Saturday, February 28, 2015

Why? Because I Can!

Hello My Readers!

May this post find you well and in great spirits!  I know it's extremely hard to keep your positive attitude going with this freeze most of the country is experiencing, but as hard as it may be, try to stay focused and keep a positive outlook.  In a few short weeks, Spring will be here, but know that Old Man Winter has a way of not wanting to step aside and let another season ruin his reign and terror! (Chuckle).

As many of you may already know, every February I make it my business to read as many African-American novels as I can.  Although I started my reading year with reading nothing but African-American novelists and that wasn't done on purpose, it just sort of worked out that way.  But no matter, I make it a point to dedicate February to reading about my people and what they offer to the literary world.

I've finished up with some great selections this year and I couldn't be happier about adding them to my "read" shelves.  From time to time, I enjoy going back and re-reading the reviews I've written to see where my mindset was when I read a particular book.  It's always refreshing to me to see if I've changed my mind or if I would have evaluated a book differently, but more often than not, I just get a kick out of what I had to say about someone else's words, which brings me to this weekend's post.

If I had a dime for every time someone asked me "Kim, why do you write?" I'd be a wealthy woman now.  Depending on my mood that day and how I'm feeling, may depend on the given answer, but I have to say, sometimes I'm not even quite sure why exactly it is I write. One thing I can definitely tell you, it damn sure isn't about the enjoyment of it anymore. Don't get me wrong, I do, to some extent, enjoy writing, otherwise what would be the point, right?  But other times it's a way to keep me conditioned, so to speak, that is, if you understand where I'm coming from?

As I've told you many times before, writers are very temperamental people.  We experience things much differently than most.  We look at life and situations differently and we tackle those experiences in different ways.  However, having said that, the one thing that most authors can agree upon is that we write what we feel.  There's something that needs to be said and who else to get it out than an author?  Even though I still feel there are those out there that write for the wrong reasons, I suppose if they use it as a way of fulfilling a purpose, then I guess that would be quite fine for one to do.

For me, I have to write because it's my only way to express my truest feelings.  I can say lots on paper that I could never voice aloud.  Strange isn't it?  But not so much for me.  Don't get me wrong, I can definitely relay my feelings vocally if I'm pushed to that point.  I can guarantee you, if I'm heated about something, I'll make no uncertain terms on how I feel about the subject.  If I want someone to know something, I have no problem letting them know, but for the most part, I prefer to keep it on paper.  My creativity just flows that much more.

So. . .you want to know why I write?  Simply, because I can.  If someone said I couldn't write, that's as good as telling me, stop breathing.  And of course, in order for me to live, I must breath, so writing pretty much is my lifeline.  The funny thing is, I cannot really think of a time I didn't write.  Sure, I'm often plagued with that dreaded writer's block which I'd like to take my thoughts and chop that bitch into thousands of pieces, but it's something that happens to most writers from time to time.  How long that block lasts can mean a multitude of things, but for me, it usually means my soul is at peace and wishes not to speak.  And it is at those times I use the quiet to work on other talents I possess, such as reading!  

Now, you're probably thinking, reading isn't a talent!  Oooh, my dear friends, but it is and here's why.  When you take words and process them and understand the meaning in which these words possess, it takes a certain type of mind to do that.  That's a talent that is learned and one that many do not realize its true potential.  To take words, understand what they are saying, visualize what is being written and make a movie reel begin in your mind's eye is most definitely a talent.  Words guide, shape and mold the mind thereby bringing forth other talents they might not otherwise had known about.  An author's talent helps to induce that in its reader and when the reader gets it, there's not only knowledge but one's own self-empowerment.  

When I hear my fans tell me that they enjoyed something I've written and it made them think and encouraged them to do something inspiring, that is the ultimate compliment an author can receive.  I've done my job!  That is why I write.  It promotes a healthier way of thinking and brings a positive light to others.  Even when my words do not inspire you, you have to admit, if you received any type of feeling from my words, my job was still completed. It made you feel some type of way whether that be good or bad.  At the end of the day, that's all any author can expect to achieve and my goal was met.  

So when I tell you I write because I can, I'm not being arrogant.  I'm just being truthful. It's almost impossible to single out one reason why any writer puts pen to paper. How do you break that down or summarize what we do?  I write because it's a right that I have and I have the ability to make others feel--plain and simple.  There's nothing more that I can add.  I do what I do and therefore it is what it is!

Much like those who say "I sing because I'm happy!"  Well, I write because I can!

Until next time, Readers, stay focused, stay positive, be inspiring!


Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet/Reviewer

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