Saturday, October 24, 2015

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I pray this post finds you well and in good spirits!

Not sure if you’ve been keeping up with your reading challenges? The countdown is ticking! It will be November in two weeks, so keep pushing those books through. If you have to go back and rearrange your challenge, you know you may do so. I had to change my challenge, as much as it killed me to do it, but I did. I usually read about 70 to 75 books a year, and this year, I’m not sure where I’ll place, but I’m pushing through anyhow. It’s so devastating when you cannot meet your personal challenges. As I mentioned this past spring, I had major problems with my internet and the providers—switching from one major carrier to another. Ooooooh, I was ready to rip my hair out. This is where I lost my way on my reading challenge. To say the very least, this year has been a rather challenging one and has tested me to no end. I’ll be glad when 2015 is gone—not that I’m rushing what little time we have left of this year away! (smile)

There is a burning matter on my mind, and, as is normal with us, I’ll give you my peace of mind, and you let me know whether you’re vibing with my assessment or not? So, let’s get this thing going!

To say I was a bit surprised to learn the hottest show on the planet, Empire, has lost quite a bit of its huge ratings and following, would be an understatement! Hmmm, you say? Yeah, hmmm, I say too! I’m thinking to myself, what changed from last year? Let me guess, you were thinking the same thing too, right?

Here are some of the complaints I’ve heard so far: Many don’t like the direction the show is going – (Hmm?); many don’t like the love scenes and/or homosexual element to the show – (Hmm?); many don’t like the music selection for this season – (Hmm?); many do not like the guest stars in the roles in which they’ve been selected to play (its been said some of them aren’t “believable”) – (Hmm?) Ok, now you’ve read what many people have said on social media and the like. Now. . .I’m going to dissect these comments and see if you agree?

Any writer worth his salt has to create something new and exciting each and every time to keep his audience engaged. In order to know where your characters are going (folks), you must know where they came from. What do we really know about the cast of characters? Part of the reason the show this season may be slow to some of you, Lee Daniels (no, I’m not a spokesperson for Lee, nor am I suggesting these are his personal views) is building his characters. Are you seriously telling me (folks) you’re not the least bit interested to know what makes your favorite characters tick? It will help you to understand the decisions they’re making or have made in their past. You must do a little backtracking in order to find out how the story is going to advance. Remember in Season One these characters were introduced to us—they were in your face! We have a general idea of who they are, but not totally a clear picture. Those characters literally slapped the hell out of us and took our breath away! You had to take what was given, but did any of you ever ask why? What you may or may not think of them, could be an illusion. So, it’s important in Season Two to expand and grow the characters so we have a good idea of where they are going. (To be fair, perhaps I’m a little more willing to accept this fact because I, too, am a writer and creating novels works the same exact way). In other words, give the show a damn chance and quit stressing over dumb shit!  Empire is still hot!

Ok, I realize there are many heterosexuals still struggling with this whole homosexuality relationships on the show. Many people are turned off by men kissing and displaying genuine affection for one another. Umm, newsflash (folks) whether you agree with the content of those characters’ stories or lives, homosexuals aren’t going anywhere! Many of these great United States recognizes same sex marriages, they’re able to have children, love one another freely, so, in essence, if the scenes gross you out, I highly suggest you turn your head or shut your eyes (while you peek through just a little wee bit to make sure you don’t miss anything), and this way you can avoid what is here to stay. Oh. . .and before I forget, umm. . .(folks) are you NOT aware the writer and creator of the show, Lee Daniels, is gay? If you think for one minute he’s about to abandon a story line detailing a lifestyle he embraces, you better think again! Oh yeah, what did I say previously. . .quit stressing over dumb shit!  Empire is still hot!

Make no mistake, Timbaland was the mastermind behind last year’s hottest soundtrack going. The downloads alone nearly broke the Internet, if in fact, it didn’t break it! He’s joined forces this season with none other than Ne-Yo, who is a prolific writer with endless hits on the radio waves. Point blank, Lee Daniels is a genius to place these two bad brothers in the same studio. In fact, this pair is some of the hottest producers and writers in the music game right now! Not to mention, all the talented writers Empire has hired to help spice up the sound of the show. If you’re not feeling the music, then something is seriously wrong with your soul. The music is sizzlin’, and once again, quit stressing over dumb shit!  Empire is still hot!

Ooooh, I’ve heard the jokes about Chris Rock and Ludacris—saying they weren’t “believable” in their roles. I have to admit, I kept laughing when Chris came onscreen because I just knew he was about to bust a joke, but then Pookie from New Jack City came to mind and I would fall out laughing all over again, but I feel Chris did an incredible job in that role and he was very believable to me, especially when he was screaming like a bitch when Lucius sicked his henchmen on him. Every time Luda came on camera, I couldn’t help but to yell out “Looooooo-Dah,” as deep as my voice could go! I still don’t know if “Loooooooo-Dah” is dead! We never saw him dead—viewers just assumed! (Something to think about!) Overall, the celebrities have been great and handling their roles well. So, if you haven’t figured it out by now, quit stressing over dumb shit!  Empire is still hot!

Just so we’re clear, you’ve been officially Empire-Rized in all things Empire! Do you think I’m the biggest fan of the show? Hmmm, if YOU don’t know, YOU betta ask somebody! Quit talking smack about the show.  Some of you are hating that you’re not guest starring!  Empire is still hot! The show is still beating its competitors in rating. They’ve had a slight dip—it’s not that serious! They are aiight!!!  Empire is still fun and has some of the best catchphrases around! It’s still raw, gritty, urban, chic, original, feisty, hot, sexy, and musically inclined. I’m waiting for the entire season to end before I download this year’s music collection.

I suppose what I’m baffled by is what changed for viewers? There isn’t anything different in this year’s formula of the show than last season. We’re learning more about who these characters are, where they came from and what makes them unique and standout. It takes time to build this up. After all, Empire is a nighttime drama-filled soap opera. It’s just like reading a great book. You’ve got all these characters and you have to keep turning the pages to figure out what key role they provide to the story. If Lee gave you all that in the first season, there wouldn’t be any reason to tune in for another season. And let’s not forget, before Empire, there really wasn’t anything mind-blowing like this on TV in a long, long time or ever!  Empire is finding it’s rhythm, which to me is in perfect sync and harmony. As a viewer, you just have to sit back, chill and enjoy the next chapter. Ain’t nothin’ changed Boo-Boo!  It’s all good, and so is Empire!

In the words of my favorite man I have a love/hate relationship with: – It’s “Game Time Bitches!”  Can you handle it?
Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet/Reviewer

I'm in an Empire State of Mind!