Bass’ perspectives and is a passionate tale of the evolution of their relationship and the many casualties who dare to get in the path of their heat.

Q – Why write urban romance?

A – I write urban romance because love is something everyone wants. Regardless of race or class, we all go through the same things in terms of relationships. I write about these experiences with a hood spin and unique way of viewing them through urban eyes.

Q – When did you first start writing?

A – I first started writing when I was very young and my old school grandmother gave me a diary to keep me busy. I have three older brothers and grandma didn’t believe in girls playing with all boys, all the time. So, she would make me go to my room, which was boring and lonely until my diary came alive with stories.

Q – What makes a good story to you?

A -- What makes a good story to me is when it involves real life situations that include romance, a little mystery, a little tragedy and lots of sex and laughs.

Q – Why did you choose the dual male/female narration format?

A – I chose this format because I think it answers that age old question women have which is, What the hell was he thinking? Jonathan lets you know exactly what he’s thinking and why.

Q – How did you come up with the book title?

A – I came up with this particular title because sometimes building a relationship can be like constructing a garment. You have to bind the two people together, cut out certain behaviors, trim the excess baggage, iron out issues, etc..

Q – Out of all the genres you write in, which one do you enjoy the most?

A – I enjoy writing fiction the most, poetry second. The other literary forms are fact driven, whereas fiction and poetry are emotion and imagination driven for me, making them more challenging.

Q – What do you want people to walk away with after reading your novels?

A – I want them to feel as if they’ve been entertained on multiple levels.

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Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet/Reviewer

It's a New Year. . .
So be the Change YOU Seek!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

No More Excuses. . .


If you didn't get to do everything you set out to do in 2014, you have 364 more days to get it right starting with TODAY!

The New Year signifies new beginnings--a clean slate, if you will!  You can't worry about yesterday!  You can't worry about the future because it hasn't happened, BUT you can deal with the here and now!

I began my transformation a few short weeks ago, and I'm carrying on with my plan for the 2015 year.  This is the year for NO EXCUSES!  At some point, everyone must own up to what you have accomplished thus far in your own life!  So with that being said, I decided to clean up years of bad debt, forge ahead with a new financial freedom.  I've decided to leave all the things I've done wrong behind me and start cleaning up my act!

I'm paying closer attention to my spending habits--setting realistic goals I can achieve.  I want to continue to live the best life I can for myself and my family.  I'm leaving all the dumb shit behind me--and yes, that includes people who don't serve any real purpose for my life other than to cause discord, and if that is YOU, I will not put up with it.  

2015 is NO EXCUSES!  When you know you're doing wrong, I don't want to hear it.  When you have no real plan other than to destroy what others are doing, I don't want any parts of you.  I started a few years ago putting positive influences in my life and I am continuing on with that.  However, those people and things that are no good for me, I will not bother with them.  I will not allow others negative energy to impact my beautifully lifted spirit.  I've changed a great many things in my life, and I've never felt better.  

What I planned to do, I will do and nothing and no one will stand in the way of me accomplishing my goals, and that's including standing in my own way.  

So as we embark on a new year, a new day, a new beginning, take some time to reflect on where you've been so you may continue to march forward in this thing called life!

NO EXCUSES in 2015!  You know what you need to do and what you have to do, so get 'er done!

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet/Reviewer

Pay Attention. . .
or Suffer the Cost!