Monday, June 29, 2015

Just a Small Thing!

Hello Intellectual Minds,

I apologize that I haven't updated the blog lately.  Unfortunately, I've been going through a little thing call "Internet Withdrawal."  And what I mean by that is I've had to change carriers and I'm in the process of getting a new service, so please bear with me.  I felt horrible that I wasn't able to converse with those of you who email, and again, I deeply apologize for that.  I tell you between these damn electrical storms knocking out my power, and trying to get my service up and running again, it's been a pure nightmare.  OMG, trust, you do NOT know the half!

But anyway, enough with my drama, what's going on with you?  Are you keeping up with your reading challenges.  Hmmph, the nerve of me, I know I haven't as of late.  Hell, my head space has been rather used up with fighting with my Internet carrier, so when all was said and done, I didn't have much left for concentrating on a story line.  As much as I believe in living my life and not staying constantly 'connected,' its been killing me not having the Internet for three weeks.  Yeah, you heard me right!  I bet some of you would go insane!  The only reason it's been hell for me is that I can't work without my Internet.  Oh sure, I can still write, but I do lots more than just that.  Research for one becomes rather difficult.  No worries though because I can put my library card to use.  Ummph, even that feels foreign these days.

Ooooh, these damn companies make us dependent on all these gadgets, and when one of those gadgets stops working or isn't working correctly, well. . .all hell literally breaks loose, and like I said, I've been through it these last few weeks.  

Having said all that, all hope is not lost.  I should be back up and running by week's end just in time to bring you AAMBC's July selections.  Can you guys believe it is July 1 on Wednesday?  Where is 2015 going?  You see what I mean by not wasting your time.  Who has time for that?  Look at how fast this year is going.  And although we had a horrible winter, summer hasn't been too promising.  Here I was, like a fool, thinking oh yeah, when summer comes it will be hot and sunny, and we've had nothing but rain, rain and more rain, and rain!  Did I say rain?!  I'm beginning to have root rot.  I can't take it anymore!  I was so shocked when I awoke this morning and saw something bright and yellow in the sky.  I had to do a double take because I had no idea what that foreign thing was.  Oooh. . .yeah, that's right--the sun.  Hmm, forgot it sits up there.  

It's starting to feel more like Seattle or London 'round these here parts, and I can't stand it! I'm like a flower--I need sunlight to grow and flourish.  My depression is starting to kick in like it does when winter rears its ugly head.

Anyhoo, I've got to run, but just wanted to say hey and to let you know I'm still around. Say a prayer for me that my Internet is up and kicking, so I can join the social media rat race once again.  Until then, have a great week, and pleasant and safe Fourth of July!