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#Book #Review. . .The Legal Limit

Synopsis: Gates Hunt is a compulsive felon, serving a stiff penitentiary sentence for selling cocaine. His brother, Mason, however, has escaped their bitter, impoverished upbringing to become the commonwealth's attorney for their rural hometown in Virginia, where he enjoys a contented life with his wife and spitfire daughter. But Mason's idyll is abruptly pierced by a wicked tragedy, and soon afterward trouble finds him again when he is forced to confront a brutal secret he and his brother had both sworn to take with them to the grave, a secret that threatens everyone and everything he holds dear.

Intricately plotted and relentlessly entertaining, The Legal Limit is an exploration of the judicial system's roughest edges, as well as a gripping story of murder, family, and the difficult divide that sometimes separates genuine justice from the law.

I’ve read some great legal novels over the years, and quite naturally, depending on how the book made me feel, I would say at that time, “this is the best legal book I’ve ever read.”  Well, perhaps I was a little hasty in my views then.  The Legal Limit by far is one of the best, well-written, outstanding legal novels I’ve ever encountered.  This story wasn’t just a story for me, it was a great experience.  When an author can make you want to kill a character, or love a character with so much gusto and feeling, that’s some great writing! 

What I loved about this story is that it was so real to me.  So real in fact, I had to constantly remind myself this is a fictional story I’m reading, but I’m here to tell you, this could be anyone’s story.  I suppose that’s what drew me to it. 

Everyone has some type of dysfunction in their family.  I don’t give a damn who you are or where you come from, we all share some rather unsavory family secrets and drama.  The Hunt family certainly had their fair share of that.  When Sadie Grace and Curt Hunt got married, it wasn’t exactly the wedding bliss a young wife had once dreamt of.  Curt was one of the most vicious husbands to ever say I do.  It’s one thing to degrade your wife and make her feel less than a woman—hell, a human being for that matter, but to have two sons who you consistently brow beat with venomous words, not to mention laying a violent hand on them, was it any wonder that one, if not both, would turn out to have some issues later on in life?

As much as it pains me to say, parents bear a great deal of responsibility on how their children will turn out, although there will come a time when a child has to own up to his own actions.  Gates Hunt, the elder brother, protected Mason.  After all, Mason was his baby brother.  This is what big brothers do—protect the young.  Gates took the brunt of their father’s beatings so that Mason wouldn’t have to suffer.  Every time Curt took a notion to, he was beating his son senselessly without merit or warning.  Those beatings had a direct effect on the outcome and course the Hunt brothers’ lives would go.

There’s nothing like a brotherly bond.  But how far do you push that connection, that trust?  Unfortunately, the Hunt brothers were put to the ultimate test.  After a horrific incident that occurred when Mason was twenty-four years old, sealed the brothers bond for life, or so you’d think.  Life’s funny, isn’t it?  Yes, that’s exactly what Mason found out.  Gates ends up going down the wrong path, while Mason turned what abuse he suffered for the greater good.  He became a lawyer.  Hmm, some would argue that might not have been the best occupation to lean toward, but it’s what Mason wanted.  And damn it, Mason was a great attorney.  What’s so strange is that no matter what trouble Gates got into, Mason was there to bail his big brother out.  Until Gates, with all his infinite wisdom, sells drugs to an undercover officer which ultimately tested the Hunt brothers’ bond.  Unfortunately, Gates backed himself into a corner that Mason couldn’t get him out of, and Gates ends up going to prison for many years.  But keep in mind, had Gates been smart and listened to his brother’s great legal advice, he wouldn’t have had as much time to do.

As life went on, Gates grew tired of the iron bars and lack of freedom, so he once again reached out to the one person he knew would assist him—his baby brother, Mason. In fact, he took his brother’s get-out-of-jail-free passes for granted. Much to Gates surprise, Mason wasn’t so forthcoming with assistance, which caused Gates to become extremely angry.  How angry did Gates get?  You’ll have to read this great story to find out more!  It’s worth the read! 

The cast of characters in The Legal Limit are so believable and true to themselves.  Their story of chaos and mayhem is real and heartfelt.  As you go through the lives of the Hunts, you’ll be cheering for some of them, while others, you’ll want to reach inside your eReaders or pages, and rip the very soul from some of them.  I found my hands wanting to do just that, as this story materialized before my eyes.  I soaked those words up so quickly, I had to go back and re-read some sections to make sure I hadn’t missed one solitary thing.

This was such an amazing novel. OMG, I absolutely loved it and was extremely sorry and spent after having read it. As you read, you’ll become emotionally invested in their lives and want to see them do well and succeed. The legal jargon was off the charts. I couldn’t get enough of the law and how some attorneys used it to twist in their favor. If you’re a fan of legal novels, this is an absolute must read!

I know many people talk about John Grisham being the king of legal writing, but I say to Grisham, step aside because there’s a new judge in town. And actually, Martin Clark is a Circuit Court Judge in real life, so he definitely knows how to spin a story and keep you on the edge of your seat. He’s certainly seen his fair share of defendants come before him. Well, well done! This felt good to read and I was so sorry it ended. Outstanding! Awesome! Mello and June give this novel five stars. Although we have a five star limit, this novel gets millions. That’s how strong the writing was! I get chills just thinking about it!

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet/Reviewer

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