Saturday, July 4, 2015

An EXPLOSIVE Read. . .

Hello Glorious Minds,

I'm so happy to say I'm BACK!  OMG, I've been going through it with my internet service, but I'm up and running again.  Ummph, never thought it would be this grueling to get the service I need.  I'm not one to "stay connected," but Lord you have no idea how hard it is when you can't work.  It's been a whole damn month thanks to these horrible electrical storms knocking out my power, frying my electronic equipment and the whole nine.  Hmm, that makes me think of Mary J. Blige's A Whole Damn Year.  Thank God it hasn't been that long, but 30 days was way too much. I was so limited in what I could do.  Hell, I was searching for the internet like a junkie in need of his fix.  It's awful how these companies got us feenin' for electronics.  Welp, that's behind me now.

Happy Fourth of July!  It's a new month and you already know how we do.  It's AAMBC time.  Oh yes indeed.  Due to the holiday, we don't have a huge selection, and that is due, in part, to the problems I expressed above, but we have one goodie that I'm sure will please. So without further ado, here we go. . .

“It had been a long time since another person treated me with love, respect and graciousness. More importantly, it had been a long time since someone treated me as if I was somebody. The two-year journey that led me to my decision had reached its peak. Something had to go-even if it was me.” Left to fend for herself, Nikki is starved of affection from her mother and the little attention she does receive often results in bruises. Feeling worthless and rejected, Nikki is determined to break free and find life outside of her painful circumstances. At only fourteen years old she boldly decides to embark on a journey to find her father, a missing piece to the puzzle of her life, but along the way she unravels more pain and layers of family abuse, causing her to want to give up. But she won’t give up. Not yet. Not Nikki. Not until she finds what she’s looking for. But, will Nikki find the love she desperately needs?

After enduring years of childhood abuse and struggling with depression and PTSD for fifteen years, Christy Lynn Abram embarked on a journey to self-healing using holistic wellness as her guide. Now, as a holistic muse herself, she is an established author and founder of Love Yourself Healthy.

Christy has studied as a Reiki master, EFT practitioner, reflexologist, massage therapist, and a crystal healer, all of which aided in her discovery of how to heal herself naturally. These life-changing skills also served as the foundation to enhancing her gift as an intuitive healer. She has been recognized by Patricia Mercier, bestselling author of the Chakra Bible, for her knowledge of the chakra system, gemstone healing, and energy medicine.
She also contributes to several online publications on the subject of holistic healing and offers individual coaching, e-courses, and workshops all designed to assist and encourage others on their journey toward a better, fuller life.

Christy also loves to use her gift of writing to help others. In her book Chakra Wellness: 7 Ways to Renew the Total she dives into the seven chakra centers from a mind-body-soul perspective. Readers learn how to discern key issues, heal imbalances, and maintain energetic barriers to eliminate stress and increase their overall well-being.

In her novel, Little Miss Somebody, Christy wears her heart on her sleeve and delivers an emotional tale of love and sacrifice. Based on a true story, Little Miss Somebody will be released in the spring of 2015. To learn more about Christy, her mission, and her books, please visit her at:

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