Saturday, September 12, 2015


Hello Intellectual Minds,

Welp, another week has passed and summer is slowly performing its exit and my body has already started to move in fall mode.  Doesn't it seem like we were just at this point yesterday, and here we are again?  Is it me or does time feel like it's moving faster than the speed of light?  I just had a birthday, didn't I. . .and it's almost here again?!  Wow, whoever said the statement, "Life's too short," certainly knew what they were talking about.  Who the hell has time to waste on stupid stuff, when you turn around another damn decade has vanished into thin air!

You're probably wondering where I'm going with this?  Hmm, let's see.  To make a very long story short, let's just say I called my doctor's office recently to discuss a minor problem I was having.  I will not go into what the medical condition is, but it's something I have to live with for the rest of my life and there isn't (at the current moment) a cure for this disease, so I called him to advise my symptoms were becoming more alarming and before they reached ten I wanted him to call in some medicine for me so I could begin to heal.

The doctor agreed it wasn't time for my checkup, and said it was not an issue for him to call the medicine in. (Note:  This particular medicine he called in was something I took many years ago, but ended up not needing it anymore, so I was off of it. This part of the story is important to remember, so you'll get the full effect of what I'm saying).

My doctor had his assistant call the medicine in to the pharmacy I use.  She advised I should give the pharmacy a call to make sure it was ready for pickup.  Sure, no problem I thought.  I had a few minutes to spare and decided to call the pharmacy and see what's up with my meds. She made a strange sound and I wondered what was wrong?  She asked for my medical card group number, which I supplied.  She made this moaning sound again.  I finally asked her, "What's wrong?"  She advises me the medicine is a bit steep and that there must be some sort of mistake.  Not knowing what "steep" meant in terms of how much, at that point, I agreed with her cautiously.  I dreaded asking the obvious question and there was a slight pause between our conversation.

Finally, I said, "What's wrong?  How much are we talking here?"  She responds, "According to what my computer is telling me in order for you to get the 180 pills, which will last you for two months, you have to pay $1,700."  Thank GOD I was sitting down because I think I would have passed out, seriously.  My throat went dry and I immediately began to cry.  I'm thinking this has got to be a mistake, just like she suggested.  She advised she'd place the medicine on hold and told me to call my insurance company.  Yeah, she could place them on hold all she wanted because I was NEVER picking those damn pills up!  I did, however, take up her advice to call my insurance carrier.

Here, I was in desperate need of this medicine.  It's a medicine I used to take back in the day and didn't pay $30 for it, and now for the same exact medicine I'm being told I have to pay $1,700.  Talk about highway f*ckin' robbery!  (SCREAM!!!!)

I call my insurance carrier and the lovely, kind attendant told me in no uncertain terms, "yes, Mrs. Hicks, pharmaceutical fees go toward your deductible, as well as medical.  Once you reach your deductible, we'll pay 80 percent and you 20, and then after that is exhausted, there's another tier you'll have to get through."  By this point, her words just ran through my mind and I wasn't grasping much of what she said.  Through my tears and despair, all I could see at that point was $1,700 running over and over in my mind.

I say to this woman, "you've got to be f*ckin' kiddin' me, right?"  She said, "no ma'am, that's what your insurance calls for.  I'm sorry.  If that will be all, have a good day."  I don't recall if she hung up or if I did?  Who cares at this point, right?  She was so forthright and kind and understanding of my pain and situation!  She didn't give a hill of beans about my ass!  And obviously neither does this insurance company I deal with.  She uttered those words to me so matter-of-fact without any emotion in her voice.  

I was so depressed I couldn't believe it.  So, I called my doctor back and he was just as shocked as I was.  He said he would try to find another medicine I could take that was more reasonable for me to pay.  He somewhat succeeded.  One of the medications was less than $30, but unfortunately, the other that I need to take with it was close to $400.  

What pisses me off about this whole ordeal is that I know people who don't work, never have worked, don't have any plans to work and could care less about work and they and their families get free medical on my back, but yet, when I need to call upon the help of my own insurance, which I pay half of and my job pays the other portion, I got to be told I have to spend $1,700 for 180 stinking pills!  My doctor was just as frustrated as I was.  Ain't this a bitch!

I'm not getting any younger (regardless as to how young I may appear to some of you).  My body is breaking down just like many of you.  I have medical issues like most people and this is what our healthcare system has been reduced to.  When I hear someone tell me it's Affordable Healthcare, it's all I can do to keep from bitch slapping the hell out of the ass who said it!  What the hell is AFFORDABLE about this?!  It's AFFORDABLE for those who get all the healthcare they want for FREE that I help contribute to, but it damn sure ain't AFFORDABLE to the working poor, which I am a reluctant member of.  Healthcare for every American--and who do you suppose pays for those who can't?  Oh yeah you guessed it. . .I do along with others who work on a regular.  The sad part is our healthcare system may work for those who can't or refuse to work, but keep in mind, it doesn't work for those who do work either!  What a win-win for All!  NOT!!!!  To think a medicine I paid less than $30 for back in the late 80s early 90s, now costs me $1,700.  When I hear that word AFFORDABLE, I can't help but hear the song It's Electric running through my mind. What a joke!!!!

Life is too short, but it appears as though our wonderful government and healthcare providers want to cut our lives even shorter!  For those of you young people reading this post. . .here's some words of wisdom that my grandmother used to tell me when I was a little girl--DON'T GET OLD!  My God, I sure understand her words now.  At this point, what is the damn point?  We might as well all die because at these prices for medicine and healthcare, WE will not be able to make it much longer!

If you think your good health is gonna last, THINK again!  And if pills are costing this much money for me in 2015, God help YOU when you're older.  

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet/Reviewer

It's AFFORD are you ABLE