Saturday, February 14, 2015

YOU Are What You Think. . .

Hello My Sweeties!  Happy Valentine's Day to You!  I certainly hope you are well, feeling happy and in love!  When I say in love, I don't necessarily mean with someone else, but how about the one person you should always love before anyone else--yourself!  Umm hmm that's right love yourself!

You always hear how we are what we eat, but did you also know you are what you think?  If you have a low opinion of yourself and act accordingly, then there shouldn't be any wonder as to why you may feel depressed, right?  If you allow others to define who you are and to label you, how will you ever know who YOU are as a person?

As I started out the year advising you that 2015 is the No Excuses year and I meant that! When are you going to recognize your own self-worth?  When are you going to stop others from labeling you and/or molding you into the shapes they feel you ought to be?  When do you step up to the plate and decide for yourself who and what you are?

You can't keep blaming others for the way you are.  There comes a time when you have to own up to your responsibility of injuring your soul.  And if you are the person I'm speaking directly to, there's hope for you still because guess what?  You don't have to remain a self-loathing person.  How do you change this destructive behavior?  Simply by changing the way you think!

Aah, you say, but it's not that simple, and I'd say I beg to differ.  Just as it may have taken you years of mental abuse to convince yourself of your lack of worth, you can easily begin to tell yourself the exact opposite of what you've done to yourself.  When you think you're worthless, that's what you become.  If you think your life has no meaning, your life doesn't have meaning.  If you think you cannot do any better, you will not do better.  If you think you're a failure, you are a failure.  If you've convinced yourself, either by your own doing, or by listening to other negative voices, this is true, then it is true.

Do you see where I'm going with this?  You have to start changing the way you think about yourself.  Because if you haven't learned by now, what you think of yourself is exactly what others will think and see.  Start changing your attitude and everything else eventually falls into place.  I pride myself on the person I am.  I'm quite comfortable in my skin and I love me.  I love the way I carry myself and what I represent to me.  When people say "do you," I'm the poster woman for that statement.  I definitely live by my rules and am governed and driven by my own soul.  Sure, I've had many negative things said against me.  I have plenty of people who would love nothing more than for me to go away never to be heard from again, but guess what?  I am what I am and I'm not going any damn where.  I will not alter my personality for anyone nor will I allow others negative energies to become my own. When you do that, that's where your personal mental abuse factors in.

I think positively therefore I am positive.  I don't think I can, I know I can!  I know my existence was on purpose, therefore I live my life to the fullest which shows honor to the God I serve.  I know I'm the best me I can possibly be and I strive to be even better.  I know my life has worth and meaning because my God allowed me to wake up today to write this message to you!  I know I am strong because I continue to progress which in turn shows me where I've come from.  Do you get what I'm saying to you?  Do you understand me?

Have you ever been in a situation wherein you were feeling pretty good and all of a sudden someone comes over to you being as negative as they can be and then you begin to take on the negative venom that person just spouted to you?  You begin to feel down and low based off of someone else's negative vibe.   Do you know what you've done when you allowed that person to do that to you? You've allowed that person to steal your power of self-worth just by taking on their negative attitude.  I know this scenario all too well for I used to be that person.  I could be at work and one of my coworkers would come in and start saying all kinds of negative things and then suddenly I began to feel just as negative as the idiot who was speaking.  One day I realized exactly what I was allowing this person to do and I asked myself, why the hell are you letting someone else's attitude effect your good feelings?  When I asked myself that I didn't have an answer right away and that's when it hit me.  OMG, I allowed this person to rent space in my psyche!  Once I recognized what I was doing to myself, I immediately changed the way I thought!

So, for you naysayers who think changing your outlook on life and changing your way of thinking doesn't work, I just proved to you that it does.  YOU do not have to allow anyone to make you feel unworthy.  YOU control where your ship sails.  YOU are the driver who navigates through this life.  When you allow someone else to take the wheel, you've relinquished your power to that person.  YOU become the passive passenger watching someone else guide you where they want YOU to go!  And the more you allow someone else to take control, you lose more of yourself little by little until there's nothing left to you, but a self-loathing, self-destructive shell of a being.  Who's fault is that then?  Do you blame the negative person who began the path for you?  You relinquished your power, remember?

When you stop thinking negatively and allowing others' negative energies into your psyche, YOU take back your control and become a better person.  You won't be so quick to tear yourself down due to what others want you to do.  In fact, you'll learn what messages need to stay in your precious mind and what to throw away in the trash bin.  The more you practice being positive, the easier it gets and you'll find that you recognize these things so much faster and you'll be on cruise control.  But never forget, we're human so there will be times when negative forces seep in, and that's ok, but the healthy thing to do is never allow it to linger for too long.  If you find that it's weighing heavily on your mind, then that's your cue to handle it and squash it just as quickly as it entered. Once you've done that, then move on. You start to practice these positive drills, you'll be just fine.

So for this Valentine's Day, I want you to be in love with yourself.  I want you to respect yourself.  I want you to recognize your worth!  We're here for a reason and never allow anything or anyone to tell you otherwise!  Stay strong and think positive!  If I can do it, I know you can.  Remember, YOU are what YOU Think!  

Much Love Readers. . . 

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet/Reviewer

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